Hello readers! Welcome to my second story! I got the inspiration for this story from devilxknight86's story "Fox Family OF Konoha" who got his inspiration from brown phantom's story "Naruto's Kit".

Summary: He didn't expect to be a father at 16. He didn't expect the mother of his child to be the shiest girl he knew. He didn't expect the road to parenthood to be so hard. He didn't expect that his first child would be created rather than born... No matter what unexpected events were thrown into his face, Naruto knew that he would have to protect his new family…

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"Demon talk"

"Demon Thoughts"

Father to a Blond Hyuga

Chapter 1

It was a cold winter night in Konohagakure no Sato. Most people were asleep at this hour, which was why it was the perfect time to execute the plan…

They had spent months planning this abduction. They had bribed some of the police force to look the other way when the time came. They even had the guards' routine down so they knew when there would be a hole in their "all seeing defense".

The man spat in disgust. Hyuga…they were vile abominations in his opinion, but orders were orders and he couldn't return to Kumogakure without an unsealed Hyuga. He didn't know what was with the Raikage's bloodline fetish, but he knew failure wouldn't be tolerated.

The man checked his wrist watch. 11:58p.m…two minutes to go…His nerves were all over the place. Whose nerves wouldn't be in frenzy if they were in the same situation? His life was literally on the line and he had to kidnap the heir of clan who can see almost everything around them!

The man's wrist watch went off signaling midnight.

"It's show time…" The man whispered to himself as he pulled his ski mask down and leaped off the roof he was occupying…

The Hyuga Compound

The Hyuga compound was built like a tradition Japanese compound. There was 14 feet wall that surrounded the perimeter of this estate. Upon entering through the front gates, visitors would be welcomed by a large courtyard that contained some very lush gardens and a koi pond. The courtyard had two houses behind it. One was noticeably larger than the other. The branch house was the smaller one, but his target was in the larger house.

Upon entering the massive house, the visitor would be greeted by a lavished sitting room that was adorned with artworks and very comfortable looking seats.

The Nin stalked down the halls he had been hours before to locate his target. He stuck to the shadows the best he could. He walked through a couple more halls before he located the dining room. Like everything in the house, the dining room looked extravagant and filled with numerous expensive items. He heard a door open and felt his heart stop for a second.

The Nin jumped into the shadows and prayed to any kami that would listen. Apparently one of them was listening because the person who entered the dining room was a little boy no older than 4 years-old. The little boy yawned loudly before he walked away with a glass of milk in his hands.

The Nin praised his luck before following the boy. He knew that the boy would lead him to his target. It was a shame that the boy in front of him was branded with the caged bird seal though; he would have been more valuable than the Nin's target.

"Can't get greedy though…" the Nin thought as he stalked the boy to the living quarters.

The Nin watched as the boy went into one of the rooms without ever noticing anything amiss. The Nin looked around a couple of empty rooms before he found what he came for. He had found the heiress's room.

He entered slowly and cautiously. His gaze turned to the small lump that lied on the bed in front of him. She was so small and innocent looking. The Nin felt a pang of guilt as he gazed at the girl in front of him.

He had no illusions of grandeur about what he was doing. He was kidnapping a little girl so she could be turned into a fucking lab rat and breeding stock. There was nothing noble about what he was doing or what was going to happen, but he had his orders and it was either her life or his.

The Nin sighed. "I am sorry, kid, but I choose my life over yours…Kyo –Seiteki Nemuri no Jutsu (Forced Sleep Technique)." The Nin's fingers glowed blue before he tapped the little girl on her unmarked forehead. The girl didn't stir, but her breathing became a little deeper.

"Okay she's out like a light…now for my back up plan…" The Nin mumbled to himself. He took out 3 vials and a syringe.

He drew enough blood to fill the vials before he sealed the vials in a storage seal that was hidden as a tattoo near his heart. Since the death of their Yondaime Hokage, sealing had become a lost art to Konoha. Jiraiya of the Sanin was still alive, but he never took another apprentice and he was more concerned about wondering the elemental lands. Most Konoha-nins wouldn't be able to recognize a hidden seal unless it was pointed out to them. The seal on his chest was crafted by some of the best fuinjutsu users in Kumogakure. It was hidden in an actual lightning bolt tattoo.

The seal was actually a safety policy if he couldn't accomplish his mission. He hoped it would be unnecessary and so far it was, but you never know what the future held.

The Nin placed the little girl into the sack he brought with him and traced his footsteps back to the entrance. He timed himself so he wouldn't be spotted by the occasional guard walking around. He scaled the wall and leapt to the other side.

A sense of satisfaction started to swell inside of the Nin. He has just successfully infiltrated the Hyuga compound and snuck out from directly under their noses! HA, so much for those "all seeing eyes", the Nin knew that those eyes were all talk.

The Nin's mental victory dance came to a halt by a voice disturbing him.

"Oi, what you have in the bag, mister?" came a voice of a kid. The Nin looked down to see a boy with blond hair looking back at him.

The boy's eyes widened as he noticed the bag move a bit and he screamed. "KIDNAPPER!" the boy yelled and ran around the corner to alert the guards at the front gate.

"SHIT!" the Nin screamed as he took off towards the forest.

He didn't know how long he ran…all he knew was they were after him…he could hear them…in the distance…every sound around him reminded him that he couldn't stop. A simple snap of a twig caused him to leap in fear. He was being hunted like a fucking animal!

The Nin paused to take a breath. He cursed that little snot nose brat for the 100th time since he started running. That face would forever be emblazed into his memory. That shocking blond hair, those deep blue eyes, those…whiskers…marks…?

"Oh for fuck's sake" The Nin exasperatedly said. He had just run into the Kyubi jinchuriki. He'd recognize those whisker marks anywhere. They were the same whisker marks the Gold and Silver brothers had. They only got those marks when the Kyubi ate them and then threw the up. Once the Raikage heard about this, he would probably sent back for the fucking blond.

"Maybe I should go back to get him…" the Nin whispered to himself.

"It won't matter since you're a dead man. A voice whispered into his ear.

The Nin's eyes widened as he turned around to see a chakra infused palm heading straight for his chest. The blow had landed and the man felt his heart clench before rupturing. He collapsed onto the ground and looked up to his assailant. He gaze met the murderous glare of Hiashi Hyuga, the Hyuga Clan Head, staring at him with unbridled fury. Damn… he knew that this was the end. He could already feel the pain in his chest and the numbness in some of his extremities. This was it…this was what dying felt like.

"You thought you could have stolen from the Hyuga without us knowing? You made an even greater mistake by trying to kidnap my daughter." Hiashi stated coldly.

If the Nin had any energy left, he would have rolled his eyes. Those arrogant pricks DIDN'T know he had kidnapped their heiress. It was the little blond bastard that alerted them to his presence.

The Nin looked down and almost gasped. The seal was ruptured! No! He would NOT die in vain. He would accomplish his mission even if it was only just some blood instead of the living being he got it from. With the last of his energy and chakra, the Nin raised his hand over his heart and used all his chakra to repair the seal.

Hiashi saw this action, but paid no heed to it since he thought it was a last desperate attempt to live.

The Nin was able to repair the seal to point where it wouldn't be recognized. The Nin allowed himself to smirk a bit. He may have failed his primary objective, but he was still able to give Kumogakure fresh Hyuga blood. He would leave the scientists to do the rest as his tale in this story ended…

With a final gasp for air, the Nin passed on.

"Hn, it was futile to try to heal yourself. No one can survive a Juken to the heart." Hiashi said to the corpse as he lifted his daughter to his chest.

The Hokage arrived with ANBU agents around him. "Hiashi-kun, what has happened here?" The elderly Hokage asked.

"I found my daughter's kidnapper and disposed of him in a way I saw fit." Hiashi responded coldly as he gripped the still slumbering Hinata a little tighter.

The elderly man nodded his head as his ANBU agents went to secure the kidnapper's corpse. One of the ANBU members gasped as she pulled the mask off.

The Hokage and Hiashi came over to see that the kidnapper was Kumogakure Ambassador that had been in the Hyuga compound just this morning!

"Well…this just complicates thing, doesn't it Hiashi-kun." The Hokage said as he stared at the Ambassador's face.

Hiashi just nodded his head…

Kumogakure: 2 weeks later

Kumogakure was literally the village hidden in the clouds. The village was built around a large range of mountains that reached the clouds. Kumo was the Hidden Village of the Land of Lightning. As one of the five Great Ninja Villages, Kumogakure has had Kage as its leader known as the Raikage since its founding. There have been four Raikage, the most recent being A.

A was the son of the Third Raikage. A was a man in his early 40s. He was a tall dark-skinned man with a large muscular build, with his blondish-white hair combed back, a small moustache and beard. His face was very distinguished with pronounced cheekbones and tear troughs under his eyes, and a prominent crease across his forehead. He had pointed canines and his top lip also has a darker hue than the bottom one; traits he inherited from his father.

Unlike other Kages, A wore his Kage cloak and hat on a regular basis without a shirt underneath, further displaying his hulking physique. He had black Fuma Shuriken tattoos on both shoulders and gold rings around his wrist and forearm. He also wore a gold belt around his waist with a boar's face engraved in the center.

He had a strict personality. He was also very easy to anger. He believed that respect and strength mean everything in the ninja world, and the weak should and would be crushed. His philosophy was that a ninja should never compromise or bow down in front of another ninja. He knew Kumo was in the wrong with the whole Hyuga incident, but he was not going to back down.

Apparently the tree-huggers gave in to his demands and sent him the person who killed his top lieutenant and his lieutenant's body. Of course those Hyuga would send a sealed corpse that was dried to the bone, but that didn't matter. What mattered was if he lost a good soldier for nothing or did his lieutenant pull though once again?

"Well?" said an impatient A.

The Kumo-nin in front of him continued his examination unperturbed by his impatient boss.

"Sir I found the seal. It seems to be intact. I'll be extracting its contents shortly." The Kumo-nin responded.

"Get on with it!" A yelled

The Kumo-nin did what he was told and extracted the 3 vials filled with fresh blood.

A smirked and looked down at his fallen Lieutenant. "You never cease to amaze me, Ikazuchi. With your sacrifice, I will bring Kumo to a new golden age." A patted the corpse's head before leaving the morgue with the Kumo-nin holding the vials.

"Get those vials to the Research and Development division as soon as possible." A ordered the Kumo-nin.

"Hai" the Kumo-nin responded and turned a corner.

A walked up to his secretary Mabui. Mabui was a dark-skinned girl with green eyes. She wore very formal attire consisting of a long sleeved, high collared dress shirt and skirt, along with a pair of long earrings and sandals. She wore her light-grey hair pulled back into a bun with two bangs that fall on either side of her face.

"Raikage-sama" Mabui greeted calmly.

Mabui always seemed to remain calm in any situation. That ability and her ability to transfer items extremely far distances made her more than enough to be qualified to be the Raikage's personal assistant.

"Mabui, I want you to schedule a Hero's funeral for Ikazuchi Atemi. He will be considered a village hero from now on." A said seriously.

"It shall be done, Raikage-sama. You have visitor waiting in your office, Raikage-sama." Mabui replied.

The Raikage raised an eyebrow at his assistant. "Oh? Who is it?"

"The Snake Sennin, Orochimaru, he is wants to discuss some things with you." Mabui responded calmly.

The Raikage tensed. Every muscle in his body seemed to tighten. He was also clenching his fists and his jaw. The last thing he needed was to be spotted with a fugitive in his office, especially a fugitive FROM Konoha.

"Has anyone spotted him?" A asked through clenched teeth.

"He has assured me that he took extreme care in not being seen by anyone." Mabui said. She seemed to be unfazed by A's behavior. She had to admit that she would also be wary if one of the greatest traitors in history happened to be waiting in her office…

"I will see him right away. Delay all other appointments in the meantime." The Raikage ordered. His body was still tense, but he hid it under a relaxed pose.

"Of course, Raikage-sama…" Mabui muttered as she watched her boss walk into his office and slam the doors shut.

Chapter End

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Kyo –Seiteki Nemuri no Jutsu (Forced Sleep Technique) – pretty self-explanatory really. It puts the target in a chakra induced slumber that last as long as the user's chakra is in the target's system. No outside force can wake the target unless it was pain or another chakra entering their system

Fuinjutsu – sealing arts/techniques

Ikazuchi – Thunder

Atemi – Strike

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