The final one-shot for J/C week, this is my entry for DRESS UP. It doesn't make sense but deal with it.


Cindy's hair had come mostly uncurled but it still smelled of hairspray. Her feet were throbbing from her high heeled shoes and if she wasn't mistaken she was getting a blister on her heal. She sighed in relief as she removed them from her feet and massaged the very sore muscles. After her feet stopped throbbing a little bit she relaxed against her pillows with a small sigh.

What a night it had been!

Sheen and Libby dancing completely out of sync with the music, Carl making a move on that random chick, the decorations, the flowers, the music, everything had been perfect.

However, there was one moment that stuck out more than all the others. She had been getting a drink of punch, when she felt a soft tap on her shoulder. Jimmy stood there grinning madly.

"Hey, C-Cindy," he stuttered.

She immediately knew that something was up. He never called her Cindy in public, never. Even though they weren't really enemies anymore he still called her Vortex to annoy her.

"What do you want, Neutron?"

"Well, actually, I was just wondering if you would um," he began, digging his hands into his pockets. "If you'd be willing to um-um," he paused. "If you would be opposed to sharing a d-d," at this point, Cindy started to put two and two together.

"Spit it out, Neutron."

"Would you maybe, uh, possibly, consider dancing with me?"

The request caught her off guard even though she knew it was what he had intended. But she smiled.

"Sure. But if you step on my feet, it's over, got it?"

"Gotchya," he returned as he outstretched his hand for her to take it. Her heart was pounding so loudly she could swear that everyone in the building could hear it. When their skin met, she thought that it might possibly actually fly out of her chest. His skin was so warm and soft and she was feeling such tingles it made electric shock look like a piece of cake.

As they got onto the dance floor they spun towards one another. He smiled uneasily as he placed his hand on her waist and she placed her hand on his shoulder. The slow music cascaded over the gym and they began to move with the beat. She had had half him to pull away saying "just kidding!" But he never did. As they danced across the floor, she got more and more comfortable. Things were different now she could see it in his eyes. He smelled her hair and pressed her even closer to him. Near the end of the dance her head even rested upon his shoulder. Then as they pulled away, he brushed his lips against hers but before she could say aything he had dissapeared back to his date. She just assumed that they had been caught up in the moment and that it really didn't mean anything.

For the rest of the night she kept replaying the entire thing over and over again in her mind. The way his hand felt in hers, the smile on his lips, the way he seemed to know she was nervous. Though a word wasn't spoken, tonight they had crossed a line. An invisible barrier that had separated them for years crumbled down in the bars of a slow song and he'd kissed her! Surely it meant SOMETHING!

She grabbed her phone and texted him. "Want to meet at the Candy Bar at 8 tomorrow night?"

Two seconds later her phone went off with his reply. "See you there."

She nearly squealed, first the dance, the kiss and now this! There was no hiding from the truth any longer.

She knew what it meant.

He was in love with her and she was totally in love with him.


"There's been a change
In who we are
It seems to me
That this could be
The edge of love

It's rather strange
To come so far
And never show
Or even know
That this was love

But now it's different
Yet we're the same
It's you and I
Just you and I

We're still the fools
They warned us of
But now I know
We're on the edge of love

And in a while
We'll realize
We've chanced upon
We've danced upon
The edge of love

It's in your smile
It's in your eyes
The gentle fire
The true desire
It must be love

There's no returning
From where we came
It's you and I
Just you and I

We're still the fools
They warned us of
But now I know
We're on the edge of love."

-Edge of Love, Hayley Westenra.