A 'Wizards Of Waverly Place' fourth season story set after Maxine changed back into Max.

Previously on Wizards - Daddy's Little Girls!

"Maybe we can take the advantage Alex has of being Daddy's little girl away from her…" Justin told Max.

The boys planned to take away Alex's advantage as the sole daughter in the family. So the boys cast spells to transform themselves into girls. Max changed back into Maxine, his alter ego from a spell gone bad months ago. Justin transformed into Justina, the image of his sister Alex that he had once used to build a float for school.

Of course, Alex wouldn't let them take away her being the favorite daughter that easily and retaliated by turning herself younger, so Justina and Maxine did likewise…

But there was one small problem none of them had anticipated. The three girls were too young to use magic! And to their shock, their parents loved the idea of having three little girls in their family and shut down the Wizard Power Battery permanently!

And now their story continues…

Daddy's Little Girls!

Part Three: Life with the Russo Sisters

Written and edited by Caleb Jones

One whole year had passed since the three Russo siblings had magically transformed themselves into three little girls. Alex was now nine years old, Justina was eleven, and Maxine, now the oldest, was almost twelve. Their parents had explained the disappearance of their older children Alex and Justine by telling everyone they were both accepted to early admittance into colleges in other states. To explain the three little girls presence, the parents came up with the story that cousin Maxine Russo who had visited last year had returned along with her two younger sisters, and all three were staying with them while the girl's parents were in Puerto Rico taking care of an elderly relative with Max tagging along with them to help out.

None of the three young girls were thrilled to be so young again but as they had no choice without their magical wizard powers, they were making the best of it. The one and only advantage the three sisters had since the big change in their lives was that as young pre-teen girls, they did not have to work in the family business again until they were teenagers.

Being younger also meant being sent to middle school again, even Maxine, who had spent some time in high school while unable to change back into Max when a spell had gone wrong. Then, Maxine was a temporary change and the high school had allowed her to audit classes for a few weeks. But since their parents planned to make this gender and age change permanent, the three girls were sent back to middle school. Worse yet, they were all stuck in the same grade as it was too late to make any other changes to the classes. The new Principal, a tough old bird, barely allowed them to enroll at all!

If they didn't make me take you on as students by law, you kids would be working as child labor if I had my way..." Mrs. Endora muttered under her breath while doing the necessary paperwork.

Making the best of it once enrolled, Justina formed a 'tweens' version of the Alien Language club he had been a member of in high school, and became team leader of the girls soccer team. Maxine joined the choir at school since as Maxine she once again possessed a quite beautiful singing voice. Alex got into art at an even younger age now that she was only nine years old again. It didn't take her long to relearn all her favorite art techniques!

But not everything was fun for the Russo sisters. Alex, now younger than her siblings, got quite jealous of twelve year old Maxine when she began to develop a feminine figure almost a year earlier than Alex had several years back. When Theresa proudly announced that it was time to take her oldest daughter Maxine to the mall to buy a training bra, Alex refused to come out of her room for a whole day, until her mother agreed to get her one too, despite her obvious lack of need. Justina proclaimed a little too loudly that she was "doing just fine without a boulder holder" and that she neither wanted nor needed one.

Theresa just smiled. All the women in her family including herself were large breasted, as nature had apparently intended them to be. Theresa got her first bra when she was only eleven, the first girl in her class in school. Her bosom had made her both the most popular girl (among the boys) and the most hated girl (among the girls) in school until some of the other girls finally grew into her bra size. Alex had been developing quite nicely in the bosom department before she turned herself into an eight year old girl. And Justin had turned himself into an exact copy of a younger Alex, so it was only a matter of time until he, or rather she, began developing as well. Sooner or later, Justina would need a bra whether she wanted one or not, and then the former boy would have to go bra shopping. Theresa thought to herself! If the former Justin didn't want to wear one, he should not have turned himself into a girl. 'Bras go with the territory.'

Meanwhile, Maxine was confused by the variety of bras to choose from. But she had help, and not just from her mother Theresa. Theresa had dragged Alex along with them and while Theresa looked for a few bras for herself, Alex reluctantly helped her former brother now older sister pick out a training bra.

The store saleswoman had a bit of a chuckle watching the three years younger little girl advising her older sister on what bras to wear. But she had to admit the little girl knew what she was talking about. When Theresa returned, Alex had selected three bras for her sister Maxine, and Theresa smiled. She knew Alexandria couldn't stay mad for too long, especially when the alternative to moody brooding was mall shopping! Her plan to leave the girls on their own for a few minutes had worked like a charm! The smile on both girl's faces warmed her heart. To keep the good feelings between the sisters rolling, she offered to buy them both a pretty dress each. Alex nearly jumped for joy and Maxine also seemed pleased by the offer.

Recalling years back when Alex and her friend Harper used to rely on her adult taste to select clothing, Theresa thought to herself…. 'It is so nice to have young girls to go shopping with again.'

Justina meanwhile was annoyed by repeated calls from a boy classmate who had become obsessed by her beauty. She finally resorted to handing the phone to her dad who put the young boy in his place. Jerry was more than glad to scare off any and all boys interested in his daughters. His girls were all far too young to date. This time around Alex and her sisters would have to wait until their Quinceanera to go on a date. And maybe not even then! Let them all wait until college at least, Jerry thought with a smile…

Justina hated being beautiful. Every time she looked in a mirror, she saw her sister Alex's face instead of the face she wanted to see, the face of seventeen year old Justin Russo. She missed being a boy every day. All that training in magic and she had overlooked the obvious when she had made herself younger than a Wizard can be to use magic. And now her parents might not let them use magic again. EVER!

Justina needed a plan to regain her magic and maybe even her former life as Justin. But Alex was the schemer, not her. She caught her face in a mirror again and was suddenly inspired. Justina looked just like Alex and occupied a copy of her body. Maybe that would be enough to thinklike Alex!

And it was! Justina suddenly had an inspired thought. The three sisters might be too young and powerless to cast a spell to change themselves back, but there were other wizards who could. Wizards with power! But with the portal to Wizard World shut down by their father, wizards from that realm were unable to visit. However there was one person they knew who didn't spend all of their time in the wizard world, who visited them occasionally, and who could be convinced (or tricked if need be) to help them. After all, the three de-aged girls were his nieces… and two were formerly his nephews.

But how could he get Uncle Kelbo to visit? He had no wand and no power to send out a magical message like he used to. It was so hard to be mortal! He understood his mother's dislike of magic a little better.

"Wait! Mom might be the answer!"

"I bet Mom could get Uncle Kelbo to stop by if she wanted him here… which she doesn't, of course." Mom could barely tolerate Jerry's younger brother, but that wasn't important. Kelbo might be the answer to the former Justin's dreams!

As long as Justina was thinking like Alex, she decided she might as well think a bit like her mom as well. Mom might not like Uncle Kelbo, but if she did have to contact him, she would probably do something easy and non-magical... like call Uncle Kelbo on her cell phone.

"That's it! Why didn't I think of it before? I don't need a wand! I can call Uncle Kelbo myself! He can get us all back to our proper ages and bodies!"

Justina grabbed the phone in the kitchen and dialed up her uncle.

"Kelbo speaking."

"Hi, Uncle Kelbo! This is Ju… ah… Alex calling." The former Justin had forgotten his voice sounded like the young girl he currently was and thus he spoke like Alex. Justina realized just in time that she had to pretend to be his sister since his voice was also a duplicate of Alex now. Best not to confuse her easily confusable uncle.

"Can you come over right away, Uncle Kelbo? We need your help with a magic problem!" Help was just seconds away, she thought to herself.

"Hi! I'm not in right now so please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can… BEEP!"

Justina felt like throwing the phone against the wall! She had let her hopes get high that she would be a boy name Justin again in a few minutes, but now she had to wait for Uncle Kelbo to return the call. And knowing her weird uncle, that meant it might be days, even months before Uncle Kelbo decided to check his phone messages and respond back. And Kelbo's skills with mortal technology were even worse than his skills with his magic wand!

The man was a devoted uncle but certainly not the brightest bulb on the block. Or even the planet! Justina meant no offence to her uncle by that description of him. Uncle Kelbo had actually described himself that way once during a visit and then pulled a dimly lit bulb from the top of his head. But calling Kelbo was the only plan Justina had to become Justin again so…

"Hi, Uncle Kelbo! This is your niece... 'Alex...' calling. Can you come over right away? We need your help with a magic problem! Thanks!"

Justina's desperate plan was now in motion. It was now just a matter of time until Uncle Kelbo stopped by and she would no longer be one of 'Daddy's little girls!' Soon Justina could go back to being the eldest brother Justin again. And it was long overdue! What had once seemed like a brilliant plan to take power over their father away from Alex a year ago was now a curse on all three children. But finally there was a chance to break that curse! And the plan depended totally on the magical talents of their Uncle Kelbo.

So it was a VERY fragile plan indeed…

To be continued…