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Chapter One

The snow was falling thick and fast, clouding the sky and covering the ground, trees and houses with a thick, white, near impenetrable blanket. To slough through it would take more strength than a man, but then, Nathan was not a normal man, and his queen had called him. He would obey, and he would always obey, no matter what obstacles tried to obstruct him.

Grimly, he shut his eyes against the whip of the wind, dragging across every piece of exposed flesh like thousands of tiny daggers. He concentrated, and the snow within about twenty metres radius of him began to melt, but the snow still falling was quickly covering up his work.

He opened his eyes again, a solitary dark figure among the trees, and began to slog once more, his eyes narrowing as he pushed his body beyond the limits of even a vampire. Briefly, the wind dropped slightly, and he turned his face to the clouded sky.

His breath clouded the cold air in front of him as he breathed out in shock, his eyes wide. For despite the clouds and snow flying through the frigid air, the moon was clearly visible, shining balefully bright without shedding any light upon the snow covered ground. Not far from this glowing spectrum was an even more unusual sight; the moon's red star, visible only every one hundred years, lit up like a fiery beacon across the snowy land.

"This… is a strange night." He spoke aloud, as if to reassure himself that he was real; his breath fogging in front of his face again. Nathan rubbed his bare hands together in a futile effort to warm them up, and moved on; every step taking him closer to that house, still hidden by the snow.


There is a legend among the Vampire kind about twins…And it carried across to the Vampire Hunters…

The Curse of the Twins.

Old, and mostly forgotten, because it is exactly due to this curse that no Twins, Vampire or Hunter, have ever been born. And they shall never be born, though they may be conceived…

But while in the womb, one twin shall devour the other, and so be born with the strength of two. Any twins born would be incomplete, and eventually the stronger would devour the weaker.

When the Hunters became aware of this occurrence, they became even angrier at the Vampires. How could they keep this fact from them? It was not that important, but it irked them. They let it pass, seeing reason. But no more. On a snowy night when both the blood cold moon and the moon's fiery star shone, a pair of twins were born to the most powerful Hunter lineage. Their power balance was exactly equal; neither had devoured the other in the womb, not even the smallest bite.

The Hunters did not know what to make of this; wary of these powerful brothers so loyal to each other. That loyalty did not last; and soon the streets ran thick with blood and tears. The Hunters have never forgiven the Vampires for many things, and the fate of their twins is one of them.

But the Hunters received their revenge; in the form of another curse involving twins. 'If ever a pair of twins are born to the Vampire Race, they shall have power, different types that only when together make the whole. Yet the pair shall never be able to work together, fated to fight till they are coated with each other's blood. Each shall have no weakness, but for the blood of the other, and so their war shall wage its bloody way across history, dooming the Race of the Vampires.'

Beware the curse of the Vampire Twins, especially if they be female; for a female is much more fickle, much harder to reason with. There is hope if they are male, none if they are female. Beware the Female Vampire Twins, for they shall be born, and the Hunters will have their revenge.


The wind rattled the windowpanes, flinging snow against the glowing squares, trying to get in; a hungry monster. But the warm glow of the mansion warded the cold away, and inside was a warm, soft haven, no longer split by screams, but instead silent apart from the crackling of the fire.

Haruka turned his gaze from the window to his young wife-to-be; who lay panting in his arms, covered with a fine sheen of sweat. The blood between her legs had long stopped flowing as her vampire abilities healed her, and soon all trace of Juri's hardship had been cleaned away by a submissive maid; wiping the red stains away and covering the shaking girl with a clean, white sheet; turned cream by the yellow flickering light.

Juri's chest heaved, but her pulse was slowing and her breathing steadying; it was over, for the most part. Really over. Not the 'over' of two hours ago; when everyone had assumed it was over, and only when Juri began to scream again did they realise it was not.

Two. Haruka glanced over to where the maid was bustling over a crib. One crib. But inside that crib, Haruka knew, lay two infants. Not one. Two.

"Haru…ka…" Juri breathed, and instantly his eyes swivelled to meet hers.

"Sshh, it's alright. It's over. You did well, Juri." Haruka breathed softly, pressing his forehead to hers; their dark, curly hair tangling. Slight relief slackened the lines around her young eyes momentarily, before she frowned suddenly, and shifted in agitation.

"Haruka! Are they…" He did not need to wait for the completion of her sentence. He shut his eyes, but answered her nether the less.

"Yes. They are both fine." He said quietly, and he felt her body relax in relief, sinking into the soft mattress. He of course felt it when their parents entered; how could he not? Not only was he a vampire with highly attuned senses, but he had been raised by these people. He knew their presences better than he knew his own. But he did not look up until his name was called; a small act of defiance.

"Haruka." He looked up reluctantly.

"Father." He could see it. The relief that it was over, the tentative joy that they would have a grandchild, written across their faces; both his mother's and his father's. They were excited. He closed his eyes against a wave of pain.

"Well? Is it a girl, or a boy?" His mother demanded, coming forwards to stand at the foot of her daughter's bed. He swallowed, but the answer still stuck in his throat; choking him with its unbelievable truth. He heard his mother sigh impatiently and walk over to the crib to find out for herself, heard the clack of her heels, the steadier, more rounded step of his father's shoes as he followed her.

"Holy…." Their father breathed, as their mother gave a shriek and tottered backwards.

"What… What? Haruka! What is going on?" She flew back to the bedside, and he could see the want in her eyes because it was the same want that was echoing through his brain at that very moment. He closed his eyes again.

"No. There's no explanation to save us. Juri and I… have twins. Twin daughters." His voice broke slightly, and he felt Juri stiffen in his arms as he helped her to sit up. The horror Haruka felt was echoed in both his mother's and his fiancé's faces. Their mother sat down suddenly as her legs gave out on the edge of the bed, her face hollow, all traces of previous joy gone.

"Twins… God help us." She murmured. Haruka felt Juri wince as they both felt their father's impending rage; and sure enough he exploded.

"GOD HELP US INDEED!" He yelled, beginning to pace. "GOD HELP US! Why? What have we done to deserve this? You," He turned to face the young couple, his face flushed with rage. "What on earth have you done? Why have children now? Juri is barely seventeen, there's no rush! Now what do we do?" He shouted, but to everyone's relief they could tell that his anger was not directly aimed at them; he did not completely blame them. Their mother stood up, and they both watched her.

"But dear… what can we do?" She asked, wringing her hands in distress. As she posed the question, their father's face closed and became stony.

"I'll tell you what we can do. Get. Rid. Of. Them." He enunciated, ignoring Juri's cry of horror.

"Father!" He turned to face his children, his face grave in the face of Juri's distress.

"No! That's the only way! Do you want to destroy us?" Juri's teeth gritted, and tears sprang to her eyes.

"You choose now to start believing in legends?" She spat at him, livid.

"This is not just a legend, Juri, this is a curse. A curse from the Hunters, no less. It is not to be taken lightly." His face hardened a little more, as Haruka gaped at him wordlessly. But Juri was already famous for being feisty, and she was not about to back down without a fight.

"They are my children!" She hissed.

"You will have other children." He said, still unperturbed in the face of his daughter's wild fury.

"And while I am raising them, I shall have to live with the knowledge that you murdered my first two daughters! And every time I see their faces, I shall wonder what my twin daughters would have looked like!" Juri was sitting up properly now, no longer leaning on Haruka for support, her hands clawed in her tangled sheets.

"They could destroy us all, Juri." He answered softly, and had she been rational she would have heard the quiet pain that both Haruka and her mother heard, but Juri was far from rational.

"They did not choose it! Why should they have to die because of some curse that those Hunters placed upon us?" she demanded, her rage growing.

"Because that is what happens when humans discover us, Juri! We will always be subject to their hate!" He snapped.

"They would not consciously do this! Please, father, you know that neither I nor Haruka would let that happen? We would raise them properly, surely if we raised them in the right way they would be fine-"

"NO!" He cut across her furiously. "I am not willing to take that chance, Juri. See to it that they are destroyed." He said to his wife, before with a brief nod, he left. Haruka instinctively held Juri closer as she began to cry; great heaving sobs that racked her entire body. As Haruka blinked to keep his own tears from falling, his mother strode resolutely over to the crib, and looked down upon her two granddaughters.

They all stayed like that for a long time; Juri weeping in Haruka's arms, their mother staring down into the crib. Finally, she dropped the blanket back over the twins, and turned her back upon them.

"I…You may have some time. To say goodbye." She said quietly, resolution echoing through her words, before she left the room. As the door closed, Juri lurched forwards to run to the crib with a cry, but even with her vampire abilities, she wasn't quite strong enough, and Haruka held her back.

"I'll…" He coughed to clear his throat. "I'll get them." He stood up from the bed, as Juri shifted herself so she was sitting, but leaning back against her pillows. He followed his mother's footsteps over to the crib, and looked down at his daughters for the first time.

He stared at them for nearly as long as his mother had, before Juri made an impatient noise and he jolted awake. Carefully, he leant over the crib and cradled one of the newborn twins in his hands. Gently, he carried her over to Juri and handed to her. Both twins were naked; there were clothes, but all in preparation for one child… just one. As Juri took her daughter with a soft cooing noise, he went to retrieve the other, joining Juri on her bed with his other daughter in his arms.

"Such beautiful eyes…" Juri breathed, and Haruka looked over. Both girls had dark, slightly curling hair and Juri's china pale skin. The baby who lay, gurgling quietly, in Juri's loving arms had wide, iridescent eyes which made Haruka gasp; they were red. Most vampires' eyes would glow red when they used their powers, or even simply when they were angry, but the red glow faded to a more normal eye colour. Yet this girl's eyes were red; not glowing, but red. Haruka looked down at the daughter he held, and had to suppress another gasp.

"Juri… look." Contrary to her sister, their second daughter had blue eyes. Bright, unearthly blue; just as unusual as her sister's. Juri and Haruka shared a look before turning their gazes back to their twins.

"Haruka, what is that?" Juri asked suddenly, cradling the ruby-eyed twin in the crook of one arm, stroking her collarbone with the other hand. Haruka leaned over to look.

"A… birthmark, I think." He said slowly; vampires did not have birthmarks. They were born unblemished; and they rarely scarred.

"What…?" Haruka looked back to the sapphire-eyed baby and found that she had a birthmark also; in almost exactly the same place. The red-eyed baby had her birthmark on her right collarbone, while the blue-eyed had hers on her left collarbone; a strange, curving shape. Each was like one half of the yin-yang symbol. The birth-marks spanned the entire length of their tiny baby collarbones; a soft shell pink colour.

"Saya." Juri said suddenly, and Haruka met her gaze questioningly. "I want to name them. Saya." She repeated, and Haruka moved to sit next to Juri, careful not to jolt either of his daughters.

"Saya…Mai." He said softly, and Juri smiled and nodded, cradling the infant Saya to her chest.

"My little Saya…Haruka, let me hold her." Juri whispered, opening her tear-filled eyes and holding out her arm for her other daughter. Haruka obliged; gently they swapped. The blue-eyed twin gurgled up almost musically at her mother, and Juri let out a half broken sob.

"She's going to be a singer…" Juri murmured, and Haruka smiled through his tears. "Diva. A little Diva." Juri blinked at him, before laughing slightly.

"We can't call her Diva, the other children would make fun of her."

"Saya would protect her, wouldn't you Saya?" He asked his daughter, and she made a small agreeing noise, as he played along,, both pretending that their fantasy was never to be. "Diva can be her middle name." Juri nodded, looking down at her blue-eyed daughter.

"Natsuki. Summer hope, because even though you were born in the middle of winter, you shine with the warmth of summer; and you give me hope." Juri said softly, as she reached out to stroke Saya's plump baby cheek with one finger. "You both give me hope." She repeated, and Haruka clutched Saya to his chest. Juri looked up. "Let me hold her again." She stated, and once more they swapped. Tears began to fall freely from Juri's eyes, splashing onto Saya's infant face. She looked confused, before she too began to cry; small, thin wails. Natsuki, upon hearing her sister, began to cry also, as Juri leant into Haruka, struggling to control her tears.

"Sshh. Hush, hush…" Juri took a juddering breath, before she shut her eyes and began to sing gently to her crying daughters. Haruka listened; just as comforted as they.

"Who are those little girls in pain?

Just trapped in a castle on the dark side of the moon

Two of them shining bright in vain

Like flowers that blossom just once in years

They're dancing in the shadows like whispers of love

Just dreaming of a place where they're free as a dove

They've never been allowed to love in this cursed cage

It's only the fairytale they believe

They're dancing in the shadows like whispers of love

Just dreaming of a place where they are free as a dove

They've never been allowed to love in this cursed cage…" Juri stammered to a halt, her sadness preventing her from going any further.

"It's only the fairytale they believe." Haruka finished softly, as both girls dropped off to sleep, safe in their parents arms for the first and last time.


"My Queen. You summoned me?" Nathan knelt, his head bowed respectfully.

"Yes." Nathan looked up, hearing the note of worry and sorrow in his queen's voice.

"Lady Kuran?" He said, standing and taking her hand as the door slammed shut with the wind, sealing the warmth inside once more. His queen looked up, that familiar determination flaring in her eyes.

"Nathan. As you know, my daughter Juri was with child." She pronounced, and Nathan nodded.

"I presume she has given birth?"

"Just now." Lady Kuran nodded, and took a shaky breath. "To two twin daughters." Nathan froze.

"Twins… female twins?" He exclaimed, his grip on his Lady's hand tightening involuntarily. "Oh, Mary." Her gaze dropped. She rarely allowed even her closest family to call her by her first name; that she had allowed Nathan to do so spoke volumes.

"My husband has told me to see to it that they are destroyed." She said, resolute, and Nathan frowned.

"Did you call me here to help?" He asked, a smirk alighting on his face. She glared up at him.

"Don't be a fool. You know I do not need help with such things." She snapped, and his smirk widened.

"Then, why did you call me here?" She frowned at him, still fighting something.

"I don't want to kill them." She whispered quietly, and he bent his head closer to hear her.


"You are infuriating, you know that?" She asked, irritated and suddenly sounding much like her daughter. Nathan smiled, and gave a little bow.

"So if you do not want to kill them, what do you need my help doing, exactly?" She smiled grimly; she had known there was a reason she had chosen Nathan to be her most loyal servant, infuriating though he was.

"Take them away. Don't tell anybody. Not even my children. There is…" She paused, and her expression suddenly became nostalgic. "A light in them. Such a special light… They're going to be very special." She said softly. Nathan looked sly, as he dropped her hand and stepped past her.

"Of course they're special. You realise that they could change the world completely?" She turned, glaring at him once more.

"Perhaps for better. We don't know what is going to happen, but even if my husband is not willing to take that chance, I am." She said firmly, and Nathan grinned properly.

"If that is what you wish."


"Haruka! Juri!" Both looked up from their sleeping daughters, their faces tearstained, as their mother and her servant, Nathan, came in.

"Mother?" Juri queried, her voice barely above a whisper. Their mother surveyed them, before motioning Nathan forwards with a jerk of her head. Nathan stepped past his queen and approached the bed.

"Your darling children, if you please." He said coyly, holding out his arms, Juri gasped, and instinctively clutched the sleeping Saya closer to her chest, tears flowing faster down her cheeks. Haruka shut his eyes in pain as he gave Natsuki to Nathan. Nathan cooed at the little sleeping infant before turning to Juri, expectant. Juri looked up at him, but he didn't waver, and she held Saya out.

He noticed that both children were naked underneath their cocoons of blanket, and gleaming golden chains could be seen around both of the babies' necks. Upon closer inspection later, Nathan would find that Saya had a small, round locket, while Diva had the key to said locket, around their necks.

"They have names." Juri choked, and Nathan turned back in surprise. "The one with red eyes is called Saya Mai… Kuran. The other is Natsuki Diva Kuran." She stated, her voice growing stronger even as the tears fell. Nathan gave a little bow, a smile quirking his lips.

"Thank you, Lady Juri. That will be… most helpful." He smiled, before turning and flashing out of the room, just as Juri gasped.

"You BASTARD!" she yelled after him, struggling against Haruka as he tried to keep her in her bed. Their father came in, hearing the cry, before exchanging a look with his wife.

"Is it done?" He asked quietly, and she nodded, just as Juri began to wail; full blown screaming.

"You…" Her parents turned to face their daughter; tearstained, exhausted, her eyes glowing with insane anger. "I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! Someday, someday you will regret this from the bottom of your hearts." She spat viciously, and her mother's face softened slightly.

"It was the best for them." And then the parents left their children to their own grief.

Haruka and Juri Kuran were married soon after, and they left their parents' household. They did not keep in contact; sometimes running into each other at Soirees. Juri never forgave her parents for what they had done, and many years later at their funeral, neither Juri nor Haruka shed a single tear for their parents. Juri and Haruka could not bring themselves to have more children for many years, and when they finally did their parents were both long dead. Lord and Lady Kuran never got to see their grandchildren.


"Mr Mahler, please come this way." Nathan shot the gesturing butler a suspicious look, and tightened his grip on his bulging coat, before following the directions into a parlour, where Joel Goldschmidt was waiting for him; warming his hands over the flickering flames of the fire. As he stepped into the warmth of the room, the snow steamed and melted from his clothes; quickly creating a puddle on the carpeted floor. Joel's gaze flickered to the steadily expanding pool of water staining his expensive Turkish rug, but he said nothing; his grey eyes returning to his associate's face.

"Mr Mahler, what can I do for you?" He asked genially, after several minutes of Nathan's silence. Nathan blinked, and his eyes suddenly seemed to focus; although they had not exactly been unfocused before.

"Ah, yes..." Nathan smiled, and Joel felt abruptly nervous as the blonde man in front of him reached into his coat. Joel was a vampire, just like Nathan, but such was Nathan's power it made him feel pitifully weak – almost human in comparison. Nathan Mahler was a servant of the pureblood Lady Kuran; normally if he came to visit you only he walked away from the meeting alive.

However, what Nathan pulled from his coat was nothing at all like what Joel had expected; neither weapons nor dreadful torture devices appeared. Instead, Joel found himself gazing at two bundles of cloth. He blinked in surprise, and looked up at Nathan's smirking face in question.

"What...?" He asked, frowning. Nathan's smirk widened.

"They're babies, Joel. I trust you with all of your great science wisdom know of them?" Joel huffed, before sighing in exasperation; it was not only Lady Kuran who found Nathan infuriating.

"Yes, I can see that they're babies, Mr Mahler, but excuse me when I say that you carrying two babies into my home is a little unusual!" He said briskly, trying very hard not to snap; for of course that was exactly the reaction that Nathan was trying to get.

"Well, they've been abandoned. You are to look after them, here." Nathan smiled with genuine glee at the slightly horror struck expression on Joel's face as he handed the children to him. No man wants to suddenly have a family sprung upon them; whether they were planning on having children later in life or not. Joel numbly took the girls, and gazed down at their softly sleeping faces.

"What..." He said forlornly, as one of the infants made a small cooing noise as she shifted in her sleep. Nathan swept over to a table and, picking up a pen, began to write in a flowing script upon a piece of rather expensive parchment; it seemed that where ever Nathan went he had a habit of using and often then destroying expensive items.

"They have names, though... the one with blue eyes is called Natsuki Diva... mmm." Nathan abruptly turned, thoughtful. "They don't have a surname..." He trailed off as Joel stared at him, still in shock.

"What about 'Otonashi'?" He said suddenly; the name coming to him unbidden and springing from his lips on a whim. "I heard it recently; it's Japanese, meaning-"

"Quiet sound." Nathan interrupted with an almost feral smile. "Yes... that will be perfect. Then, Natsuki Diva Otonashi, and the other is named Saya Mai Otonashi. Well, then, I leave you with them. I may return when they're grown to see them." Nathan said, turning and holding out the piece of paper with the girls' names on it, and buttoning up his coat with his free hand.

"Wait!" Joel took a step forwards, before remembering the fragile charges sleeping in his arms and halting, but Nathan had glanced over his shoulder to acknowledge him once more.


"You're just handing them to me? Without further ado?" He exclaimed, and Nathan turned around to face him properly with another smirk.

"Yes, as you've so eloquently put it; without further ado." Joel stuttered incredulously for a moment, when Nathan suddenly frowned; his irises darkening to a bright red as with a blue flash he was right in Joel's face; his brow low over his eyes.

"You will take care of these children as if they were the most precious thing to you in the world, and you need to know no more than that. Do I make myself clear?" Nathan asked, his head tipping comically to one side as he saw Joel's involuntary gulp of agreement.

"Good." and then Nathan disappeared into the snowy night, leaving Joel in the care of the infants Saya and Natsuki.

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