Title: Too Bad

Author: Luna Knyte

Rating: T (to be safe)

Genre: Family/Angst

Summary: What if Henry couldn't deal with Madeleine leaving and having to raise Shawn all by his own? What if he was actually struggling and his job at the police station wasn't enough...what if their house is up for foreclosure and makes a rash decision? What if Shawn is left behind? What will that do to him in a long run?

Inspiration: Nicklebacks song "Too Bad"

By the time Shawn woke up it was already late, if the darkening sky was any indication. He got out of bed and put his shoes back on. Once that was done with he stood up straight and stretched. Then he looked all over the room and memorized every detail in Gus' room just like his dad taught him to do.

His dad...his dad was gone now. They were looking for his mom but...he hasn't seen her in a long time either.


Shawn looked up to see his best friend entering, a worried look on his face.

"Your mom said she'd wake me up when you got home, but I've been asleep for a long time haven't I?" Shane asked.

"I was going to wake you but my mom said to let you sleep because you were very tired. But it's time for dinner so I came to get you," Gus said.

Shawn nodded and followed his best friend and sat in the extra chair in the table. He turned to look at Mr. Guster and said, "I'm sorry for intruding Mr. Guster."

Mr. Guster frowned. He'd heard from his wife about Shawn being a complete opposite of his usual self. He supposed it was logical but it was still heartbreaking. Due to both of his parents leaving Shawn with no explanation he had no reasons to know why he was now alone. He had no brothers and sisters, no aunts and uncles, no grandparents...

Shawn was alone and by default, he was the reason his family wasn't a family anymore. Bill Guster knew that Shawn wasn't the issue, but to a little boy who was left alone without an explanation whatsoever...Shawn blamed himself.

"Nonsense Shawn. You're Burton's best friend, our neighbor, and your practically family," Mr. Guster replied.

"But I'm not your responsibility...I'm my parents problem," Shawn whispered.

Gus frowned. His mother had told him what happened. Though he knew that there was more to what he was told, but he supposed it was grown up stuff. All he knew was that Mr. Spencer was gone, and since Shawn was still a kid, couldn't stay in a house all by himself. So that's why he was staying with them. At least until they found his mom.

"Don't worry Shawn. Mom says that they're looking for your mom while we wait for your dad to come home. And if anything else you'll stay here. Right dad?" Gus asked.

"Of course Burton. We're not going to let anything happen to you Shawn. We're taking care of it," Mr. Guster said. He and Winnie were done filling out the papers that the chief had given them. Winnie, after her husband came home, had gone to their lawyer to proof read them and make the necessary adjustments. So in the next day or two they should have them filed, and if worst comes to worst, they will be able to take Shawn in.

"Dinners ready!" Mrs. Guster said as she and Joy brought in plates of mash potatoes, salad, and some meat loaf.

"Looks great honey," Mr. Guster said.

"Thank you. Now everyone dig in!" Mrs. Guster said as she took her seat.

Everyone served themselves a plate and started eating. Gus and Joy told their parents about their day like they usually did. Then it was Mr. Guster's turn to share. Neither Shawn or Mrs. Guster went because they really didn't want to share what happened that day, not because they were being ignored.

All during dinner, whenever Shawn's plate was remotely empty, either Mrs. or Mr. Guster or Joy would fill it up again. And Shawn was thankful because this was seriously the first real dinner meal he could think of having in a long time.

The next day and the following week, Shawn stayed at the Guster's, and went back to school. At the school everyone noticed Shawn's sudden change in behavior. He was quiet, distant, and refused to acknowledge anything. The only person he talked to was Gus, and that was to make him promise not to tell anyone about what was going on.

After two weeks Shawn and Gus were being picked up from school by Mrs. Guster. Normally they would take a longer way home because Mrs. Guster didn't want Shawn to pass his house and relive the horrible memories he must have gone through, but they were running late today. They were going to talk to the chief about Shawn's mom today. However when they were passing Shawn's old house, there was a moving truck with men in blue uniforms moving things from inside.

"HEY!" Shawn yelled and ran towards the house.

"Shawn!" Mrs. Guster called after him with her and Burton following.

"What are you doing?" Shawn demanded on of the men.

"This place has been foreclosed. We've been ordered to move the belongings from here so the new owners of this place can move in," The man answered.


A few days after being stationed at the Guster's home, Shawn had began to get his stuff from the house. Afterward avoiding the house all together. Everything that meant anything to him from his room was at the Guster household. So instead of running to his room, Shawn ran and locked himself into his father's room. He leaned against the door and tried to calm his breathing.

Before he couldn't go into the room but now it would be his refuge. No one was allowed in his fathers room. It was one of the things Henry made absolutely clear about. It didn't matter who it was. It could be the chief himself, or heck, even the president, and they wouldn't be allowed in!

There was a knock on the door.

"Go away!" Shawn yelled.

"Shawn...open the door," Mrs. Guster called out.

"No! They can't take our stuff away! They can't have my house! If...if they take it...my d-dad will n-never come back...all of my e-efforts to m-make the house look nice..." Shawn was crying now but he didn't care. He couldn't let them take his house away, "T-this is m-my h-home..."

"Oh Shawn...I'm sorry sweetie, but there's nothing we can do now. All we can do is pack up everything you want to keep and bring it with us," Mrs. Guster said.

Shawn shook his head rapidly and slid down the door until he was sitting on the floor and brought his knees to his chest. It took a while for Shawn to calm down. The repo men working there complained and in the end Mrs. Guster called the chief himself to come down to the Spencer's former home.

The was another knock on the door and Shawn yelled angrily, "What part of go away can't you idiots understand? You can't have my house!"

"Shawn..." the chief said.

"It's my house chief...I was raised here...my family started here...can't you tell them to leave it alone?" Shawn asked completely broken as he opened the door slightly to look at the older man.

The chief gave Shawn a sad face as he leaned down to his eye level and apologized, "I'm sorry Shawn. It's my job to enforce the law...not make it. If I could I'd let you keep your house, but I can't."

Shawn sniffed away a few tears and wiped away a stray one that got away. He opened the door and looked up with bloodshot eyes and mumbled, "My family really is broken now...isn't it?"

The chief was a strong man who was trained not to blink in dire situations. He was to keep his head clear and logical at all times to make the best decision. He was an alpha male who needed to be strong so his men would follow his example, but damn if he didn't want to blink right now at the sight in front of him. Unable to find an answer that wouldn't sadden Shawn further or lie to him, all the chief could do was hug him.

"I'll leave...maybe this place can be a happy home. If the right people move here...maybe they can have everything I always wanted," Shawn said as he looked at his feet.

"Do you want to take somethings with you?" the chief asked.

"Can I have a few minutes to look around the house...one last time?" Shawn asked quietly.

"Of course. I'll get a duffel or something and tell everyone to wait outside. I've already sent the men home for the day. Its just us, and the Guster's." the chief said.

"Okay...thanks," Shawn said as he turned and started to look in his dad's room.

The chief went downstairs after deciding that Shawn needed some time alone. Shawn stood in the middle of the room and memorized everything. He knew that something like this would happen after he read the foreclosure letter. Which was why after he cleaned the house the best that he could he went into every room and memorized it down to the final detail. Everything he ever thought he needed was actually at the Guster home. His dad having before hand making him go through 'drills' on evacuation. Telling Shawn about the things he needed and the things he could bring along with him in cases of emergency where he'd most likely have to travel as light and practical as possible. He'd search his entire house for things he just couldn't leave behind. From the basement to the attic. The only room he hadn't looked in was his dad's room.

But now that other people were coming in to his home, or his former home, Shawn thought it was okay. He opened the closet and wasn't surprised to see most of it empty. Whatever his father deemed necessary or valuable, he was packed into his truck and drove away. A lump rose in Shawn's thought as he realized that he wasn't either of those things. But he shook his head and continued to look. What was really left was some spare clothes, old magazines, and some fishing gear. Shawn was about to leave when he thought of something. His dad was a guy, and had told Shawn that a man needed some privacy. Shawn looked at the bed and saw that it was big enough for him to fit under there.

Crawling on his tummy Shawn made his way under Henry's bed and saw a shoe box. Shawn grabbed it and then sat on the bed and examined it. After a minute of just staring at the box on his lap Shawn took a deep breath and opened it.

What he expected? He wasn't sure. His dad would've taken his guns with him. All the pictures of their family were gone. Other than that Shawn couldn't think of anything that his dad would consider something like a treasure of sorts.

Inside were a few things. There was a photo taken with an instant camera with the year 1977 on the back. Shawn had never seen this picture before. It was of the day he was born. His mother was holding him while his father was kissing his forehead. His mother in a hospital gown while his father had scrubs on. His mother looked tired, but glad, and his father looked happy.

Aside from the photo there was a golden pocket watch and a letter with his name on it. Shawn first looked at the golden pocket watch and clicked it open. The numbers were in Roman Numeral, the face was white, while the hands were also gold. The outside over was of an eagle, and in the inside was the inscription, "Never Forget To Remember..."

Shawn wondered what that meant, but put it the pocket watch back in the shoe box and placed it to the side while he took out the envelope and eyed it warily.

After a minute he decided to open it. It was a letter from his father.


I know you'll find this eventually. Inside is a golden watch. My father gave that to me and I want you to have it now. The message inside it is very important. It may not make sense today or tomorrow or the day after that, but one day it will. I have no idea what will happen now. But this is the best I can tell you: Be strong. Have faith. And I'm sorry.


Even though every single word was permanently engraved into Shawn's memory he read it again, and reread it for good measure.

There was a gentle knock on the door and Shawn looked up to see the chief standing there with sad eyes.

"You ready?"

"No...but it's not like I have a choice," Shawn replied without any emotion. He put the letter back in the box with the watch and photo and followed the chief outside. Mrs. Guster was told to go on home, that the chief wanted to talk to Shawn for a while.

As Shawn stepped out of the house he couldn't help but notice to deserted the block looked. There was no one outside besides them two. It was like a ghost town. Making Shawn feel even more abandoned. He follows the chief towards his police cruiser, but stops at the end of the pathway and looks back at

house one last time.

A forlorn look on his face.


"This place stopped being a home a long time ago...I guess I just wanted to keep pretending that it was."

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