War was looming on the horizen.

They knew this for certain thanks to the many attacks on their borders. The other shinobi villages were pushing to spread out their territory. To build more, and expand their powers as military driven nations.

Hurizen Sarutobi, the third Hokage of the village hidden in the leaves was at his wits end. In the past month the village had been attacked over a dozen times. They had lost over thirty shinobi.

Weaknesses had been found.

In their defense methods, fighting methods. And in his people.

They were facing annihilation from the inside as well as out with no real way to restore order or peace. Except one. But he was loath to use it because it would involve the Guardian god of the valley that the village had been built in.

The same Guardian god that had given birth to the greatest shinobi's in history of the known world as well as the blood line limits that many shinobi possessed. The same Guardian god that slept in a temple built deep under the village ground.

Kyubbi no Kitsune, the embodiment of the great fox god bound in human flesh and form. Saya.

He didn't want to disturb the goddesses rest. But it was starting to look more and more as if he didn't have a choice. Which meant that she would need a strong male to serve as her anchor. To keep her more malicious and dark nature supressed.

But he was no longer a young man. And could no longer serve the goddess like he once had. Before she had fallen asleep again. He sighed and pulled his hat off of his head and set it on his desk and ran a gnarled, aged hand over the bald spot on his head and thought for a moment.

He could no longer be the goddesses anchor. But perhaps someone else could.

All it would take is a male strong enough to overwhelm her and pin her down if she became violent.

Sarutobi had many able bodied men in the village, many of them who were Anbu, and many others who were clan heads. Males of cunning and strength and honor and worth. Surely one of them could serve as the goddesses anchor.

He let his chakra spike a little bit knowing that it would summon his personal Anbu to his office and sat back and mentally counted the seconds until they arrived. Fang was the first to appear, his snarling white and red Wolf mask was a welcome sight to the elder as the younger man appeared in a puff of smoke, armed to the teeth and ready for a fight.

His mismatched blue and green eyes flickered around the room, pausing on the elder before he sighed and relaxed, letting his hand drop away from the katana blade slung across his back as several others appeared.

"Hokage-sama?" One of the Anbu said in a questioning tone as he looked at the elder curiously.

Sarutobi leaned forward in his seat. "Sorry about that but I need the lot of you for a favor."

"A favor?" Someone asked stupidly and was quickly silenced by the violent look that Wolf gave him. Sarutobi's lips twitched a little bit as he studied them. At least two of his personal Anbu were clan heads.

One was Hatake Sakumo and the other was Nara Shikaku. Both men were in their late twenties. Almost thirty really. Both were single and unattached. They were also strong and cunning and fierce. One of them would make a good anchor for the goddess.

Sarutobi dug a blank scroll out of his desk and opened it up then picked up a pen and quickly wrote down his request.

He would have his Anbu go by the homes of each clan head that was unattached and single and ask them to meet with him at the foot of monument mountain where the opening that led to the goddesses resting place was.

He'd take them all down there to the sacred temple and awake the girl and let her pick her anchor out of the lot of them. "I need you to take this scroll and read the content to the heads of the Nara, Hatake, Inuzuka, Aburame, Uchiha, Hyuga, Yamanaka, and Akimichi. It explains that I'm calling a meeting about how we will deal with the upcoming war with Iwa and Lightening. I expect all men of marrigable age, whom are unattached, to meet me at the old cave at the base of monument mountain in three hours. Do I make myself clear?"

Wolf took the scroll as Sarutobi held it out to him and nodded his head before he vanished in a puff of smoke similar to the one that he had arrived in.


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