Reed Van-Kamp is in his dorm trying to finish a painting that he started a few days ago. He tries and tries but cannot finish. Right as he is about to make another streak of paint there is a loud sound of thunder, a flash of lighting, then the rain starts pouring down. He ends up falling off his stool and onto the padded floor. He scrambles onto his bed and dives under his blanket and curls into a ball under it. The sound of the rain grows heaver and the sound of thunder is more frequent. Lightning strikes and he jumps up from under the covers. Reed grabs his blanket and runs to his closet. He gets in there and blocks the door with some boxes of last season's clothes. Reed is bundled under the blanket shaking silently. The small boy is so scared he doesn't notice the door of his closet.

"Reed?" A soft voice asks. Reed looks up, tear stains on his face, and looks into a pair of soft green eyes.

"S-Shane?" he asks still shaking. Shane walks into the closet and kneels down beside the shaking boy. Shane places a soft hand on the boys shoulder, sits down, and pulls the shaking boy close. Reed looks up at Shane and smiles.

"Are you okay, Reed? I never knew that you were afraid of thunderstorms." Reed looks away shyly then says

"Yah. I've always been scared of them. Just like scary movies. That's why I flipped when all of us watch Paranormal Activity 1 and 2." Shane chuckles and pulls Reed closer. They both ended up falling asleep about five minutes later.

An hour later Shane wakes up and feels slender arms wrapped around his waist. He looks down and sees Reed sleeping on his chest. They somehow managed to lie flat on the floor of the closet. Reed starts to move then wakes up. When he realizes the position he is in he shoots up quickly.

"ohmygoshshanei'msorry." He says quickly. Shane laughs then hugs Reed tightly.

"Reed calm down it's okay."

"R-really?" Reed says. Reed wraps his arms around the dancers waist again and snuggles into his chest. Shane leans down and kisses Reeds forehead softly. Reed looks up and says

"Wh-What was that for?"

"I-I don't know…." Shane stops talking, leans down, and captures the smaller boys lips in a soft kiss. Shane pulls away and looks into Reeds eyes.

"Shit. Reed I'm sorry I don't know what I was thinking when I did that." He says quickly. Reed wraps his arms around the boys neck and hugs him tightly before kissing him again. Shane is caught off guard but kisses back softly.

"Shane, it's okay. I've wanted you to do that for a while but was afraid that you didn't like me the same." Shane hugs the boy. They walk out of the closet and down to the common room to find everyone down there drinking coffee or hot chocolate. Shane and Reed grab some hot chocolate and snuggle up together by the fire. Earning some questioning glances from the other boys in the room.