Saya didn't bother paying attention to where she was going. She couldn't see anything through the blur of tears threatening to spill over from her eyes. Subconsciously picking up speed, she ran blindly through the thicket of trees that led to the woods.

Hoping to disappear.

She couldn't believe the words her chosen partner had spoken. She was a pest. A nuisance. He wanted nothing to do with her.

Of course those were natrual feelings for most of her partners at first, but that usually changed once they got to know her a little bit. The problem with Saku was that he didn't want to get to know her. He didn't even care to try. He didn't know how much she already relied on him. Or how much his mere thoughts of her could hurt her.

And that was the real kicker right there.

Sakumo Hatake for all his talents and potential, was an ass. An insensitive, overbearing, uncaring ass. And she was stuck with him... God this sucks. She thought as her foot snagged on a tree root and she fell and lay on the ground unmoving for a moment as she tried and failed to reign in her emotions before finally breaking down in ragged sobs.

Tucking her tail between her legs she turned over onto her side and curled her body slightly as she wiped at her eyes with one dirty hand and cried harder.

Her partner was a jerk! She sobbed as she wiped away the flood of tears staining her face. No scratch that- he was a bastard.

Why were all of her partners so damn difficult? Didn't they understand that settling into a new life, with a new future mate was difficult too. She suffered abuses that she hadn't thought humanly possible before. But did anyone care? No. Never. It never occurred to them that they were hurting her.

They knew she was a goddess and placed their expectations upon her slender shoulders, expecting her to help them selflessly. But that wasn't how it worked.

She was a creation of 'man' and his beliefs. But the truth of the matter was that she was more like a sacrifice.

She lived for a short while and was either content or discontent, mated, had children, fought, 'died' then began the whole process all over again. It was horrible when one really thought about it.

And not once have any of her partners ever acted like anything but jerks towards her.

She heard a sound, rustling in the bushes off to her left and her ears twitched a second before she felt a large hand wrap around her ankle. Snifling she wiped at her eyes again and then dropped her arm a little bit to see Sakumo kneeling down next to her with a worried look on his face.

"What happened?" He asked, wondering if she had been attacked by an animal or something. Saya frowned a little. How had he managed to sneak up on her? She should have heard him even over the sound of her crying, shouldn't she?

He sighed after a moment or so of silence and muttered something that sounded strangely like, "Lay still." As his hand traveled up from her ankle to her calf then her thigh, checking for injuries. So far aside from the skinned knees and the one hand that she was using to hide her eyes, he didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

Which meant that her tears had probably been caused by his words. But that couldn't be, could it? Inhuman creatures didn't cry when someone hurt their feelings!

They wrecked things instead.

Sighing again, Sakumo lifted a hand to run his fingers through his wild silver hair then reached down and grasped the girl's wrist and tugged her up off of the ground and into his lap. Once he had her settled he ran a hand through her hair, feeling for any bumps that she may have gotten from falling down.

Hoping against hope that he wasn't the reason why she was crying her little heart out while trying to think of a logical explination for her behavior. However when he didn't find a bump or anything on her head he inwardly cringed. Well hell.

It looked like her breakdown did have something to do with him after all.

"Uh...look-" Shit! What was he supposed to say to her? Somehow he doubted an simple apology would do after the things he'd said and done to her up till now; but in his defense he hadn't thought that a goddess could have her feelings hurt.

Hell, he hadn't even been aware that goddesses had feelings to begin with!

He had always thought that gods stood apart from man in every way. Strength, speed, agility, the purpose of guiding others to their destinies. When he really thought about it, those things were really all that gods were.

Something greater than man. So then why did he have a crying fox goddess in his arms? And what the hell was he going to do about it?