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Word soon got out about Roy and Riza's supposedly secret relationship, but, much to their surprise, they weren't at risk getting affected by the fraternization laws, even before Grumman became Fuhrer. They had no idea why they hadn't been prosecuted, but both Roy and Riza suspected the Fuhrer-to-be had something to do with it. They had only been requested to keep their relationship private and to not show public affection 'until further notice'. As Riza had promised Havoc, she and Roy were back at work 2 weeks after they had last talked to him at the hospital. The team were happy to see them all, and overjoyed at the fact that the couple had finally admitted their feelings for each other.

It was a few weeks after Riza and Roy had been discharged from the military hospital, and, as promised, Riza's wound no longer caused her any pain or fear. Roy and Riza continued to live together in Riza's apartment, and Riza was ecstatic when, after her welcome home party, Fuery had brought Black Hayate back. The Shiba Inu was just as happy to see his owner.

It was a crisp Saturday evening, and Roy, Riza and Black Hayate had gone out for a walk in the city centre. It was a special day for everyone in Amestris, not just Roy and Riza. All the newspapers screamed the same headlines: GRUMMAN NOW OFFICAILLY FUHRER OF AMESTRIS. This day didn't only mark this special occasion, though. Riza picked up one of the newspapers, and payed the newsagent the required cenz.

"Look, Roy," she said with a grin, showing him the newspaper.

"It's great isn't it?" he asked, also smiling.

Riza flipped the newspaper over, and her eyes widened at the sight of another article. Her grandfather had promised, but she hadn't expected him to make it that public. The article stated: MILITARY FRATERNIZATION LAWS ABOLISHED.

"Roy….." she said quietly. "Look at this,"

He was silent. 'I'm looking, Riza,"

Her straight face broke out into a grin. "Do you know what this means?" she asked.

He grinned too. "Yeah, of course I do!" I can finally say publicly that I love you," he said with a cocky smile.

"It also means we don't need to live a lie anymore, Sir," she said with a smile.

Roy took Riza's hand in his, and led her to the lake that had been formed after the Promised Day.

"I love you, Riza,"

She smiled slightly. "I love you too, Roy," she said, reaching up to kiss him.

He kissed her back, then looked out to the lake. "Do you know what today also marks, Riza?" he murmured.

She squeezed his hand. She hadn't forgotten. It had been a year ago on that day that "the dwarf in the flask" had obtained God, and had almost killed them all. It had been about then that she had begun to realize just how much the man she was standing with mean to her.

"I remember," she said quietly.

But, instead of reliving the events that had happened to them that day, she looked to the future, her future, with Roy.

All the events of the Promised Day: threatening to kill herself when Roy was consumed with hatred, then almost getting killed when the gold-toothed doctor wanted Roy to perform Human Transmutation… Roy losing his eyesight, and the final fight with 'Father'… even the events that had happened in the year following up to that: Roy almost getting killed by Lust, and Havoc getting paralysed. And then there was the Ishbal War. There was so much Roy and Riza had been through together, without realising how much they meant to the other person. They all had the scars from the events they had faced, but all they had been through were just memories.

As Riza stood there, her fingers entwined in Roy's, they watched the sunset, and she accepted the challenge the future was going to bring. They had been through a hell of a lot, but that was all in the past now, everything they remembered were just memories.

Their scarred memories.

The End

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