Cat stood over the pitiful vampire writhing on the ground in agony with the hilt of her silver knife sticking out of his chest. "I'm gonna be real glad when this is over." she purred.

"don't play with the mouse Kitten." bones told her, having just dispatched of his own foe. "just kill him so we can go home." this new adversary had popped up unexpectedly; a family of vampires under the rule of a twisted undead bastard hell bent on war with Bones' line.

"i...if you kill me you will never get your daughter." the thing at Cat's feet grunted. They looked at each other for a moment before laughing down at their captive.

"to whom are you speaking?" Cat asked for clarification. To her knowledge neither of them had any children.

"him of course." the thing gasped.

"are you sure you are talking to the right vampire?" Bones cocked an eyebrow at the nearly dead thing.

"you are Bones, formerly Crispin... head of your own line. And father to Sugar skull... whom my master has been holding prisoner; for two hundred years." Cat yanked the knife out of his chest.

"can I mess him up now baby?" she growled. Knowing his real name didn't mean they had any thing on him. Bones is a master vampire known the world over.

"what is your name?" Bones asked, kicking the vampire in his face. The thing just spat a mouth full of blood and growled. "call in your boys Kitten... now you can play with him." a sneer crawled across the creatures ugly face, his hastily plotted plan had stayed his execution... for now.

florescent bulbs flickered to life in the basement of the FBI building; where Don held his undead captives. The creature from the ground was dumped unceremoniously onto a cold tiled floor. He noted, as he lay there waiting for the torture to begin, that the floor had a downward slant leading to a drain in the middle.

"helps with easy clean up." Cat explained when she saw where he was looking. Tate and Juan lifted the thing into a steel char and fasted clamps on his wrists. "now we are going to have a nice little chat... how painful it is is up to you." she explains with a sadistic grin on her face.

"she always been that way?" Cooper asked. The other men, including Bones, just nodded. "better you than me man." Cooper said slapping Bones on the arm. "I've got a weaker stomach than you lot..." he said and headed for the door. Bones just sneered.

He liked watching his woman at work. She'd get that vamp to talk... and then he'd make her scream. His eyes glowed green... Cat was a hot little thing, and he loved her that way. "what is your name?" she demanded of her captive.

"Gage." he told her begrudgingly.

"that's a good boy," she cooed. "see? It didn't hurt at all. Now who is the head of you line?"

"go to hell." Cat turned her head and flashed a sexy grin at bones.

"I've never heard of a vampire master by that" she asked Bones, playfully batting her eyes. He bent down brushing her lips with his before answering.

"nope, never."

"well that's a wrong answer for you Gage." she held up her knife for him to see. Letting it's razor sharp blade catch the light before plunging it into his left thigh. His howl of pain brought a giggle from her. Tate cringed, the blade was dangerously close to the creatures manhood.

"what is his name Gage?" she asked again. He knuckles were with on the hilt of the dagger.

"i don't know!" he growled. Cat twisted the blade, making him scream again. "i swear! I get my orders from my sire!"

"than who is your sire?" her voice dripped sugar with promise of pain.

"you might as well kill me...if you don't they will."

"oh I don't plan on killing you Gage. I plan on putting you in a tiny cell for the rest of your undead life. If you are a good boy and cooperate than I'll make sure you get fed, if not..." she pulled the knife from his leg and plunged it into his right thigh. Gage howled in agony.

"jeez-us lady! Cell... my sire's name is Cell." Cat looked over her shoulder to see if Bones reconsigned the name. He shrugged his shoulders.

"not ringing any bells Gage, gonna have to give me something better than that or I twist." Cat told him still smiling. She was really enjoying herself tonight.

"OK... there is this woman. She is a vampire... Annette I think." that name rung a bell.

"your doing good Gage. What about Annette?" Cat encouraged.

"she is friends with the head of the line... she did something like two hundred years ago." he gasped in relief when Cat pulled the blade from his leg.

"keep going, what did she do?"

"she was the one who found the kid..."

"sugar skull; the one you are claiming is my daughter?" Bones moved closer.

"yeah... she brought her to my master. Don't know who did it but one of them changed her." Cat held the blood drenched knife before his eyes. He watched a few crimson drops splatter on the floor. "i don;t know much, this was before I was even born." Gage pleaded.

"than tell me every thing you know and my wife here won't stick her favorite toy any where else on your body." the look of disappointment Cat flashed at Bones made Tate and Juan's eyes bulge.

Gage eyes the knife and started talking "the girl, Sugar Skull, she don't know much. They keep her in some cage. Make her preform for them, and feed her only what she needs to survive... not enough for her to get strong. They've had her since she was a kid, changed her when she she turned nine-teen." his eyes followed the knife as Cat made slashing movements, sending droplets of blood splashing across the room and her men.

"oh! come on Cat. Tate groaned.

"that's all I know...i swear! Can you call of that little physco?" Bones grabbed Cat by her wrist, she let herself be pulled into his embrace. Heedless of the blood on her hands their lips met in a passionate kiss. Cat's knife clattered to the floor and she wrapped herself around her husband.

"I'd say we have a need to find Annette." he told her between kisses.

"later." she promised. With a look at her men she said. "clean this up and put that away." she pointed to Gage. Bones carried her out the door, past Cooper, and headed home.