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Chapter 1: How We All Met

Giotto was sighing really loud. He was at his desk doing what he always did if he wasn't out keeping things calm and peaceful which was signing loads and loads of paperwork. Truthfully, he hated this part of the job. Thanks to his Mist Guardian, Daemon Spade, he was now signing a 100 thousand bill for the damage he had caused during his last mission. Giotto was a mafia boss for the Vongola Family, a family he had created just a year ago and was now becoming rather popular. Thinking back, Giotto smiled at all the memories on how he had met all his guardians and how they agreed to become his guardians.

Just as Giotto was about to start a rather long day-dreaming session, a loud knock was heard on his door. "Come in," said Giotto as he put on his serious face and straightened his body posture to make it look like he was very busy. The door flung open and G, Giotto's right-hand man, Storm Guardian and childhood friend burst in. He was looking rather pissed at something. "Oh G. Did you need something?" asked Giotto as G marched to his table. "Giotto, there's been a report of a disturbance in the nearby village. You know, the one where you always buy your sweet supply. Apparently, a loud explosion was heard and well, one of the shops has been broken into," said G tapping his fingers impatiently.

"Which family is it this time?" sighed Giotto tiredly, dropping his pen. "Heh, like I know. Eyewitnesses told us they couldn't see anything but whoever they are, they are short," finished G as Giotto looked at him with a surprised look. How could these short people do so much of harm? "Call the rest of the guardians. We don't know who we are dealing with," ordered Giotto in his boss voice. G smirked. "I don't have too. They already went on ahead. I was left the job of telling you," said G as he and Giotto went on their way. "Sorry to be so late then," muttered Giotto. G laughed. "Hey, I'm not complaining, Alaude was practically running out the door when he heard the news. Lampo got pulled by Daemon and Knuckles and was dragged to the village with Knuckles yelling "EXTREME SPEED!". Asari too, for someone who is usually so calm. I guess they must be pretty happy to be doing something," replied G as Giotto sweatdropped. How typical.

Peaceful Village

Asari was putting out a fire when Giotto and G ran up to him. Daemon, Knuckles and Lampo were in sight while Alaude was standing very far from them, looking at the village. In his opinion, it didn't look so bad. The only casualty they had was a mini explosion and a robbed shop. He had seen worst. Daemon looked very disappointed. He was expecting some combat to take place but that wasn't happening. "Asari, did you catch the person who did this?" asked Giotto looking at Asari. "No, I think they'd most probably would have escaped by now. Even though the damage is minor, it is still wrong," replied his Rain Guardian.

"I pray that God will help the person who got hurt in all of this," said Knuckles bowing his head in prayer. Lampo was looking bored and annoyed. "How dare you both pull the Great Lampo while he is in the middle of his nap?" said Lampo looking at Daemon and Knuckles. "Nufufufu…would you like me to rip out your internal organs?" smirked Daemon pulling out his dangerous looking scythe. Lampo backed away in fear. "N-No need D-Daemon-sama," whimpered the Lightning Guardian as he quietly hid behind Giotto. "Cheh! What a coward," muttered G. Lampo immediately became defensive. "The Great Lampo is NOT a coward! I bet I can defeat you in 10 seconds flat, Pinky hair!" yelled Lampo striking a nerve. "What did you call me you insolent brat?" yelled G as he whacked Lampo's head. "Now now, let's all calm down and think about this logically," said Asari with a smile as he restrained G. Lampo had chibi tears falling out of his eyes. "Let me go Asari! This guy needs to be taught a lesson!" yelled G as he struggled against Asari's firm grip.

Giotto sweatdropped. "Oh well, I guess while we're here we should ask for information from the wit-Alaude?" said Giotto breaking of his sentence as he saw his Cloud guardian suddenly looking alert and rushing to a dark alley nearby."Alaude! What's going on?" yelled Giotto as he ran after him with his guardians following behind.

Alaude was standing boredly at his spot watching the others when he heard some movement running into the alley nearby. Being Aalude, he immediately became alert and rushed towards the spot. He could hear Primo and the others following behind. Pulling out his handcuffs, he made an attack on the unknown person but much to his surprise, was blocked by some kind of weapon. Jumping back, he saw in the shadows a silhouette of a boy with weapons raised. "Kamikorosu." snarled the boy before swinging his weapons at Alaude who dodged just in time. He aimed a punch at this boy but was blocked. Alaude took a look at his opponent. Since he had already come out into the sunlight, Alaude had a close look at him. He was about 7 to 8 years old and had black hair. His eyes looked like steel and his clothes looked old but clean. He was also holding a pair of steel tonfas. Aluade could hear the gasp coming from the other guardians but he was not bothered because at that moment, the boy ran towards him and aimed another swing to his face. Alaude dodged right before the tonfa hit his face.

"Not bad," said Alaude, a smile coming onto his face. He was fascinated by this boy. 'Kyoya! Kyoya!" chirped a small bird as it landed on the boy's shoulder. So, this boy was named Kyoya. "I don't know who you are but I will bite you to death!" said Kyoya as he charged again. Alaude also did the same thing.

Giotto arrived at the scene only to have a shock of his life. Why? It was because Alaude was facing off with a boy. Of course, that wasn't the strange part. It was because the boy looked so much like Alaude minus the hair colour but besides that, Giotto would have thought they were father and son. Of course, that thought was erased when both of them started attacking each other. Giotto had to admit it, this boy was good. He was actually on par with Alaude. Hearing the bird, Giotto assumed his name was Kyoya and had to step in when both of them were going in for the last kill. Kyoya stopped but Alaude rushed in and handcuffed the boy.

G and the others were in shock. Daemon had gotten over shock and was now smirking at Alaude who held a struggling Kyoya firmly. "Oya oya Alaude, this is unexpected. And I used to think you were the most decent one among us," laughed Daemon. Alaude glared at him. "Shut up or I'll pulverize you," replied Alaude . "Seriously Alaude, you had a son?" asked G and Knuckles at the same time. Alaude ignored them and turned his attention to Kyoya who had already stopped struggling and was now emitting a dangerous aura. "You boy, which family are you from?" asked Alaude in his monotone voice. Kyoya ignored him and looked away. Giotto tried. "Kyoya was it, where are you from?" Kyoya looked at him with dead eyes. "I have no family," was his reply and he continued to look away. All the guardians felt a pang of sadness for the boy. "Then wha—" said Giotto but for the second time that day, he broke off his sentence.

"Big Brother Kyoya! Where are you?" came another voice, a voice of another child. Kyoya's eyes immediately opened wide. It was obvious he cared for this child, his eyes were saying 'Don't come here!' "Tsk! Don't bother about him Tsuna-sama! I'm sure he's just wondering around like an idiot again" said a second voice. This one sounded like he respected this 'Tsuna' a lot. "But, he's still our brother, well, our adopted brother maybe but still…" said the first voice in a more worried tone. "Hahaha! Now now Tsuna! I'm sure he's fine! You should know Kyoya better! He's the one that got away with stealing that fish for us!" said a third voice cheerfully. Primo and his guardians looked at Kyoya with their eyebrows arched. So he was the one responsible for all that. "Shut up idiot! Don't speak to Tsuna-sama like that!" growled the second voice. "SAWADA! LET'S GO JOGGING AGAIN! C'MON! IT'LL BE FUN!" yelled a fourth voice. "SHUT UP TURF-TOP! CAN'T YOU SEE TSUNA-SAMA IS LOOKING FOR THAT IDIOT KYOYA?" yelled the second voice. "Now Now! Let's all calm down!" said the third voice.

Primo and his guardians, except Alaude and Daemon, were surprised. They sounded so much like Knuckles, Asari, G and Giotto. Their shock increased when : "TSUNA! LAMBO'S HUNGRY! THAT FISH WASN'T ENOUGH!" screamed a child who sounded so much like Lampo when he was fussing. "I'm sorry Lambo but I can't give you anything. We've fun out of food again!" said the first voice as he tried to comfort this Lambo. Sadness immediately filled Giotto. Were these kids orphans? Giotto looked at G and saw he was thinking the same. They both understood how it was to be orphaned as both of them were orphaned too. Giotto now wanted to see these kids. Fortunately for him, they turned into the corner where he was standing as all of them gasped.

"B-Big brother Kyoya!" yelled the child with hair that looked like Giotto's except for the fact that it was brown. His companion had silver colored hair and had the same scowl as G. The boy beside them looked EXACTLY like Asari minus the fact that his clothes were torn in some areas. The boy with white hair that looked like a lawn looked like Knuckles double except for the fact that the colour was different. A small child with cow printed clothes looked like Lampo when he was a child. They knew this because G sneaked into Lampo's room once and discovered the picture. All of them minus the cow child looked 5 to 6 years old. Kyoya was now looking at the first boy with eyes that said 'Run' but the child still stood there as though he didn't know what to do.

"Enemies! Let Big Brother go!" yelled the first boy in panic. Giotto walked over calmly and raised his hands to show he was unarmed. The child backed away and his companions jumped forward. G's look alike pulled out some dynamite whilst Asari's look alike pulled out a stick. "Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you. What are your names?" asked Giotto gently. The first boy looked at him with fearful eyes. Giotto smiled and put out his hands. G was already by his side. The boy looked at Giotto's hands and looked at him. With a trembling hand, he touched it and closed his eyes, as though expecting Giotto to hit him but when that didn't happen, he opened his eyes and met with the orange-colored eyes.

Giotto immediately felt a strange feeling swell up in him. Was it affection? Love? "What's your name?" asked Giotto gently while the child's friends looked wary. "Sawada Tsunayoshi, but people call me Tsuna," said Tsuna shakily. 'Tsunayoshi? What a weird name, 'thought Giotto. "That's Japanese is it not?" asked Asari edging in closer. Tsuna nodded nervously. Asari broke into a smile. "Well whaddya know, I'm Japanese too!" exclaimed Asari happily. "What are your names?" asked Asari looking at Tsuna's friends. "Tsk. Gokudera Hayato," said G's look alike. "Yamamoto Takeshi!" said the black haired boy in delight. "This one's Lambo," said Takeshi pointing to the child with the cow-print shirt. "MY NAME IS SASAGAWA RYOHEI TO THE EXTREME!" yelled Kunckle's look alike. "That guy is Hibari Kyoya!" exclaimed Ryohei pointed at Kyoya whole scowled at him.

"Oh? Where are your parents?" asked Giotto gently. Tsuna shook his head. "All our parents, excluding Mukuro and Chrome's, are all dead. We met each otherand have been going around together since!" smiled Tsuna cutely. His eyes telling nothing but the truth. Giotto felt another pang of sadness. "I see…Who are Mukuro and Chrome?" asked Giotto looking around. As far as he could see, there was no one else there besides them.

Daemon was downright disappointed again. As far as he could see, there was no 'Daemon look alike' and he was feeling down. That was until he heard they appeared. "Kufufufu…Were you looking for us?" came an eerie voice and everyone whipped around. Out of nothing, a boy and a girl, both wearing eye patched appeared. Both of them had pineapple hair and looked like Daemon. The girl was hiding behind her brother with a shy expression. Her brother stood protectively in front of her. "Kufufu. My dear sister, there's nothing to fear, I'm here and always will be…" said the boy as the girl nodded. Well, let's just say Daemon was practically jumping for joy in the inside but was showing an amused expression on his face. "Kufufu…Sawada Tsunayoshi…what have you gotten yourself into this time?" sighed the boy with a hint of worry on his face. Tsuna looked at him sheepishly as though he was guilty. "Nothing Big Brother Mukuro," replied Tsuna as Mukuro laughed. "Oya oya, who are these people?" said Mukuro looking at Primo and his guardians. Giotto smiled and said "My name is Giotto and these are my guardians and from now onwards, you can call us Family," said Giotto as everyone and I mean everyone stared at him in shock. What was he up to now?

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