Why was it?

Why was it that I only ever feel awkward whenever I'm with Kaede when I'm around him?

It's not always though.

But to me, he was different from the other Rose Knights.

He seemed, no scratch that. He IS the only 'normal' person, guy around me. And it was nice, relaxing, that at least he was normal. He gave me a sense of normality.

I started to know him more after the sports festival. He was the fastest guy in our year level. And I, the girl who wouldn't remove her chocker, defeat him. His pride was clearly hurt then.

But that didn't change the fact that it was his card that Ninufa dropped on me. He was my first knight.

He may have no flying powers like Mutsuki's.

Tenjo-sempai's healing abilities.

Seiran's gift for chemistry.

But he is the guy who can vouch for me. My partner in crime. And the person I can rely on and call on if I just need company.

But that still didn't explain why he was the only person who I felt awkward with, no matter how occasional it may be.

'You feel awkward around Tenjou-sempai when he fawns over you, Seiran-kun when he declared his love and Mutsuki when he kissed you. How is that any different?'

It's because he didn't even do anything! He just stays there as his normal cool self and I feel awkward then I start to feel relaxed.

'Just admit it, you love him.'

I love him? No I can't. The reason I' m doing this, collecting the Arcana cards is that so I wouldn't have to... get involved with any of them. They're all important to me.

'Does it matter? You can't dictate your heart.'

I am in love.

I'm in deep shit…

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