I went through the regular motions of typically greeting people, regardless if they were pirates. Even thought I have to admit that the backwards hands, and tattoo's did disturb me. But who am I to say things, I'm the one with the lust developing for a hook handed man.

I rested against the railing of the ship, the slight breeze blowing through my free locks. I looked out upon the waves rolling around us, but even though we were anchored I felt myself hypnotized by them. A strange feeling of calm coming over me that had be absent since we first arrived. I felt James come up beside me, looking at me before following my gaze to the majestic waves. "It's one of the reasons I became a pirate you know," I looked at him confused. He smiled and chuckled lightly, "the waves, you know, it's like they live all around us, and surround us with life, I became a pirate because it became my love..." He looked deeply into the never ending blue before us.

Suddenly the respect I had never had for the captain hit me, he was in all, a decent man. He had dreams and love for something so intensely. It made him so human that it rendered me speechless, all I could do was sit and stare.

James turned and looked at me intensely, his eyes caressing my whole body, surveying it like an artist would a new canvas. Where beauty would spring soon from his deepest imagination. He reached towards me his fingertips gazing my cheek and tucking my hair behind my ear, traces of a smile ghosting his lips. I felt myself melt at his touch, bringing new butterflies fluttering all over my skin. "James.." His name tumbled from my lips, my eyes locking with his.

*POV Change*

I felt her emerald eyes bore into my own, her skin's temperature noticeably rising as did the color in her cheeks. I wrapped my free hand around her waist, pulling her close to me and ran my fingers through her soft brown hair. I planted a sweet kiss on her forehead, my heart strings being tugged to the point of breaking.

How I longed to taste her sweet lips, and hold her closer to me. Sometimes the need to make her mine was so great I found myself conflicted between the actions of my heart and head.

Who was to say that Ainslie would even consider connecting to me, being with me. The thought alone make my heart want to break the connection I wanted so badly with her. I've only wanted her, for me only. It only took me a years of searching and wanting to find her. And I didn't plan on losing her now.

*POV change and Time change*

The London streets were skirted with light, the sound of people echoing in my bedchambers, my lovely wife sleeping next to me. The sunlight settled upon her fair skin, and her eyelids fluttered open, bright blue eyes peeking out from soft red hair. Her curls stood on all ends and I laughed lightly running my hands through her unruly curls. My love pouring out into my touch, "Morning love..."

"Good morning Jonathon.." She trailed off, sleep thick within her voice. But her voice was a melody, making my heart warm despite the news that had arrived late in the night.

My baby sister was gone. Stolen in the night, and no one had any clue to where she had disappeared to. But it was my duty as her brother, to find a way to save her from whatever predicament that she was faced with. No matter the cost, I would help her.

*POV Change*

I felt my skin heat up, his touch sending sparks along my skin, a growing need to pull him close to me settled in my stomach. I laid my hand softly in the middle of his chest, feeling the warmth of his skin radiating through his shirt. I closed my eyes before I felt him pull me close, my head resting on his chest just above where my hand laid. I felt a pain of lips rest themselves on the top of my head, I felt my cheeks sting with heat, and I knew that surely I must be so cherry colored that I couldn't believe myself.

James, he sighed as he pulled away, leaving me reach out towards him, he made his way back towards his sleeping quarters, his head hung low. I felt my heart lurch foreword as I looked around, many of the crew had come to see the spectacle we had made. James and I. I gathered my wits and following James I retired back to his cabin where I found him hunched over his desk, his whole body shaking. I felt my heart drop, and I rushed over to his side resting my hand on his trembling shoulder. He froze, and the muscles tensed under my fingertips, I felt tears sting my eyes as he looks up at my his eyes tinged pink, clearly this was a man not used to the mundane act of crying. He had put himself above and beyond that. James gather me in his suddenly weak arms, holding me, his face hidden in my bosom.

"Ainslie..." His voice trailed off, leaving me to hold him, running my long fingers through his thick curls. I know that he just needed something, and that something happened to be me, the only woman he will ever submit himself too. I know that I may not have realized it then, and I do now that it is the moment that I fell for him, James Hook.

I don't remember what had happened later that evening but I remember that we just sat and talked, he didn't say much, but I realize that he hadn't had much to tell. He never remembered his childhood, and that actually broke my heart... that someone so kind didn't remember anything about himself. But he still sat there kindly listening and hooked on my every word.

But when we woke up I found myself on one side of his bed, his arms wrapped around me, my head rested upon his muscled chest. I smiled to myself as this beautiful man rested beneath me, snored lightly before rolling over, letting me go. I raised up, leaning on my elbow looking down intently at the man beneath me, his curls surrounded him in a halo, a look of peace and serenity rested upon his face. I smiled lightly, nervously biting on my bottom lip as I moved a stray curl resting against his cheek. I felt our skin briefly touch, sending shockwaves down my fingertips.

I moved from the bed and went out to greet the sun and water, even at such an early hour there were many people out and about, working on every part of the ship. I looked towards the island of Never Land and smiled, I would have to leave today. I needed to find Peter, he would be the one to tell me what I was supposed to do, and where I would find it. I found Smee, and looked to him, "Take me ashore."

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