"Reed no. I wont be any good at it" Shane groans at the smaller boy. Reed rolls his eyes and says

"Just try. You'll be fine" Shane sits down in front of the blank canvas and picks up a paint brush, he looks at the canvas then to Reed who is just smiling at him.

"So what do you want me to paint?" Reed chuckles and shrugs.

"Anything….. try… umm try me?" he says hesitantly. Shane bites his lip and picks up the brush and starts painting. About an hour later Shane looks at Reed and says

"I'm done" Reed gets up and walks over to look at the canvas.

"Shane that's great for a first try!" He says looking at the painting and smiling

"No. You're just saying that."

"NO! It's great." Shane smiles. Reed takes a paint brush that has blue paint on it and swipes it across the dancers cheek. He pulls it away giggling. Shane's mouth is hanging open. He smirks and picks up another brush and swipes it across Reeds forehead. Shane laughs and almost falls off the stool

"You have a purple forehead!" he says in between laughing. Reed tackles the younger Anderson to the ground.

"wow! For a boy who weighs like 60 pounds you're strong." Reed snickers. Shane flips over so that he's on top. He looks at Reed who is staring at the boy on his hands and knees in shock. Shane smirks at the smaller boy and leans down and captures his lips in a soft kiss. Reed smiles into the kiss and kisses back. Shane pulls away and Reed whimper's at the loss.

"If you keep teaching me how to pain can each lesson end like this?" He says moving to sit down on the bed. Reed sits up and brushes off his clothes.

"Yes" Shane smiles and pulls the blond haired boy into a tight hug. Reed chuckles and kisses the younger boys nose, making him smile.