Ian felt compelled to scoop Sugar Skull off the dirty ground. Her golden curls, witch had been pristine when he first laid eyes on her... were now matted to her head with sweat. Streaks of dirt marred her perfect pale complexion Despite all of that, she was still the most stunning creature he had ever laid eyes on. The deep black eyes held him captive, so wide with innocent fear and confusion. "your safe now." he whispered.

Bones gathered Cat into his arms, pressing his lips to the head, her cheeks, he lips... any where he could. Assuring himself that her nose had healed correctly, and she was without further injury. "oh my love." she gasped, clutching at the back of his head; holding him to her for a moment longer.

"we have to go Kitten. Gather your troops." he whispered in her ear. With a few words into her communicator the men were sent packing. With the exception of Dave, Juan, and Tate; who were driving the FBI van that was their ride back tot he compound.

"is it necessary to bring her there?" Ian asked as He stroked Sugar Skull's hair. Her spine had healed minuets ago, but she seemed content to allow Ian to comfort her. "i think you are going to cause more damage if you force too much to quickly."

"it's not ideal I admit," Bones told him. "but we need to have her looked over, and our men need to be debriefed. If you'd rather not come we can drop you at home."

"not a chance. In for a penny in for a pound."

"does she talk?" Tate asked. Watching the way Sugar Skull curled deeper into Ian's embrace.

"you might want to remove your daughter from his arms before he fucking marries her back here." Juan warned Bones. Ian eyed him in warning.

"has any one else noticed that she has not said one word?" Tate asked, getting agitated.

"that is part of why we are bringing her to the compound. We have no idea of what she is and is not capable of. We don't know what they have been doing to her for the past 200 years."

"i don't like this. It could be a fucking trap." Tate was till grumbling when the arrived at the compound gate. Bones pulled Tate from the Van by his shirt.

"listen to me: She is my daughter and I will do what ever I have to do to make things right. If you don't like it... leave!"

"no way man. You don't get rid of me that easily."

inside the compound Ian gently laid Sugar Skull on an examination table. "Sugar Skull, are you OK?" he whispered close to her ear. Her eyes, too big for her petite face, washed over his handsome face. She reached up with a delicate hand and stroked his cheek.

Ian stepped back to allow Bones and Cat a closer look. Her eyes turned wild, looking around the room from face to face. Tate, Dave, and Juan all had shinning silver blades hanging from their hips. Cat's red hair showed her for who she was, the feared red reaper; to whom she had just lost a fight. Her body tensed, and she reached towards Ian for help.

"it's OK Sugar." Ian nodded towards Bones. "no one here will hurt you."

"no one will ever hurt you again." Bones affirmed. She wasn't listening. Sugar Skull jumped from the table, going over their heads. Her body twisted the air, and she landed with cat like grace, in a crouch behind Ian. He turned to face her.

"Sugar," his soothing British voice had a calming effect. No one could comprehend it. Out of all of them Ian was the least trust worth, but it was him that she wanted. "it's OK luv, I'm not going to let any thing happen to you. Your father isn't going to let any thing happen to you. You are safe." he repeated ti over and over, moving slowly towards her.

Ian reached out a gentile hand, she let him lay it on her right arm. Hesitantly he moved it up to her solder. He place his other hand on her left solder, turning her to face him. With out speaking he looked down into her eyes. The tension released from her body, her lips curved up into a smile, and she crushed herself against his chest.

Begrudgingly Bones allowed Ian to comfort the girl. With Ian wrapped around her she turned to look at every one else. Ian whispered something in her ear, she nodded in response. Her hands clutched at his arm. Trying to pull him tighter around herself. "could you give us a moment?" Ian asked. Bones didn't want to leave his newly found daughter in the hands of a man he didn't fully trust. But he had little other choice.

"this is a shit idea." Tate told Cat. "this is a trap and he is in on it with her, mark my words."

"dude, shut up." Dave told him.

Once alone Sugar Skull's defensive wall dropped. She looked up at Ian and pushed her thought at him. He was shocked by her power. He had met vampires who could read others thoughts, and every vampire could force his will on humans. But this was different, she was projecting her thoughts and memories into his mind.

He saw her as a girl, the most beautiful little girl Ian had ever seen. She was about eight-teen and almost fully grown. She sat in the corner of a dingy dirty room, bloodied and bused. Ian's fists clenched. She was watching Annette hand her over to Zero. Ian only understood part of their conversation, they were speaking french and the poor child had been confused.

"Bones is her father, just look at the resemblance." Annette insisted. Zero looked her over.

"what are your terms?"

"if I give you the girl you leave Bones alone. He doesn't know she exists so he can't come looking for her." Annette told him. The girl had grasped onto the name... BONES. It was a name she had chanted to herself over and over while alone in her cell.

The picture changed of her at nineteen, standing before Zero, ready to become his undead child. "i think you have earned this right." he told her before biting into her long thin neck. Ian was feeling rather violent by this point.

The memory changed again, she was once more standing before Zero. They looked the same eve though it had to be nearly 150 years later. Zero asked "what is it you call yourself?"

"Sugar Skull." hearing her voice, even if it was just in her memory, did things to Ian's insides. His stomach flipped and flopped.

"it is for him isn't it? Your no good bastard father." she nodded, and didn't flinch when Zero back handed her. "he doesn't want you. Here...look!" Zero pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and threw at her feet.

Sugar bent and picked it up. it was a photograph of Bones, Ian, and Annette laughing out side a pub. Ian knew exactly when it had been taken tho they had not posed for it. They were horsing around, after having enjoyed themselves with some inebriated hookers. He felt shame at this...even tho she had no clue under what context the picture had come from.

She knew who Annette was, and hated her for her betrayal. She could guess easily enough witch of the men was bones, the one who looked so much like herself. But it had been Ian's face she had attached her self to. And after fifty years of looking at a picture, she had fallen in love.

Ian's hands were shaking when she pulled out of his mind. Her long nimble fingers reached into her shirt, a move witch excited and scared him at the same time. She produced for him her beloved picture, with his head framed in a heart.