You Know You're Obsessed With Hetalia When...

1. When you always put maple syrup on EVERYTHING.

2. When you're lost and you instantly flip out your phone, calling your friend, yelling. "Doitsu, Doitsu!"

3. When a Canadian comes up and says, "I'm from Canada." And you say, "Where?"

4. When you cry in history class because you're learning about the American Revolutionary War.

5. You laugh when something says, "I live in [insert countries' name here.]"

6. You know where Sealand or Liechtenstein is.

7. You have a whole group of friends with countries for nicknames.

8. You start calling the country England, Iggy.

9. When you start adding 'aru,' at the end of each sentence.

10. Every room you enter or when you interuppt someone, you shout, "PASTAAAA!"

11. You giggle every time you see the store, "Kirkland's"

12. You introduce Hetalia to everyone of your friends so you can start calling them countries.

13. When you cosplay as Italy, you try walking with your eyes close, but ultimately fail.

14. You can't look at the world map the same way ever again.

15. You expect every Frenchman to act just like France and they do.

16. You carry a white flag, plastic hamburger, or stuffed tomato in your bag.

17. You randomly start singing Romano's 'Tomato Song' when you see a tomato or you are eating one.

18. You only watch the World Cup to root for your favorite country and cry when they lose.

19. You request wurst and pasta for dinner.

20. When your friends are talking about a country and you randomly butt in saying, "I love that country." And are proud when they question you or look at you funny for the next two days.

21. You have every countries' version of Marukaite Chikyuu on your Ipod. (A/N: Guilty...)

22. You start calling the countries by their human names.

23. You insist that your teacher play Hetalia for the rest of the class.

24. When you and your friends get together, you call it a World Conference.

25. Polish people are automatically cross dressing valley girls.

Alright! That's the first twenty-five! Please leave some suggestions and I'll pick them to be in the next chapter!

- Animelover2356 OUT!