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Scarred memories

Chapter 1

Roy Mustang woke with a start as he heard the phone ring. It was the middle of the night, and he had no idea who would be ringing him at such a late-and absurd-time of the night. Despite this, he answered the phone with a trembling hand, flicking sleep put of his eyes at the same time.

"Hello? Mustang speaking." he mumbled, still groggy from sleep.

There was no answer on the other line. Nothing, except a dog barking.

He hesitated. The only person he knew had a dog was his subordinate, Lieutenant Hawkeye, but why wasn't she answering the phone? Why would she even call him in the middle of the night?

Suddenly fully awake, he called down the phone. "Lieutenant! Can you hear me? Answer me, dammit, Lieutenant!"

Scared out of his mind, he didn't hear the lieutenant's –his lieutenant's- feeble and weak voice. "Help"

Roy's eyes widened. "Colonel…. I'm sorry… but… help…" he could tell that she needed help; she didn't even need to say it. They had been together so lone, he knew her better than anyone else knew her. He knew she was most likely sprawled along the ground, most likely in pain. Roy knew Riza was in trouble. She never spoke like that unless she was scared…. Or injured. Suddenly Roy remembered the Promised Day… Riza's throat had been slit…. She almost lost her life…. He almost lost her.

What if the wound had opened? In the last couple of months, the doctors had said that since her wound wasn't treated right after it had happened, there could be a chance of it re-opening. Roy gasped. No…. it could not be that… anything but that. She could die any minute… He could not lose her…. Not like, he lost Maes Hughes, his best friend.

Without another thought, he pulled a pair of pants over his boxer shorts and a jacket over his bare chest. He then rushed to the cupboard and pulled out a few towels. Just in case, he thought.

Not even bothering to hang the phone up, he hurried into the darkness outside, pulling his alchemical gloves on as he went. He gasped. Roy still had nightmares about the time he spent blind, and, the darkness terrified him. Just as Hawkeye was still scared of the shadows, Mustang was scared he would wake up in deep darkness. Snapping his fingers, he produced a flame on the tip of his gloved fingers. The shadows danced on the brick walls of his apartment. He breathed a sigh of relief, then sprinted to his car.

The ride to Riza's house was agony. Roy had never realised before how far away he lived from her, especially at times like this, when she needed him most. He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel, as he-nervous and anticipated- sped to the house of first lieutenant Hawkeye's.

The drive seemed to last hours, when in fact it took little over half-an-hour. It didn't help that the only thing Roy could think of was: What if she did die? The lieutenant couldn't leave him like that… without her, Roy realised, he was as good as dead also. He screeched to a stop outside her apartment block, and instead of racing up the dozens of flights of steps, he found the window of her apartment, and clapped his hands together, mentally going through the breakdown of cement, so he could travel up on a block of it protruding from the ground. This…. he thought, is the way alchemy should always be used.

He used alchemy to turn the glass of the window to dust. It was at times like these that he was thankful that he had been forced to do human transmutation and saw the 'Truth'. As evil as it was, it could save time, and lives, just as it was now.

He jumped through the window, and threw himself at the nearest light switch. Hayate was still barking like mad, and when he noticed the Colonel's arrival, he leapt upon his mistress's Commanding Officer and knocked him to the ground. After the dog's barking had ceased, he began to whimper. Tugging on Roy's jacket sleeve, Hayate led him to what he thought had to Riza's bedroom.

Roy stood at the entrance to the bedroom and braced himself for the worst. His eyes widened as he saw the lieutenant on the floor, her hand pressing down against her neck, trying desperately to slow down the flow of blood. The worst had been confirmed. His nightmares were coming true. Why couldn't they just stay in his head though?

He crossed the room and knelt by Riza's side. Though it was hard to tell, she was breathing-but it was very shallow, and very light.

"Lieutenant!" he cried, holding her in his arms, and shaking her by the shoulders.

"Open your eyes Lieutenant! Talk to me!" he yelled.

Her eyes fluttered ever so slightly. Roy breathed a sigh of relief. She was alive. She was ok.

Suddenly, Hawkeye's body went limp.

"NO!" he screamed. "No! You can't die, lieutenant! You can't! Dammit Lieutenant, stay with me!" he slammed his fist on the wooden floor. "I can't live without you…" he whispered.

Roy saw the telephone next to her bed. It was covered in blood. Riza's blood, he realised. He carried Riza to her bed, and quickly lay her down before snatching up the telephone, dialling the number of their last of hope.

The phone seemed to ring for an eternity. Roy grabbed a towel and pressed it against the lieutenant's neck, trying to stop the blood, just as she had been doing before he rushed to her side.

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