Chapter Nine

Nathan hummed to himself settled into the leather seat of the private car, several shopping bags still hooked around the crook of his left elbow, while he scrolled down his iPhone absentmindedly. As a tanned, dark eyed and equally dark haired young man (oh, the wonders of spray tan, hair dye and contact lenses), it had been ridiculously easy to integrate himself into the twins' lives. He couldn't help but be a little disappointed by the Red Shield's lack of care, but not entirely surprised by it - after all, aside from his love of music and performing, it was the main reason he had infiltrated that record label as an agent in the first place.

He'd been both bemused and shocked by the twins' enthusiastic acceptance of him - even after two months of working with them, their easy affection was still something that he was getting used to. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been treated as if… well. As if he was treasured as a friend.

Spending so much time with the twins had been more enjoyable than Nathan had anticipated - not only did their happy dispositions coupled with Nathan's easy going nature mean a fast friendship, but they were dedicated, hardworking. They were a joy to be around and work with - imaginative and slightly crazy (especially in Saya's case), Nathan had suddenly found himself in the unforeseen position of being close with them.

It was an eventuality he hadn't even allowed himself to wish for, and it was something that he didn't expect to last.

But he would treasure it.

With a little sigh, he broke off his song and fully focused his attention on his phone's screen, thumb smoothing over the glass with practised precision as he scanned the words. As soon as he found what he was looking for, a wide grin broke out across his face.

THE OTONASHI TWINS, the headline proclaimed, much to his delight. Glancing at the time quickly, he decided he had long enough to read the article; rearranging his shopping bags while he waited for the screen to load.

The Otonashi Twins, Saya and Natsuki, were a nationwide hit within three weeks of the release of their first album two months ago; 'Sisters Two'. Their first song, 'Gemini' was popular, but that was nothing compared to how well the rest of the album was received. Number One's from the album were 'World's End Dancehall', 'Fairyland' and 'Get Wild', with the other songs numbered in the top twenty.

The twins, at sixteen years old, are identical in every way apart from their unique eyes; Natsuki sports deep blue eyes while her sister's are an unusual rusty red colour. Both Saya and Natsuki suffer from a condition known as 'amnesia'; a loss of memory as a result of shock, injury, psychological disturbance or medical disorder. Neither of the girls remember anything from their lives before this year. It's unclear why this is, but the twins refuse to let it bring them down. In an interview with Seventeen magazine Saya cheerfully said; "…it's pointless, so we don't worry about it. We can't change it, and the lack of memory doesn't change who we are as people." Natsuki, who agrees with her sister, added that "Not having a past can be difficult, but as Saya said it doesn't change who we are, and it doesn't change our love for music or our determination to sing."

The twins co-write all of their songs, as Natsuki plays the piano and Saya is quite the skilled cellist. They get inspiration for their songs from their lives and the lives and experiences of people around them, as well as from their imagination, and it's worked very well so far; everybody loves it.

The future looks bright for the Otonashi twins, and we can't wait to see what they do next.

Nathan grinned to himself. Next? He thought to himself. Oh, just you wait. The world isn't going to know what's hit them.


It was the twin's first tour, but they knew the drill by now. That didn't stop them feeling excited, hyped up and blood thrumming in anticipation of performing in front of a screaming, ecstatic crowd.

They stood in the wings, costumes sparkling and breathing what smelt like more hair spray than air. The look they had gone for with their hair in their very first audition; one long ponytail on the sides of their heads, Saya's on the right and Natsuki's on the left, had stuck, and so for this tour of their first album, the style remained. Perhaps next… later, they would change that signature hair style, but for now it worked.

Glittering skirts and accessories, boots and expensive make-up; the Otonashi twins were breathtaking.

The cue for the music started, and with flashing smiles, they made their entrance; microphones clutched in their hands as they danced.

The crowd went crazy, cheering and waving, hands outstretched towards the stage.


Nathan stood in the twin's writing room, hands on his hips as he slowly turned; pale blue eyes sweeping over the room. An upright piano stood in the corner, while a keyboard was balanced somewhat precariously on a low table in the centre of the room. The rest of said table was covered in pieces of paper, pens and sticky labels, glimpses of half-finished verses and bars of music scribbled across them. Several empty coke cans and empty tea mugs littered the table. Some paper had fallen to the hardwood floor, but a space was left clear in the corner for Saya's cello, and a larger space to the left of the door had several beanbags and large pillows squashed into it. One wall was taken up with shelves loaded with knickknacks and various awards and framed photos, while opposite a long desk stood against the wall with a large monitor and more paper.

What Nathan was looking at, however, were the walls.

Rather self-obsessed to the outside observer, Nathan knew that it was these walls that inspired the girls, that kept them pushing through writer's block and lack of sleep and stress. Every available space of wall had magazine excerpts plastered across them, newspaper clippings, interview spreads, photo-shoots, tabloids, everything positive ever said about the twins and their careers was up here.

Otonashi twin's second album a worldwide hit, trumping the first by miles! Sun's Rays is an upbeat album, with songs that draw smiles and dances from all!

The album cover, a photo of both twins leaning back to back and grinning up at the camera, the light falling in dappled patterns across their faces and pastel dresses, noses scrunched up, was stuck just underneath it, with the back of the album next to it. Nathan moved closer, eyes flicking over the song list:


Levan Polka

Caramel Dance

World is Mine

Double Lariat



The Bonus Stage

Rainbow Girl

Joy of Love

Nathan smiled briefly to himself. So innocent. So full of light and laughter. Much like their first album… his eyes traced the path from memory as he moved along the walls, fingertips brushing over glossy sheets of the twins.

Aha… There it was. Sisters Two.

Gemini, World's End Dancehall, Sanctuary... Nathan smiled again. Filozofio, Promise, Fairyland, Heart and Soul, My Way, Prayer, Result, Fortune, Heroine… all so full of hope and love and light. Fairyland for Hunter's sake, they were children, girls, laughing and giggling and yet… Nathan closed his eyes, as if in pain, disguised, tanned hand resting over a photo of the twins; dressed in traditional kimonos, Saya's red and pink while Natsuki's was teal and blue, identical, serene smiles on their faces.

I wonder… will you be able to smile like that, after? Will you still laugh like you do now?

As if they'd heard his thoughts, a smattering of laughter echoed through the house, causing Nathan to open his eyes, gaze catching on the caption over the photo his hand was touching.

Otonashi twins release their own clothing line! Based loosely on their trend-setting performance costumes, all of which they had a hand in designing, their clothing line Sound is fun, stylish and aimed at people from all walks of life - there's something there for everyone!

Skirts and belts and hair pieces and stockings and shirts and slogans and patterns… for a while, the house had become more like a fashion boutique than a house, this room like a designer grad student cramming for exams than the planning room of two singers.

Perfume from Natsuki Otonashi, Summer Hope, sells out within hours of stores opening!

A photo of Natsuki holding the bottle, dazzling blue eyes half closed and lips curved upwards into a smirk; full of fun and girlish innocence and teasing.

The bottle itself; a translucent dark blue, in the shape of a seashell with a neck and glinting slightly with swirling silver tracing.

Summer's Hope. And you don't even know the person who gave you that name… you don't even know why.

Or maybe… some part of you does. Nathan wondered, brushing his fingers over another article:

Third album from the world-famous Saya and Natsuki, Behind is a revealing series of songs referring to everything they cannot remember, and everything they have left behind but cannot miss properly. Their musical talent is developing before our eyes, and the world waits in breathless anticipation for what will come next!

Ah. Behind had been unexpected, even to those who were aware of their darker pasts. The album cover, in pride place and largest of all; a bare, treeless tree stood in stark contrast against a dusky purple sky. The twins sat among the branches, hair loose and trailing through the branches. Natsuki wore red so dark it looked black, while Saya was in navy blue; loose dresses blowing in a frozen wind.

Decision, Just be Friends, Innocence, Oblivious, Together When…?, Guilty Rose, Marionette, Fated… White Reflection, Eternal Snow.

The pain of being apart, the pain of betrayal that still stung no matter how false it had been, the pain of fear and anger, of grief, was leaking through their innocent, happy faces. The memories, the weight of hundreds of years were barely contained, leaking through the cracks.

A poster of the twins, a close up of their faces in shadowed light, eyes near glowing and shadowed, with a lyric running across it in white cursive.

"Hold me tight, tight enough to break me"

Nathan raised his eyes, glinting red in the dying sunlight.

It's time.


"Nathan!" Natsuki noticed their agent standing in the shadows of the porch where she and Saya were dancing along to the radio. Her twin instantly spun around on one foot, both of them slightly sweaty and dishevelled, long hair heavy over their backs.

"Nathan!" Saya echoed, "Come dance with us!" Laughing the twins ran forwards and tugged him into the light. Nathan came, and as soon as the light fell on the trio, the twins stopped, hand frozen on his arms as he kept his gaze lowered, the hint of a small smile hovering around his mouth.

"N-Nathan?" Saya repeated, dark brown eyes wide and raking over Nathan's form as Natsuki did the same, because he was Nathan and yet at the same time not-

Blonde hair fell in familiar curls over his forehead, but the colour was all wrong- Nathan had brown hair, nearly as dark as theirs, didn't he?

"Why do you look like that? Why's your skin so pale? Nathan, what's going on?" Saya, voice inquisitive and trying to joke only something was wrong- not wrong, not exactly but something was different and something was about to change-

His skin was pale, almost as pale as theirs, his hair was blonde and- his eyes were blue.

He raised his head, looking like a stranger and yet so familiar and beloved to them, and grinned.

"My ladies." He greeted them, the familiar nickname rolling off his tongue as it always did, and yet- something was different.

"Nathan? What's going on?" Natsuki demanded, both her and Saya backing away in unison, scared but trying not to show it. This wasn't their Nathan. The question was, which one was real?

"I am sorry to cut short such a beautiful time, my ladies, but the time has come." His voice was unusually sombre, tinted with something they couldn't name or understand.

"Wha- what do you mean?" Nathan shook his head and approached them, long legs covering the meagre distance faster than either of them could react.

"Time to wake up now, princess." Nathan had approached Saya first, a small syringe slipping into his hand from his left sleeve without either of them noticing.

Saya, in shock and not expecting any kind of sudden movement, was in no way prepared for her agent, her friend, to lunge forwards and stab her in the neck with a needle.

With a choked cry, her knees gave out, but Nathan caught her around the waist as he continued to push the syringe, injecting the liquid into her veins. She could feel it, a warm, tingling sensation oozing through her body from that spot on her neck, which felt like it was burning, as if Nathan had stabbed her with a hot poker and her body was getting hotter and hotter-

Natsuki, until that point blocked from her sister by Nathan's body, let out a harsh scream when Saya collapsed in Nathan's arms, just as he finished injecting her.

Saya hadn't been able to see what it was, but Natsuki could see; red and thick, like- like blood.

Bare moments ago, their lives had been happy and normal, both of them together and taking the world by storm, riding the high of their dreams coming true and loved and protected and it felt like flying, and now it had been ruined in a few short seconds, with the changed appearance of a man they both knew and loved and a syringe.

Natsuki stared at her sister's crumpled form as Nathan slowly, reverently, lowered her to the ground, before something in her snapped. She rocketed into Nathan, who barely managed to keep them from crashing to the floor, fists flying, angry tears running down her face.

"What did you do to her, you bastard, how could you, what have you done - get away, get away from her you-" Shrieking and pummelling him with her fists, Natsuki tried to get Nathan from her twin, mind near blank with terror what if it's poison, what if she's dead, what if I never see her alive again how could I live without her

"You too, princess. Your turn now." He murmured and then a burning pressure flared to life on her neck and she knew with a cold certainty that somehow he had injected her, that whatever substance -it looks like blood oh god no it can't be blood what's happening to us-that was running through Saya's veins was now invading hers. With a gasp, Natsuki blacked out, her body succumbing to the burning heat.


Nathan stared down at the twins. The pureblood princesses, vampires so unusual and unlike any other, the forbidden vampire twins… the lost daughters of the House of Kuran.

He watched as they lay still and silent, faces slack, as his blood, Kuran blood, burnt away the blocks in their minds; awakening memories and powers that had been forgotten for the last thirty four years.

Nathan Mahler, servant to the family of Kuran, looked out into the night, and smiled. Things were starting to move, a little… things were being set in motion. And he would be there through it all, right beside the family he had sworn is life, blood and fangs to for the rest of eternity, serving.

Kai came hurtling through seconds later, Meryl right behind him, to find the girls passed out on the porch, a small breeze rustling the otherwise empty space. Tinny music still played from the radio in the corner.

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