New and Everlasting Promise

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Rika was sitting on the couch while Yuuichi fixed her a lunch. His beautiful, sweet wife was pretty sick today and she wasn't getting any better. All Yuuichi could do was make Rika as comfortable as possible. She didn't have a lot of time left, no matter how hard Dr. Natsume tried to help her.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Yuuichi sighed in anger and frustration. He didn't need anyone bothering them today. He didn't make any effort to move towards the door and he didn't intend to answer it. To his surprise, Rika got up of the couch and staggered toward the door instead. "Rika!" Yuuichi whispered forcefully. Giving her husband the mischivous grin that he had come to love so much, Rika ignored his comment and opened the door.

Twisting his head around Rika's shoulder to look out the door, Yuuichi saw two young men, about as old as he was, in neat black suits. Their hair was also neat, and they wore name tags.

"Yes?" Rika questioned the two men.

"Good afternoon, ma'm," the one on the right smiled politely. "I'm Elder Rhode and this is my companion, Elder Moorehouse. We are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and we would love to share a message with you, if you have the time."

The broken Japanese told Yuuichi that the men were American. He was in no mood to talk to the foreigners about anything. "We're not interested," Yuuichi snapped, using a simple dialect so that the Americans would get the hint.

Speaking over him, Rika asked, "What kind of message?" Her honest eyes glowed with curiousity. The man on the right continued, "We believe that it is a message of hope and joy, ma'm."

Something inside Yuuichi snapped irrationally. "HOPE? What do YOU know about anything! I don't need a lecture from some kid! My wife is dying...DYING DO YOU GET IT?" Yuuichi stopped his tirade, out of breath and panting. The tears started to sting his eyes and for a moment he was about to apologize when the man on the left finally spoke in a soft, calm voice. "Sir...would it bring you comfort to know that you and your wife can be together...forever?"

Both Rika and Yuuichi's heads snapped up at the same time as Rika whispered, "What do you mean?"

Taking the cue from his companion, the one who had introduced himself as 'Elder Rhode' said, "Through love, it has become for a husband and wife, as well as their children, to be together throughout eternity...even after death."

Now Yuuichi was the one burning with curiosity. He could be with Rika...forever? Even if she died? "How?" he all but shouted. "I will do anything to obtain that gift!"

Rika smiled gently at the young men. "The two of you had better come in..."

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