Daddy's Little Girls

A 'Wizards Of Waverly Place' fourth season story set after Maxine changed back into Max.

By Caleb Jones

Alex looked around at the crazy mess her latest spell had just caused.

There were large red lips floating around Waverly Place trying to kiss everyone, and frightened people running from them all round the part of the city where the family diner was located. All Alex had wanted was to have a Hershey's Kiss float over to her so she didn't have to get up from the comfy couch. So she cast a spell.

"Animatis sweet kisses.'

But something went wrong. People ran out of the diner in horror, and their screams were joined seconds later by the people in Waverly Place. Instead of wonderful candy floating into her mouth, the sweet chocolate had transformed into giant red lips demanding actual kisses from a frightened public. That might not have been so bad but the giant lips were trying to suck the citizenry they way humans suck up loose strands of spaghetti.

Wizardry once again threatened to be exposed to a frightened city of normal people!

Justin pieced together a reversal spell which changed the lips back into small Hershey's kisses which fell from the sky.

As the reversal spell took effect, a flying kiss headed towards Alex. Suddenly it began to shrink and became a normal sized Hershey's kiss again. Alex plucked it from the air and ate it.

Justin and Harper quickly spread a rumor that the Hershey Kisses people were filming a commercial nearby and the holograms they were using had malfunctioned. Alex laughed at how gullible the neighborhood people were! Then she reached for more chocolate…

"Yummmmmy! See everyone, that wasn't so bad! Have some chocolate!" She tried to look like all's well that had ended well. But her mother wasn't fooled. Not one bit.

"Alexandra Margarita Russo! I can't believe you put half of Manhattan through an attack of giant lips to get a candy, and all you have to say is that 'that wasn't so bad.' Alex, IT. WAS. BAD!"

"People were frightened, young lady! You are grounded so bad, that you will have to take college courses online in your room until you graduate. (Which isn't a bad idea come to think of it. You might actually learn something if we are around to keep you in line.) If you think that is tough punishment, just wait till your father hears about this!"

Coincidentally, Alex's father walked through the door of the diner, his hands loaded with Hershey's kisses.

"Hey guys, guess what! There were chocolate Hershey's kisses falling like the rain as I was walking home. What a great day! I brought home chocolate for everyone! Hey, why is everyone scowling at Alex…"

Her mother told her father the story about Alex, her laziness, and the spell she used which created havok throughout the neighborhood. Then she told him about the punishment.

"What do you have to say about this Alex?" her father said, pulling a chocolate kiss out from his shirt pocket and eating it.

"All I wanted was a piece of chocolate, Daddy…" A tiny tear of sadness rolled down his little girl's face.

"See dear? She only did it because she enjoys fine chocolate." He gulped down the chocolate he had just put in his mouth. "Like father, like daughter! Such gooooood chocolate! Yummy!" He turned to his wife.

"I really don't see a problem here. Everyone outside seemed happy to get free chocolate when I got off the subway. I even heard that the Hershey's kisses people are making a TV commercial in the area."

"And I don't believe she tried to make trouble intentionally. I think we can let her off with a warning this time, honey." He gave Alex a hug. "Just be more careful the next time you use a spell, ok, honey."

Alex kissed him on the cheek. "I sure will, Daddy!"

"Hey, look. I still have some chocolate left. Want to share it with me Alex? We better eat it in the kitchen. These little wrappers are a bit messy."

"I'd love to, Daddy!" Alex said, sneaking a smile at her brothers who were standing there dumbfounded. She followed her father into the kitchen.

Justin turned to his mom. "Are you going to let her get away with this? Those monster lips almost kissed us all to death! And her punishment seems to be to get more chocolate to eat!"

"I tried, Justin. But your sister has her father wrapped around her thumb. It's the advantage of being 'Daddy's Little Girl.' It's a special bond you boys will never have, I'm afraid. I had the same advantage with your grandfather when I was her age. In his eyes, I could do no wrong. Even when I did. Your uncle Ernesto hated it as much as you boys seem to now. But there is nothing you can do about it but wait for her to get older in her father's eyes."

"So she just gets away with it again?" Justin asked.

"Eventually your father will see Alex as a grown up and begin treating her like one. And then she will have to learn to accept the consequences of her actions. I know it's not fair, but life isn't always fair. You can't change a father's heart, and to be honest I wouldn't want to be able to do so. I know I'll always be Daddy's little girl in my own father's heart and I love that we have that special relationship. And I won't ruin that for Alex even if it means she gets away with making trouble once again."

She paused and kissed her two sons on the cheek.

"At least I have my two handsome boys to watch over her and keep her out of trouble, like you did today Justin. Don't think it goes unnoticed, son! I better go make sure they at least clean up the mess they are probably making in the kitchen.

"Max, can you believe Alex got away with it again?" Justin asked his youngest sibling, who had been unusually quiet in response to the situation.

"Actually I do, Justin. When you and Alex turned me into Maxine I got to be 'Daddy's little girl' for a few months and I know just how her and mom feel about it. It was really cool and special. I miss it now. Every time he acts like this around Alex, it's like he totally forgot about those times we spent together when I was Maxine. It was the only good thing I had when you turned me into a little girl and couldn't turn me back to normal. Well, there was also being able to sing… I miss that too. And of course there was being able to go into the girl's gym and look at all the girls in our high school getting undressed without all the girls screaming at me to get out. That was cool."

"I'm sure it was, Max. That reminds me, I was thinking about asking out Janet Deedeez, and I was wondering if the rumors that she stuffs her bras are true. Brother to brother, did you ever notice her while you were Maxine?"

"How could I NOT notice her? Her chest enters a room and the rest of her follows after. She was usually getting dressed from the gym class before mine. While I was getting ready for gym class I got to look at her a lot. I think she wanted all the girls to look at her. She did stuff her bra the first month I was in school as Maxine. But in one of the last few days before I turned back, I heard her talking in the locker room to her best friend Erica. She was boasting that she had a growth spurt and had stopped buying Kleenex each week to stuff with. She even showed them off to me and the other girls in the locker room. They were all envious. Heck, even I was a little envious! I don't think you will be disappointed, dude!"

"Thanks, Max! I'll ask her out for the dance next week. I should turn you back into Maxine for a day so you could ask her if she would want to go out with me."

"You made Maxine eleven years old, dude. Janet's a senior. She barely tolerated my being in the same school as her. She certainly would not talk boys with Maxine. But maybe she would with Alex! Didn't you turn yourself into Alex when you were building that float for the school parade? Why not do it again and ask Janet for yourself. As Alex."

"Interesting idea, Max. If she doesn't like me, I don't have to ask her and have her reject me. I like it!

And it give me another idea as well. I could use a practice run as Alex. Maybe we can take the advantages Alex has of being Daddy's little girl away from her…"

To be concluded in the next exciting chapter!