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151. You've tried to convince your parents to let you carry a sink pipe around with you.

152. You're stopped at customs because your suitcase is full of tomatoes.

153. You have all the papercrafts lined up on your shelf.

154. All of these papercrafts have their own christmas stocking which you are praying that Santa will fill.

155. You call your german exchange partner "Kraut breath" or "Potato bastard"

156. When your teacher says that the alliance between Germany and italy was a complete coincidence you want to scream " LIES, ALL Lies! It was true love!"

157. When you want to corrupt their formal teacherly education by introducing them to Hetalia.

158. You use pictures of Hetalia characters in your world history projects and insist they're actual nations.

159. You honestly begin to think that the countries were born out of one giant orgy from Pangaea.

160. Whenever you walk past a condom aisle, you giggle and know that Russia's are bigger.

161. You begin to think of the countries' "sizes" are attributed to their landmass (meaning Russia and Canada are the "biggest"...if you know what I mean ;D)

162. You walk into Olive Garden singing a song in Japanese and you happen to be of major German lineage.

163. Your friends know better than to ask you a geography/history question because you'll turn it into a sappy love story.

164. You screamed "FINLAND!" at the mall Santa this Christmas season and asked him where Sweden was.

165. Your dad knows Hetalia.

166. You randomly speak in a random accent.

167. When your friends being stupid you facepalm and say,"Mien Gott..."

168. You get excited when your mom says your having pasta for dinner.

169. You've drawn them all as my little ponies.

170. You laugh when you fail at cooking.

171. When you tell your friend you burnt grilled cheese and they say,"Iggy!"

172. When your French teacher laughs, you freak out thinking about a rapist.

173. When someone yells really loud you shout, "Shut up, you bloody American!"

174. Purple eyes are now your favorite colored eyes.

175. You fall in love with your country.

(151-155) ~shadowraven45662

(156-157) ~Kitsugun4

(158-164) ~Atama Ga Kuru Teru

(165-174) ~DragonRiderEmily

(175) ~Meh!

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