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Chapter 27.

Emily's recovery had continued to be heading in the right direction and she was released from the hospital ten days after she'd woken up.

Now, a month after the shooting, she had returned to work but not fulltime. She only worked a couple of hours every day and was bound to desk duty which obviously sucked but she wasn't about to argue.

Jennifer had settled everything with Nathan and their house. He'd bought her part of the house so now she didn't have any unfinished business in Green Bay anymore. The furniture she would keep, she'd arranged to be stored until further notice. The day after Emily had woken up Jennifer had officially quit her job and since she had some savings and got a reasonable amount of money for her half of the house she wasn't in any rush to find a new job. She'd just been getting acquainted with this new town that now was her home and of course, she'd been taking care of Emily. There were a lot of things that the brunette indeed could manage on her own but the blonde hadn't let her lift a finger if there was a possibility it could somehow worsen her injury. So Emily just let her take care of her and she enjoyed every single second.


It still felt a bit unreal in a way, coming home to somebody. Emily couldn't count the times she'd been thinking that it was just a dream. A wonderful dream and she was certain she would wake up soon cause it really felt too good to be true. Every day when she came home from work, when she was standing outside the door to her, no… their apartment, she would feel the butterflies in her stomach doing summersaults just thinking about stepping inside where Jennifer were waiting.

Today wasn't any different but she was extra glad for the butterflies today. She'd had a shitty day really and she just wanted to snuggle up on the couch with her girlfriend and a glass of wine. Work had been, well a bitch really but it wasn't just the workload that had put her in a cranky mood. She'd seen her doctor today and she had her hopes up that she would be allowed to return to work full time but the doctor wanted her to continue work halftime for another two weeks. She was disappointed but the doctor reminded her that she had in fact been shot in the chest only a month ago and though she'd made a remarkably fast recovery, her body needed time to heal properly.

After her doctor's appointment she'd gone to work and when the pile of files on her desk didn't seem to decrease at all, well, her mood didn't exactly brighten.

Here she was now, outside their apartment trying to get her keys out of her front pocket while carrying two bags of takeaway Thai food and her work bag. Safe to say she wished she had an extra set of hands at that moment. With some effort she managed the task without dropping the food, which would have been a disaster cause she was really hungry and really didn't need anything else to make this day worse. Just as she turned the lock Jennifer opened the door from the inside.

"Oh hey! I thought I'd heard something." The blonde said and smiled when she saw her girlfriend's face.

"Hey, yeah… I had a little too much to carry I realized, so getting the keys out wasn't that easy." Emily said with a smile cause the second she met Jennifer's blue eyes her bad mood vanished.

"You should have just knocked."

Emily contemplated that for a second.

"Good point. I'll remember that next time" Emily said and winked.

Jennifer just smiled and leaned forward to brush her lips against Emily's before taking the bags out of her hands. Emily closed the door behind her and took off her coat before following the blonde into the kitchen where she'd already set the table.

"Aahhh it feels so good to be home" Emily sighed as she slumped down on one of the chairs.

Jennifer poured her a glass of wine and put it down in front of her and then stood behind Emily and put her hands on her shoulders. The brunette was really tensed but relaxed the second the other woman started to gently massage her.

"That feels really good…" Emily closed her eyes and relaxed even more.

Jennifer leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on the side of Emily's neck, just below her ear.

"How about we eat and then I'll give you a proper massage?" the blonde whispered and it made the other woman tingle.

"I wouldn't say no to that…" Emily replied and took the blonde's hands and pulled her so she came to stand in front or the brunette.

She entwined their fingers and pulled her down to her lap. Jennifer untangled their fingers and wrapped her arms around her girlfriend's neck as she closed the gap between them. Emily's hand found their way under Jennifer's shirt and she caressed her back slowly.

"I missed you…" Emily mumbled against the blonde's lips before she deepened the kiss.

Jennifer tangled her fingers in Emily's hair and moaned into Emily's mouth when the other woman's tongue met her own. Emily's fingers were playing with the clasp on Jennifer's bra when the blonde slowly pulled away.

"As much as I'm enjoying this, and believe me I am…" she kissed her again slowly to prove her point.

"I'm also really hungry and I really need some energy for later…and so do you…" she mumbled against Emily's lips.

Emily captured Jennifer's lips again and slowly pushed her tongue inside the blonde's mouth and let it explore Jennifer's mouth very slow and seductively and she could feel the blonde starting to surrender in her arms. Her fingers started to work on Jennifer's bra clasp again and just as she was about to unclasp it the blonde gently removed Emily's hands from underneath her shirt and pulled back slowly.

"I hate you…" Emily mumbled.

Jennifer chuckled and got off the brunette's lap.

"We both know that's a lie." She said and winked before she pecked Emily's pouting lips really quickly.

"Let's eat and then I promise to take care of you…"

"I'm gonna hold you to that."

Jennifer smiled and then took a seat opposite Emily and started to open the takeaway food bags.

"Oh I haven't even asked you… How did the doctor's appointment go?" Jennifer asked as she served herself some of the satay chicken before passing it to Emily.

"I'm not allowed back fulltime yet…" Emily sighed and Jennifer could see that the other woman was very disappointed with that.

"I'm sorry sweetie." She reached for Emily's hand across the table.

"I'm just disappointed I guess… I kinda had my mind set on getting back full time, that the doctor would give me a clean bill of health you know… it's been a month but obviously that isn't enough time."

"A month isn't that long time considering what you've been through Emily. But you're doing great now so just give your body the time it needs to heal properly."

"Have you talked to my doctor about this? Because that's exactly what he said."

Jennifer chuckled.

"Obviously you have a very smart girlfriend." She said and winked.

"And oh so humble too." Emily replied witty.

"Shut up and eat already." She said playfully.

Emily laughed and smiled at the blonde.

"I'm still getting that massage later right?"

"If you behave." Jennifer said and winked.


After dinner they snuggled up on the couch, Emily lay in Jennifer's arms with her back pressed against the blonde's front and Jennifer was playing with Emily's hair while they just enjoyed the peace and quiet.

"I really needed this. I haven't been in a particularly good mood today but coming home to you, to this, really makes me forget why I even was in a bad mood to begin with."

Jennifer smiled and pressed a kiss against the side of Emily's head. There was a moment's silence, Emily reached for one of Jennifer's hands and started to play with her fingers slowly.

"I love coming home to you…" Emily said gently after a few minutes of silence.

"I don't think I've told you that but I do. I love coming home and knowing you'll be on the other side of that door. It makes me all tingly." Emily said and blushed slightly, glad she had her back towards the blonde.

"I know most of the stuff here are mine but I hope you feel like this is your apartment now too. I just want you to feel like you're home cause I-" Jennifer interrupted her

"Emily, I could live in a shoebox for all I care, as long as you're with me. I'm not saying I would rather live in a shoebox than here cause I love it here, I just mean that it's you who makes me feel like home. Where we live isn't important, it's you that's home to me. You are my home Emily…" she wrapped her arms tight around the woman who was lying in her arms and Emily just closed her eyes as she yet again was filled with so much love for this woman.

"I love you…" she whispered and Jennifer squeezed her even tighter.

"I love you too…"

"Come to bed with me?" the blonde whispered. Emily just nodded.


Jennifer closed the bedroom door behind them and walked up to the brunette who was standing in the middle of the room with her back turned towards the blonde. Jennifer wrapped her arms around Emily's waist and started to place soft feather light kisses on her neck which made Emily tingle all over. She stroked Jennifer's arms tenderly but as she felt the tip of Jennifer's tongue slowly lick a path up to her ear and then the feel of those heavenly lips closing around her earlobe she slowly turned in the other woman's arms. She met dark blue eyes briefly before closing the short distance between them.

Jennifer entangled her fingers in Emily's hair as they kissed slowly yet passionately and tilted her head to the side so she could kiss her even deeper. Their tongues moved against each other in harmony, no one was fighting the other for dominance they just moved together in a slow, sensual kiss.

Emily hadn't even noticed that the blonde had started to walk them towards the bed, it wasn't until the back of her knees bumped against the bed that she realized they'd moved. She'd been completely consumed in their kissing. Jennifer broke the kiss and started to kiss her way across Emily's jaw and then up to her ear.

"Take off your clothes…" she whispered in Emily's ear and the brunette swallowed hard.

She started to unbutton her shirt which proved to be incredibly difficult as Jennifer kept licking and sucking her neck but she managed to get it unbuttoned and let the garment fall to the floor. Jennifer's hands moved to her hips and slowly made their way up her back where they unclasped Emily's bra which quickly joined the shirt on the floor.

Emily gasped as Jennifer's mouth started to travel south and she moaned quietly when she felt a warm tongue swirl around her nipple. Jennifer's hands had moved down to the hem of her pants which she quickly unbuttoned and started to pull down Emily's toned legs as her lips and tongue kissed a path down to Emily's stomach.

Emily could hardly breathe as the blonde placed open mouth kisses all over her stomach and with shaky legs she managed to step out of her pants before she was being pushed down onto the bed. Jennifer hovered above her and found her lips again. Emily was about to deepen the kiss when the blonde pulled away.

"Turn around… I believe I promised you a proper massage…" she whispered and Emily only nodded before she turned around.

Her breathing was ragged and she was so wet. She could feel her underwear getting sticky against her and she really just wanted to take them off but before she could proceed with that thought she felt Jennifer straddle her thighs and then the blonde's hands were all over her back.

Jennifer had removed her own pants and shirt so she was straddling Emily's thighs wearing only her bra and underwear and she wondered briefly if this was such a good idea. Feeling Emily's skin against her own always made her head spin and she realized that this proper massage she'd promised ,probably wouldn't be so proper after all. Not that she thought the brunette would complain. She tried to focus a little and started to move her hands over Emily's back and up to her shoulders.

Emily had a hard time trying to really relax cause she was so turned on and the feeling of Jennifer straddling her thighs, where she could actually feel the heat from the blonde's center against her own skin, made everything so intense. Jennifer's hand moved excruciatingly slow over Emily's back and with each stroke her hands moved lower and lower until they finally moved over Emily's ass and slightly down her thighs.

Emily was on fire and she really didn't know how much more she could take. Jennifer's hand had now deserted Emily's back completely and was now only focused on caressing her ass and thighs and when her hands wandered in under Emily's underwear the brunette couldn't take it anymore.

She turned around so quickly and pulled the blonde down on top of her and crashed their lips together. She quickly unclasped Jennifer's bra, desperately needing to feel the blonde's breasts pressed against her own.

"I need you…please…" she panted against Jennifer's mouth as her hands started to tug down the blonde's underwear.

Jennifer deepened the kiss as her own hands started to pull down Emily's underwear while Emily kicked her legs to help the blonde with the task. As soon as they both were free of the last remaining obstacle their hands simultaneously searched out the other woman's heat and Emily gasped when Jennifer pushed two fingers inside of her and had to take a second to compose herself before she could do the same to the blonde.

When Emily's finger slowly pushed inside her, Jennifer had to break their kiss to take a breath. She knew she wouldn't last long and by the sound Emily was making beneath her, she wouldn't last long either. She repositioned herself slightly so she could easily work her fingers in and out of Emily's wet core while she rocked her own hips against Emily's fingers. They breathed heavily and beads of sweat had started to form on their bodies while they pushed faster and deeper until they both collapsed in each other's arms as wave after wave of an earthshattering orgasm rushed through their bodies.

Their fingers were still buried deep inside the other as small aftershocks made their bodies tremble against each other.

"You're amazing…" Emily panted.

Jennifer lifted her head and met Emily's deep brown eyes. She slowly closed the gap between them and kissed her slowly. She couldn't get enough of Emily's lips, she honestly believed that she could kiss her forever. The blonde slowly withdrew her fingers from Emily's center which made the brunette tremble. She moved her hands up to Emily's hair and entangled her fingers in Emily's soft dark hair. She loved her hair, she loved the feeling of having those dark curls between her fingers. Emily's tongue teased the blonde's upper lip and when she parted her lips slowly Emily took the opportunity to slip her tongue inside the blonde's mouth once more. The kiss naturally deepened and as their tongues swirled together in a very heated kiss their bodies came alive again and Emily flipped them over, her fingers still inside the blonde.

Jennifer moaned loudly when Emily's fingers started to move inside her again and she was yet again surprised that her body could react like this. Never in her life had she ever been able to go for round two like minutes after an orgasm had rushed through her body. Usually once she got her release she was satisfied and her arousal sort of died down but with Emily… She'd just given her an earthshattering orgasm and now Jennifer was more than ready to go again. Emily left her mouth and gave her breasts some attention while she slowly continued to move her fingers in and out of the blonde's core. As the brunette's mouth traveled down Jennifer found it hard to breathe properly and when those soft lips brushed over her clit it was as if all the air was sucked out of her lungs.

"God Emily…" she moaned trying to catch her breath.

"I love doing this… you taste amazing…" Emily mumbled before she pulled her fingers out and pushed her tongue inside instead.

"Emily!...god…"the blonde panted violently.

She was so close and when the brunette pushed her fingers back inside and wrapped her lips around her clit and flicked it rapidly with the tip of her tongue the blonde was pushed over the edge again, hard. Her whole body trembled and she wasn't even aware that Emily had moved up and was now kissing her neck softly. She wrapped her arms the brunette and held her tight.

"You okay?" Emily whispered.

The blonde nodded.

"I love you…" she whispered in her ear and kissed the side of her neck gently.

"I love you to Em… God I love you…"

Emily met her eyes and just gazed lovingly into those beautiful blue orbs for a moment.

"You're so beautiful…"

Jennifer smiled and lifted her head slightly so she could press a soft kiss on Emily's lips before she pulled the brunette down and held her close.

After a few minutes Emily got off the blonde and snuggled up to her side instead, wrapping her arm over her stomach. Jennifer was so tired and as Emily placed feather light kisses on her shoulder she drifted off to sleep. Emily wasn't far behind.


Jennifer was the first to wake up the next morning. Emily was still snuggled up against her, sleeping soundly. She drew invisible patterns on the brunette's arm that was still draped protectively across her stomach. She looked up at the ceiling as her mind started to wander… Her father's and Emily's mother's wedding was two days away and though she was really excited for them she couldn't help but feel a bit scared as well. The wedding wasn't going to be a big one but there would be people there who most likely knew about the change in her life and she was worried how they were going to react.

Emily started to stir and as she opened her eyes she saw the blonde staring up at the ceiling.

"What are you thinking about?" she asked sleepy.

Jennifer turned her head and met Emily's warm brown eyes looking at her lovingly.

"The wedding… I'm just nervous I guess…"

"About what people will say?"

Jennifer looked down at her hands that were caressing Emily's arm gently.

"Yeah…" she admitted.

Emily snuggled even closer and placed a gentle kiss on the blonde's neck.

"It will be okay…" she whispered.

"I know… and it doesn't matter anyway. I'm not ashamed to be with you Emily and I really don't care what they'll think or say but it's just…" she trailed off. Emily knew what she meant.

"I know… It's not exactly an 'everyday' situation, I mean your dad and my mom is getting married to each other and their daughters are in a lesbian relationship, with each other so yeah, it's bound to turn some heads and make some jaws drop." Emily said with a chuckle and Jennifer smiled cause if she really thought about the situation, it was completely absurd and she laughed a little.

"It's a bit funny though isn't it?"

"I'm actually glad my grandparents are both dead cause having to explain this situation to them…well…" Emily shook her head thinking about that scenario and then started laughing.

She buried her face in the crook of Jennifer's neck and her whole body shook with laughter, the blonde started to laugh too.

When the laughter started to subside, Emily lifted her head and met beautiful blue ones.

"I get that we're totally unconventional and that this whole situation is rather unusual but still, I'll proudly walk beside you and people will look but let them look. We know what we feel and that what we have is real and none of the rest of it matters really. Our parents love us for who we are and no matter what we have their support, and your brother's."

"Yeah you're right, we have the support from the people that matters the most and that's the only thing that matters." The blonde agreed.

"And we have each other…" she continued.

Emily looked deep into her gorgeous blue eyes.

"Always…" she said softly and pressed a tender kiss to the blonde's lips.

"I'm gonna go take a shower. Care to join me?" Emily asked with a wink.

"Do you even need to ask?" the blonde replied and grabbed Emily's hand before pulling her off the bed and towards the bathroom.


The wedding had been beautiful. Both Emily and Jennifer had to wipe a tear or two from their eyes as they'd watched their parents say 'I do' to each other. Elizabeth looked absolutely beautiful and Jack looked very handsome in a black suit.

The wedding party was in full swing and everybody was having a great time. The food had been great and now people were drinking champagne and mingling. A band was playing and some people were dancing. Elizabeth and Jack were dancing slowly together looking so in love and Emily and Jennifer was standing beside the dance floor looking at them.

"They look so happy." The blonde said.

"Yeah. They really do." Emily said and turned her head to look at her girlfriend.

Jennifer looked absolutely stunning in a light blue, sleeveless dress that looked as it was created for her to wear. Emily could hardly tear her eyes away from her and she had a really hard time keeping her hands to herself. She didn't know how the other guests would react to public display of affection so she composed herself. None of the other guests had said anything offensive or anything but there was quite a few looks but Emily really didn't care.

Jennifer had noticed that some of the guests looked at her and Emily and some were whispering to each other, and she was afraid of that and that it would make her feel uncomfortable but it didn't. Standing there beside her girlfriend who was wearing a beautiful red dress that made her look absolutely amazing, the blonde couldn't be more proud that the woman beside her was hers. She reached for Emily's hand and entwined their fingers as they continued to look at their oh so happy parents.


Later in the evening Emily wanted a moment alone with Jennifer, away from prying eyes. The blonde was currently dancing with her father and Emily watched them and saw how happy the blonde looked. As the song ended Elizabeth reclaimed her husband and placed a kiss on the blonde's cheek who smiled widely. Turning around she spotted Emily standing a few feet's away, looking at her intently. She slowly started to walk closer to the brunette.

"Hey there."

"Hi." Emily said and smiled brightly.

"Are you having a good time?" the blonde asked.

"Yes, I'm having a really good time. However I was hoping I could steal you away for a little while."

"I think that can be arranged." The blonde replied and winked.

"Come on…" Emily reached out her hand and Jennifer took it.

Emily led them away from the party and down to a beach that was located behind the celebration premises. Both women removed their shoes and enjoyed the feeling of warm sand between their toes as they walked down to the shoreline hand in hand. It was a beautiful and warm evening and really a perfect day to have a wedding party.

They walked in silence for a minute, they were all alone and all that could be heard was the sound of small waves rolling up in the beach and in the distance they could hear the band playing.

"Dance with me?" Emily asked.

"Here?" the blonde wondered.

"I've wanted to dance with you all night and it's not that I don't want to dance with you inside cause I really don't care about the looks, but I just wanted to be alone with you for a moment." Emily said and smiled.

Jennifer wrapped her arms around Emily's neck and smiled. Emily put her arms around the smaller woman's waist and pulled her closer as they started to move slowly together in the sand. Jennifer leaned her head against Emily's shoulder and closed her eyes.

After a minute or so Emily pulled back and gazed lovingly at the woman in her arms.

"Do you remember what I said that day when we first met? You asked me if I was married and I said that marriage really wasn't on the map for me because of the laws in this country."

The blonde nodded.

"Well, I think I was wrong." The brunette said and wrapped her arms tighter around Jennifer's waist.

"I think I want to marry you someday, and I'm not proposing cause when I do that I want to make it special and I want that day to be all about you, but I'm just saying… I wanna marry you someday." Emily said with a smirk and the blonde grinned like a fool.

Emily continued to amaze her and she still couldn't believe how lucky she was for having this woman in her life.

"Well, when that someday comes, I think I'll say yes." The blonde said and pressed her lips against Emily's.

"You think you'll say yes?" Emily mumbled playfully against Jennifer's lips.

"Uh huh… I'm still not completely sure I've forgiven you for comparing me to a drooling dog so yeah, I think I'll say yes. You have some major sucking up to do Prentiss."

Emily chuckled and pulled back slightly to meet her eyes.

"Man you're rancorous."

The blonde nodded with a playful look in her eyes. Emily smiled back. They just looked at each other for a moment and the smiles on their faces slowly died down as they looked into each other's eyes seeing nothing but love and both were filled with warmth as they pulled each other a little closer and held on a little tighter.

"So someday huh?" Jennifer asked softly.



I'm sorry for kind of abandoning this story but I really wanted to finish what I started and wrap the story up so this is it. Thanks to each and every one of you who's followed this story