Mirrorverse Nonsense...it's nonsense, I tell you!

This is thanks to the likes of Ultharkitty for inspiring mirrorverse ideas (her story The Adventures of Mirrorverse Vortex! I love her Vortex, no matter if he's evil or good!). Given I'm on a total KO/BD kick, the bunnies were like "Hey there, GC. You don't look like you have enough to do. Let us help you!" Bite, bite, bite, bite, bite! I was actually at work when this gem of crack formed in my brain.


Warnings: None this chapter

Breakdown/MV!Knock Out

He snarled, hands immediately clutching at his helm in a feeble attempt to quell the lancing pain.

The world around him was still spinning, wavering, tilting. He wasn't sure who had hit him but whoever it was...was going to pay. He tried to stand, stumbling unsteadily, and immediately realized this was not where he thought he was, or had been, a few moments ago.

Earth's dusty, rocky surface was gone, replaced by the smooth unyielding metal of a Cybertronian street. He paused. This...how?

He looked up and around him. Vision was still unsettled but he could see well enough to recognize the structures towering over him. Cybertronian buildings. And behind him...

A bridge. Had to be a space bridge. Had to be…

They'd somehow gotten their hands on one, maybe even built it, and it worked...or had. It seemed broken now, sparks showering down from one damaged side. Strange that the bridge looked more like a ground bridge than a space bridge. The device's size..… Well, he was no bridge engineer and it didn't matter. They were back on Cybertron.

He couldn't remember returning though or...any plan to accomplish such a feat. Of course given the ache in his processor he could very well have been hit hard enough to damage a few memory files. Wouldn't be the first time.

He blinked, vision slowly settling, sharpening. The metallic clangs of battle followed by the high whine of laser fire finally reaching his audios. Looking, he could see the action a fair distance from him, the battle raging. Not surprising, somehow Optimus and the other Autobots had followed them through the bridge...or maybe they had followed the Autobots...he didn't know. Didn't care. There was a battle going on and he wanted in.


That voice...that voice was one he'd know anywhere. He turned and realized he'd been hit harder than he thought! There was Knock Out and he was...he...was blue. No, not really blue, not like his own armor. More like a bright bluish green. Or greenish blue?

Cyan. That's what it was, cyan.

The hit to his helm must have disrupted the visual pigment feed...or something along those lines. Great. Down to one optic and now it too was damaged. Fate seemed bound and determined to blind him. This, though, should be fixable.

He suddenly wondered what color his own armor would read if Knock Out's usual red was filtering as cyan. He lifted his arm and looked at his plating.




Knock Out was calling out to him again. Running toward him. Looking...worried? Worried? Why the frag would Knock Out look worried? There wasn't anything around him even remotely threatening. And when had he not been able to take care of himself? Except that...one time.


The hand seemed to come out of nowhere, appearing suddenly from the behind a building. Thick black fingers wrapped tightly around Knock Out's face lifting him as the rest of the body came into view. Rusty red orange. The color distorted his appearance a bit but there was no mistaking that mech.


The Autobot lifted Knock Out, smirking as the smaller mech struggled, thin fingers clawing at the hand wrapped around his head, before Bulkhead heaved the medic with a fearsome force into a building across from them. The front wall crumbling in on impact, falling heavily on his partner.

Breakdown snarled and rushed him. The coloring may look strange but as far as he was concerned it only made Bulkhead a brighter target.

Bulkhead gave a low nasty snicker, quite menacing for an Autobot really, as he advanced on where Knock Out went down. He didn't even see Breakdown coming. Only looking in the 'cons direction just before Breakdown's fist connected with his face. Breakdown had to grin at the sudden surprise that flared in those optics before the Autobot found himself skidding across the street on his back, nice dent in his face plate.

Bulkhead surged to his feet with an angry roar…only to pause as he looked at Breakdown, optics narrowing.


Breakdown smirked, jeering. "What? Knocked you on your aft plenty of times. Come here. I'll do it again."

"No…" Bulkhead shook his head, angry. "Impossible! We killed-"

"Autobots!" Prime's unmistakable baritone voice rang out. "Return! I have what we came for."

Growling, Bulkhead glowered at him before backing up, transforming, and taking off. Breakdown sneered at his retreating form. Typical Autobots, always running away.

A faint scratching caught his audios and he turned. Knock Out. Trotting quickly over to the crumpled in building front, he caught sight of sharp silver fingers trying to claw at the heavy debris.

"Hang on."

He reached in, heaving the material off his partner. Kicking the larger chunks to the side, finally uncovering the smaller mech. Knock Out looked up at him, optics dazed and confused. Reaching down, careful where placing his hands, he helped his superior up. Last thing he wanted to do was add a single scratch or dent to the damage already done to the usually pristine frame from the wall caving in on him, Knock Out was bound to throw a fit for hours over this as it was.

Vents wheezed as Knock Out coughed from the dust swirling in the air. He stood, shaky, staggering a bit, regaining his balance. Breakdown took the opportunity to dust him off, at least some, flicking away small pieces of debris that tried to cling to his frame.

Shaking his head, Knock Out waved his hands away. "I'm fine, I'm fine. Thank you."

Breakdown stopped, though he gave Knock Out a strange look. That was...unexpected. Usually at this point Knock Out would be yelling, swearing viciously over the destruction of his perfect paint job, vowing vengeance for his ruined finish. But he wasn't.

No, he was currently looking at Breakdown, almost like he'd never seen him before. Like he was someone new. His optics swept up his frame, analyzing, gaze catching at his eye patch, staring. One slender hand reached up as though to touch before snatching itself away.

"Breakdown...your..." Knock Out looked shocked then distressed. "We need to get you to safety."



Safety? Neither of them where injured enough to justify running off to 'safety'. Nor was there anything around that posed even the slightest danger. But if Knock Out wanted to return to base, then they would return to base. Where ever that was.

Knock Out made another hesitant gesture, almost nervous like, glancing past Breakdown. "Can't use the bridge. Can you... Are you alright to walk?"

Breakdown stared, convinced his superior had hit that wall fat too hard and must still be disorientated...or something, but he gave a short nod. "Yes."

He got a weak, unsure smile in return. "Good." Knock Out hesitated. "Ok." Then he took a step pass the fallen wall and into the street, leading the way. Breakdown waited a moment before falling into his usual position of walking one step behind him. Only Knock Out kept glancing back at him over his shoulder. The looks full of concerned and worry.


Maybe they'd messed up again or maybe just he had. That bridge was broken, maybe in the heat of battle he'd gotten slammed into it or slammed someone into it, breaking it, and Megatron was angry. Didn't matter. He'd dealt with punishments before.

At least they were back on Cybertron.

Notes: This is why I can't get anything else done. KO/BD have taken over my mind.