"Help wanted. A warm, nurturing, down to earth caregiver to take care of our little girl." The ad was simple enough. She just needed some money until she finished with college and got her clothing boutique off the ground. Quinn pulled up to the extravagant two story house, with a big bay window and a small garden in the front. There was just something dramatic about the whole place. She rang the door bell setting off a large musical chime.

"Quinn Fabray? Come on in! I'm Jonathan." The man said, opening the door. He was dressed in a nice, polished, three piece suit.

The house was lavishly decorated in bold reds and theatrical golds. New York posters and Broadway play bills decorated the living room. Rachel Berry would go bananas in this house. "So Quinn? Do you have any experience with children?"

Quinn was instantly brought back to the small pink bundle she had clung to in the hospital. "Just helping out with the kids in the church nursery."

Jonathan asked her the typical interview questions and Quinn tried to gage his response. She wasn't sure until he stood up, a smile on his face.

"My wife isn't here at the moment, She just got a job at McKinley High School and she's very busy with that. However, I think you are a shoo in as our new nanny." Jonathan said shaking her hand.

Quinn smiled. "Thank you so much! I'm so glad you guys moved to Lima! I'm sure you'll love it here, and your wife will love McKinley, I just graduated from there!"

Quinn drove home, her heart beating wildly, barely containing the excitement of her first job.


"Hello Quinn!" Jonathan said, opening the door.

Quinn stepped inside removing her coat. "Good Morning."

Jonathan walked into the living room. "We got so excited the other day, I didn't get to introduce you to Elizabeth. She's sleeping right now, but she should be up soon. I'm going to work, but please make yourself comfortable. Her room is upstairs, first door on the left. Here's the baby monitor."

Jonathan slipped his coat on and headed out the door. Quinn sat the monitor down on the coffee table and quietly crept upstairs. She pushed open the door , finding a tiny, petite toddler asleep on a small twin bed. "ELIZABETH" was spelled out across her wall in pink wooden letters. The child was small, with wild wisp of dirty blond hair. Her chubby cheeks pushed her lips into a small pout. Quinn gasped. She went to touch the baby's cheek, when her cell phone rang. It was Jonathan.

"Hey! I forgot to tell you! Shelby should be home around four!" Jonathan said, having all but confirmed her fears.

"Shelby? your wife?"

"Yes, Any other questions?"

Does Elizabeth have a nickname?"

"Yes! We call her Beth. Shelby said she was named after an old Kiss song. Not that it changes anything, but I guess I should tell you she's adopted. "

Quinn dropped her phone. The sleeping child next to her was her very own daughter.