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Chapter 1: Life is Odd

Life, Ratchet had decided, was odd. It didn't make sense and was strange at the best of times, and it was maddening in a 'rip out your own CPU' kind of way at the worst. It most certainly didn't leave much up for your own decision.

Such as this entire fragging war. Granted, he was very aware that when the Autobot Council of old had denied most rights to what was now the Decepticons far before the war had even started was asking for trouble. He wasn't naïve enough to ignore that the war had indeed only started out with good intentions. Luckily, humans had a saying for a situation such as this.

'The pathway to hell is paved with good intentions.' Frighteningly apt in his opinion. This entire war could have ended when the Autobot Council had fallen and Orion Pax had been named Optimus Prime.

The fact was, for whatever reason only known to the Decepticon Tyrant, it hadn't. And over the vorns, Megatron had become obsessed with the destruction of all Autobots. Or maybe 'power hungry' was a better suited phrase?

Either way, the war had continued. And along with that continuation, Ratchet found his medical bay filled to the brim with idiots who possessed half-clocked processors. At least, until they had recently woken up after their four million vorns in stasis here on Earth. While it wasn't every cycle anymore, Ratchet still wished for a break now and then.

The only upside was that they found themselves unengaged from time to time, big battles few and far between. And it was rare that they needed all the Autobots stationed on Earth to beat back the Decepticons. Ratchet had simply concluded that Megatron was getting lazy and sloppy.

Which was why he was currently cursing himself, life and every Decepticon and Autobot as he worked to stabilize the biggest Transformer of them all.

While it was rare that fights rarely were big anymore, it was even rarer when they needed Omega Supreme's help with anything other than interspaced travel off planet. Except that Megatron had been particularly clever (Jazz had said something about the Slag Maker actually taking a suggestion of Starscream's this time) and his new weapon which he had been calling the 'Dark-e-tron' (as if his names couldn't get any lamer) had caused quite a bit of damage.

Wheeljack had correctly deduced that the Dark-whatever could convert the smallest particles of dark matter and make tightly controlled explosions. Wherever. He. Wanted. Them. Ratchet felt that Megatron was on a personal mission to make his life the living pit amongst his own faction.

If Omega Supreme hadn't jumped in and chucked the thing through the atmosphere (where it thankfully imploded on itself) Ratchet was sure that this war would have ended right here. But he hadn't been able to guard against the lethal shot from Devastator while he had played hero. Now there was a hole in his chassis that came out the other side, by Primus' will alone, having missed the spark chamber. That didn't really decrease the urgency of things, however.

And yet, because of Omega Supreme's lack of involvement in their fights, Ratchet was unfamiliar with the insides of the giant Transformer's frame. There ahd been the one time when the Aerialbots had come online when Megatron had nailed him point blank with his fusion cannon, but even then it had really only caused minor damage compared to this.

Well, had been. The battle had been several cycles ago, and after stabilizing the big guy enough to have most of the uninjured or minorly injured move him to the hangar connected to the Autobot HQ, he'd had some rest and then went about fixing Omega. Which was a task about as big as the big lugnut.

"How is he doing, Ratchet?" The medic turned to see his leader standing in the doorway.

"I'm nearly done here, Prime." Ratchet said wearily. "I'm replacing plating now, and I'll run internal diagnostics when he's up again. For now, self repairs need to be allowed to work and then I'll run through his systems manually. I don't work on him a lot, so I want to be sure I did it right."

"That is good to hear." Optimus said coming to stand beside Ratchet. "We owe him much this time."

"We do."

"That should do it." Wheeljack said cheerfully, connecting the last line in Omega Supreme's motherboard. "Can't say I'm not confused though… a lot of redundant systems in here…"

"Well, he's big." Grapple muttered as if that explained everything.

'Thank you, Captain Obvious.' Ratchet thought, from where he was perched on Omega's chest, checking his scans for any anomalies they may have missed. He started when the large mech suddenly shifted, nearly throwing him off. "Whoa! Hey! Hold the slag still…"

A muted grunt was his answer, Omega's optics flickering back on. "Omega Supreme: Is not offline?" The large booming voice even sounded muted. Which was understandable, his body had been put through a strain.

"No, and good morning to you too." Wheeljack chirped from where he was by Omega's helm. The giant turned said appendage to look at the inventor.

"Query: What happened?"

"Took a shot from Devestator." Ratchet supplied, still going over the scans. "Left a pretty big hole."

"Yeah, but you totally saved our afts." Hoist smiled as he walked into the hangar with an energon transfer unit. "Thanks, big guy."

"Thanks are not necessary." Omega replied. "The Omega Supreme: Was just doing its duty."

"Well thanks anyway."

Ratchet closed up the small panel that his scanner ahd been hooked into before sliding down the massive chassis to land on the ground. Once he was a good distance away, Omega shifted until he was sitting, stilling to seemingly get used to his systems once more. A lot had needed replacing and it had taken a chunk out of their supplies to do so. Ratchet brought up the scans on a portable console he had set up for this reason. There were too many scans to go through for him to have just relied on the scanner itself.

"Hoist, Grapple, thank you for your hard work. Go get rest, Wheeljack and I will finish here." The CMO instructed, gesturing for the inventor to join him at the console.

Both architects left quite happily, although Grapple was sure to get quite a few more grumbles of 'under appreciation' and 'not enough respect' out of his vocalizer before Hoist dragged him from the hangar bay. It was quiet after that, aside from Ratchet and Wheeljack's muttered musings about codes and what not. Omega Supreme was, by nature, a quiet Cybertronian. He never spoke if he was not spoken to first, unless he had something important to say. Many of the other Autobots allotted to this as him being slow. And Omega supreme had never had reason to correct. They were allowed to believe what they wished. That was a part of freedom, was it not? The ability to believe as one chose?

Omega Supreme sat in his silence, his mind on the battle which (according to his chronometer) had now been nearly 10 cycles ago.

The battle was a big one, needing almost the entirety of the Ark's crew aside from a skeleton crew for here on the Ark. Omega Supreme had been asked to come along to balance out the Gestalts, should they have need to face all three at once. It was recognized that the space ship was slow in his root mode, he was still extremely strong.

The fight had been turning against the Autobots. Megatron was wielding a new weapon that was devastating. They were actually lucky that while the machine had a lot of power there was no aim. Even so, nobot could get close to the Deccepticon Tyrant.

And then, even though he had been grappling with Devastator, Omega Supreme saw the Warlord turn the machine the Prime's way.

It had happened all at once. He threw Devastator to the side, and waded through the combatants, trying to reach the machine with a single minded purpose to destroy it. He saw it light up, the charge building… he wasn't going to make it…

'NO!' Five voices in his mind cried out all at once, fueling him on.

He reached out, the voices encouraging him. His servo was closing on the machine, ripping it from its mount to the roar of fury from Megatron and then he was using his massive strength to launch it as afar into the atmosphere as possible.

He never knew if it ever made it, pain exploding through his chassis, the five voices screaming in agony, on louder than the rest…

"…ega. Omega!"

The space craft pulled himself out of his memory without a visible jolt, although he felt amusement tickle in his processor. He looked down at the medic and engineer, curious.

Seeing that he ahd the big mech's attention, Ratchet motioned for him to lay back. "I'm going to need to put you into stasis one more time. Your systems are reintegrating well, but I still would feel better if I do the manual check."

"Omega Supreme: Acknowledges." Omega rumbled, careful to not crush anything as he lay back down.

He could feel the medical stasis taking hold, and slowly, one by one, the voices fell quiet once more before he lost consciousness.

"Now this is strange." Ratchet grunted, pushing his hand around the crevice he had found under the giant Cybertronian's abdominal wiring.

"What is?" Wheeljack asked, closing up the last panel on the side he had been inspecting.

"There's a cog out of place here."

"Really? And that's not painful to him?"

"I'll have to ask him when he wakes up…" Ratchet muttered, attempting to wrap his digits around the edge of the misplaced cog. "It seems to be a transformation cog… For now I'll put it back… There!"

Ratchet had pulled the cog free of whatever gears it had wedged itself between and was just closing the panel when the sound of transformation sequence sounded.

"Wha-?" Ratchet couldn't even get the rest of his word past his lipplates when he was suddenly falling… only to land in a pile of mechs that were now occupying the space that had once been Omega Supreme. All were unconscious.

There was absolute silence in the hangar, both Wheeljack and Ratchet staring. At length, Wheeljack spoke, even as the mechs curled around each other in recharge. "Well… I guess now we know why he had all those redundant systems…"

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