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"Princess," called Gamma as he knocked on the door. No one answered. Gamma frowned and knocked again. "Princess?" called Gamma again. He knocked louder this time. No one replied him. "PRINCESS!" roared Gamma as he kicked down the door and ran into the room. He looked around. No one was in the room. "Princess? Where are you?" called Gamma, panic entering his voice. He cussed and clenched his fist.

"Brother Gamma! What happened—the door!" gasped a boy with pink hair. A bald man followed him. He looked at the broken down door in shock and looked at Gamma with surprise. "Nozaru! Have you seen the princess?" asked Gamma, his face serious. Nozaru shook his head. "Did something happen to the princess?" asked the bald man urgently. Gamma gritted his teeth and strode out of the room. "I don't know yet. Nozaru, Tozaru! I'm going to go look for the princess! Report to me if she returns," growled Gamma. Both Nozaru and Tozaru nodded seriously.

Where was Uni?


"GIOTTO! GET HERE RIGHT NOW!" yelled G loudly. He tapped his foot angrily, a dark aura surrounding him. Beside him, Hayato was looking inside the bathroom with an amazed look on his face. "What is it, G? What did I do this time?" asked Giotto, his voice firm but his face looking guilty. He was carrying his son, Tsuna who waved at G happily. G smiled at his nephew and patted his head before turning back to his friend/ boss.

"Are you going to explain to me what did you do to the bathroom?" asked G as he pointed into the bathroom. Giotto looked away guiltily. Tsuna jumped from his father's arms and joined Hayato in admiring the new bathroom. The room looked way bigger compared to before. Instead of just a single bath tub, toilet and a sink, the room now looked just like a hot spring. Steam was coming out from the room. There was even a fountain in the middle of the pool. The toilet and the sink had been pushed all the way to the back of the room. Hayato and Tsuna examined the room with wide eyes. G looked accusingly at Giotto. Giotto grinned sheepishly.

"Alright, alright, I confess. I renovated the place a little," said Giotto with a childish grin on his face. G glared at him and pointed into the bathroom. "You call this a little? You made this place into a hot spring!" yelled G, his fist raised. Giotto laughed sheepishly. G cracked his knuckles. "W-Wait a minute, G! Y-You see, erm…Asari missed his country and so, I decided to make a replica of those famous hot springs there!" said Giotto, his hands raised in self defense. "Yeah right! Don't lie to me!" growled G. "It's true! I am not lying!" yelled Giotto, his eyes looking seriously at G. G frowned and calmed himself. He started muttering to himself. Giotto sighed in relief.

"Whoa, Papa! This looks so magical!" gasped Tsuna, his eyes filled with excitement. Giotto grinned and patted his head. Tsuna grinned and looked at Hayato. "Hayato-nii! Let's go for a swim with everyone else!" said Tsuna excitedly. Hayato's eyes shone. "OF COURSE, TSUNA! I'D LOVE TO DO THAT!" yelled Hayato. Tsuna laughed, grabbed his arm and ran up the stairs, calling his siblings as he did.

"Swim? This is a bathroom!" yelled G. He watched the kids disappear and sighed. The doorbell rang and both men went to the answer the door.

"Yes, may I help yo—" said Giotto politely before he was rudely interrupted by a loud voice. "VOIII!" roared Squalo loudly, making both Giotto and G jump. G glared daggers at their guest. Behind him, his companions snickered. "Shishishi! Good job, Squalo…" grinned a boy with hair that covered his eyes. On his head was a crown. "Vongola Primo! You look as handsome as ever!" squealed a man with dark glasses. He was wearing gloves and the hood of his coat was covered with red feathers. His hair was partially green. He blew a kiss at Giotto who stepped back immediately.

"Tch! Scum!" growled a man. He glared at Giotto. He had short spiky hair and had scars on the side of his face. Beside him, a man with spiky hair and piercings was busy fanning him. "Xanxus and the Varia. What brings all of you here today?" growled G. Squalo pointed his sword at him. "VOII! IS THAT HOW YOU TREAT YOUR GUEST?" roared Squalo. A vein twitched in G's head. Giotto gave him a warning look and turned back to their guest. He looked at the Varia. All of them had bags in their hands.

"This house looks so much better than ours!" said Lussuria as he looked around. "This is one fancy looking vase…" muttered Levi. He was examining a vase with shaky hands. "Shishishi! These swords look rather…sharp…" grinned Bel sadistically. He was looking at Asari's collection of swords with great interest. "That's a nice portrait of a shark…" muttered Squalo looking impressed. G sighed. Xanxus was sitting on a couch with his feet on the nearby table. He was examining the room with boredom.

"What are you doing here, Xanxus?" asked Giotto, his voice boss-like. Xanxus yawned and closed his eyes. Giotto sighed. Talking to him was never easy. "Shishishi! Our house was destroyed by our idiot swordsman yesterday. We'll be here until the house is repaired," replied Bel as he plopped onto the couch. "I see…In that case, make yourselves comfortable and don't break anything," said Giotto pleasantly. He called the butler and gave him instructions. The butler nodded and disappeared. A few minutes later, he came back.

"You're room is ready. Allow me to carry your bags upstairs. Please make yourselves comfortable," said the butler pleasantly. He picked up the bags and walked off. The Varia members sat on the couch and yawned. "Where's your illusionist?" asked Giotto as he looked around. Bel grinned. "Mammon refused to follow us," said Bel cheerfully. "VOII! SINCE WE'RE HERE, LET'S TAKE A LOOK AROUND THE HOUSE!" roared Squalo, making everyone jump. Xanxus and G growled. Lussuria nodded his head. "Yes! Let's do that!" said Lussuria enthusiastically. Bel grinned. "Wait a mo—" started Giotto but was once again interrupted.

"Papa! Who are these people?" asked Tsuna shyly as he peeked from behind a wall. He glanced nervously at the guest and ran to his father. Giotto smiled and picked him up. "These are the Varia. They help Papa out sometimes," replied Giotto cheerfully. Tsuna nodded his head and looked at them curiously. "KYAHH! SO CUTE! A SMALL BOY!" squealed Lussuria excitedly. He walked up to Giotto and looked at Tsuna. "PRIMO! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US HE HAD A SON?" asked Lussuria. Tsuna smiled shyly. Lussuria squealed again and this time, he pinched Tsuna's cheeks. Tsuna winced in pain. Giotto glared at Lussuria.

"Shishishi…Primo, I underestimated you. I never thought you were the type to have a child out of a wedlock. Tut tut…" grinned Bel sadistically. "VOII! HOW DARE YOU, TRASH? I'LL SLICE YOU!" roared Squalo, his sword raised. Levi shook his head. Xanxus yawned and examined Tsuna with curiosity. Giotto turned red. "I-It's not like that! First off, put your sword away, Squalo! For your information, I adopted Tsuna a few months ago!" said Giotto in exasperation. The Varia looked at him, eyebrows raised. "He greatly resembles you," muttered Levi. Giotto sighed. "Yes and so do the rest of the kids," sighed Giotto. The Varia arched their eyebrows higher. "You have more kids?" asked Xanxus, his face looking surprise. Giotto nodded. Lussuria squealed in excitement. The other Varia members looked at him and G suspiciously.

Tsuna squirmed out of his father's arms and walked over to where the Varia members were sitting. He looked at Xanxus with curiosity. Xanxus did the same. Tsuna smiled. "Hello Mr. Xanxus. My Papa often talks about you! It's nice to finally meet you!" said Tsuna happily. The Varia members looked at Tsuna with shock. No one ever did that to their cold boss. They looked at Xanxus worriedly, as though expecting him to explode or pull out his weapons. Giotto and G watched the scene with shock and worry in their eyes. The atmosphere became tense.

Xanxus looked at Tsuna's smiling face and his mouth curved into a slight grin. He patted Tsuna's head. "That scum doesn't talk bad about me does he?" asked Xanxus, his eyebrows raised. Tsuna shook his head cheerfully. "Papa says you're a brave and respectful man! He did say you were an idiot once but I'm sure he was joking. He said you're a smart man!" replied Tsuna happily. Xanxus grinned slightly and picked Tsuna up, much to everyone's surprise. "T-The boss…is so kind!" sobbed Levi, his eyes filled with motivation. Squalo sighed. "No fair! I want to carry him too!" pouted Lussuria unhappily. Giotto chuckled. G shrugged his shoulders. "Shishishi! The boss has a fatherly side too…" grinned Bel. Xanxus glared at him. Bel looked away innocently. At that moment, the rest of Giotto's guardians walked in.

"Kufufu…we have guests? This is exciting…" chuckled Mukuro eerily. Chrome was hiding behind him and occasionally peeked at the visitors. Daemon patted their heads affectionately. "Nufufu…the Varia hooligans…" mused Daemon eerily. A vein twitched in Squalo's head and he was about to stand up when Xanxus glared at him. Squalo took one look at Xanxus and sat down again. Daemon grinned sadistically. "Those who crowd around will be bitten to death!" growled Kyoya, his eyes steel cold. "Kyoya, stand down. You can bite them next time," said Alaude coldly. Kyoya nodded and kept his weapon. Both father and son retreated to the corner of the room.

"Squalo-sensei!" gasped Takeshi as he looked at Squalo in shock. "VOII! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, BRAT?" roared Squalo. Takeshi laughed. "I live here!" replied Takeshi. He crossed his arms and put them behind his head. "LIVE HERE?" repeated Squalo. He looked at Asari and understanding dawned upon his face. "I see…after Tsuyoshi passed away, this trash adopted you, right?" said Squalo. Takeshi nodded. "ENOUGH OF THAT! HAVE YOU BEEN TRAINING?" asked Squalo. "Of course! Your training really helped me out back there!" replied Takeshi. Squalo looked proud with himself. "Thank you for teaching Takeshi, Squalo!" said Asari cheerfully as he bowed. "THAT WAS NOTHING!" roared Squalo, his hand swinging his sword around dangerously. Asari and Takeshi laughed.

"GUARHH! EXTREME! KANGARYUU! ONE MORE TIME!" roared Ryohei enthusiastically. The kangaroo nodded. "THAT'S IT MY NEPHEW! LET'S DO IT ONE MORE TIME! A THOUSAND PUSH-UP'S!" roared Knuckle, his eyes burning with passion. Ryohei nodded. "LAMBO-SAMA WANTS CAKE!" screamed Lambo. Lampo sighed. "I get it, I get it! I already sent someone to get cake for you!" sighed Lampo. Lambo squealed with delight. Lussuria fainted. "So…many…cuties…" said Lussuria as he was carried to the couch. Squalo rolled his eyes. "VOII! GET UP YOU SISSY!" roared Squalo. He kicked Lussuria not too gently. Lussuria squealed again. "Shishishi! Leave him alone…" said Bel. "My couch…" muttered Giotto.

"TSUNA!" cried Hayato. He ran to Tsuna who was still sitting on Xanxus's lap. "Are you hurt, Tsuna? Did something happen? Do I need to get some bandages?" asked Hayato, his voice filled with concern. Tsuna grinned and shook his head. "No, Hayato-nii! Did you ask everyone else?" asked Tsuna excitedly. Hayato nodded his head proudly. "They all agreed! Uncle Daemon called his girlfriend over," said Hayato as he made a face. G sighed loudly. Tsuna looked at his family excitedly. "Then let's go swim already!" said Tsuna happily. He slid off Xanxus's lap and ran out of the room with his siblings following him. The adults sighed. The Varia members looked at them with confusion.

"Where are they going?" asked Levi curiously. "To the bathroom," muttered G as he glared at Giotto. "VOII! STOP JOKING! I MAY NOT KNOW A LOT OF THINGS BUT NO ONE SWIMS IN THE BATHROOM!" roared Squalo. He pointed his sword accusingly at G. G sighed again. "Shut up and let me explain. Giotto here transformed out bathroom into a hot spring," muttered G. Giotto grinned sheepishly. "Vongola Primo. For the destruction of the bathroom, you're under arrest!" growled Alaude. Giotto stepped back. "H-Hey, Alaude! I didn't destroy it! I made it better!" argued Giotto. "That doesn't matter. You're still under arrest!" said Alaude menacingly.

"Shishishi! A hot spring? It's been a long time since we went to one. Let's go join them!" said Bel with a grin. The Varia members nodded and in no time, they were out of the room. "Nufufu…I must make sure Chrome isn't surrounded by those hooligans…" said Daemon eerily as he strode out of the room. "There's a female one so I think Chrome will be safe!" said Giotto. He walked out as well. A small explosion sounded. "NO DYNAMITES, HAYATO!" roared G as he too ran out. Asari laughed and followed. Alaude had already disappeared. Knuckle and Lampo walked out of the room.


"This is nice…" sighed Tsuna. He and his siblings had already entered the hot springs. As Chrome was a girl, she went to the female section all alone. Mukuro and volunteered to go with her but after the adults looked at him with a 'What the heck are you suggesting you boy?' look, he had decided not to. (Even though he didn't understand why. After all, they were siblings.) With a smile, Chrome went off alone. Takeshi sighed with content. "This is actually better than that time my dad took me to a waterfall and asked me to bathe in the cold water," grinned Takeshi happily. "GUARHH! EXTREME PUSH UP UNDERWATER!" roared Ryohei as he submerged underwater and started his exercise. "R-Ryohei-nii! You'll drown!" said Tsuna worriedly. Ryohei roared with laughter underwater (even though all that was seen and heard was the sound of water bubbling). Tsuna sighed.

"Kufufu…this is a new experience…" chuckled Mukuro eerily. He looked at the wall that divided the female and the male section and called his sister. "Chrome. Are you alright?" asked Mukuro. "Y-Yes…The water is hot…" came a mumbled reply. Mukuro smiled. Lambo squealed with delight and splashed about. "LAMBO-SAMA IS KING OF THE WATER!" screamed Lambo. Tsuna laughed while Hayato was trying his best not to punch him. At a far corner, Kyoya was sitting there with his eyes closed.

"Make way!" called Giotto as he and his guardians entered the place. "I told you this was a good idea, G!" said Giotto happily. G grumbled but nodded his head. "This reminds me off Japan!" said Asari happily. "Really, dad? They have this in Japan?" asked Takeshi in awe. Asari laughed and nodded his head. "I used to bath with the monkeys!" replied Asari. Everyone looked at him with disbelief. Asari nodded his head. "It's true. I'll take you there one day, Takeshi!" said Asari happily. Takeshi grinned and nodded his head.

"Nufufu…I hope Chrome isn't too lonely…" muttered Daemon guiltily. Mukuro nodded. "Chrome! Are you alright?" called Daemon. "Y-Yes, Father. I-I think this is fun, right Mukurowl?" said Chrome. The owl hooted in response. Tsuna grinned. "I have an idea! Let's send our pets over to keep Chrome accompany!" said Tsuna happily. He brought up his ring and it shone. A few minutes later, Natsu appeared but submerged underwater. Tsuna quickly picked him up. "Natsu! Can you keep Chrome accompany?" asked Tsuna, his eyes wide. Natsu purred and nodded. He jumped over the wall and a few minutes later, a loud splash was heard. Chrome's laughter followed after that. Tsuna's siblings nodded and they did the same. Pretty soon, animal sounds could be heard over in the other side.

"VOIII! MOVE OR YOU'LL GET HURT!" roared Squalo. Everyone turned and to their horror, the Varia members were jumping into the pool. "TAKE COVER!" roared Giotto as he grabbed Tsuna and shielded him from the wave that was about to hit them. Everyone else did the same. A few minutes later, a loud splash was heard and Giotto and his guardians were splashed with water. Xanxus walked over to the pool and calmly went in. "Scum…" muttered Xanxus. He glared at his companions who had already emerged and were laughing their heads off.

"NO JUMPING INTO THE HOT SPRING YOU ELEPHANTS!" yelled G standing up. He was soaked with water. He glared at the Varia members. "Shishishi! It's your fault for not moving in time," grinned Bel. He leaned against a rock and chuckled to himself. "VOII! THIS WATER IS GOOD!" roared Squalo. Alaude was glaring daggers at them. Tsuna laughed. "Vongola Primo! You have such a nice body!" squealed Lussuria. Squalo looked at him with a disgusted face. Giotto took a few steps back and pulled Tsuna. "Listen closely, Tsuna. That man is very dangerous," whispered Giotto. Tsuna giggled. "Boos, do you want me to cool you down?" asked Levi. He had already pulled out a fan. Xanxus nodded and Levi started fanning.

Someone knocked on the door and the butler entered the room. He bowed low. "Master Giotto, Daemon. Lady Elena is here," announced the butler. Daemon's eyes lit up excitedly. "Calm down, Daemon. Please don't charge out of the room without any clothes on," said G with a sigh. Daemon sighed disappointedly and sat down again. "Where is she right now?" asked Daemon. The butler cocked his head and sighed. "You'll know in a few minutes. Good day, sirs," said the butler as he closed the door. Daemon frowned. What does he mean?" muttered Daemon. Giotto shrugged.

All of them got their answer a few seconds later.

"KYAHHH! MY CUTE LITTLE CHROME IS HERE!" squealed a female voice. "A-Aunt Elena…" muttered Chrome shyly. The animals greeted her happily. Everyone looked at the wall. "I found Aunt Elena!" yelled Tsuna happily. Giotto sighed. "Why am I not surprised…" muttered Giotto. Daemon grinned. "Elena! Is that you?" called Daemon. "Who else could it be? I didn't know you had a hot spring in your house," replied Elena in awe. Daemon chuckled. "It's a long story. Anyway, sorry to trouble you," said Daemon apologetically. Elena giggled. "Trouble me? If you didn't call me, I'd kill you!" replied Elena jokingly.

"You sound so cute from here," sighed Daemon happily.

"Always the charmer, aren't you, Daemon?" replied Elena with a laugh. "I insist. You are way cuter!" said Elena.

"No, you are!"

"No, you!"

"Giotto, if you need me, I'll be underwater," said G impatiently. The Varia members looked at Daemon with disbelief and awkwardness. Who knew the sadistic Daemon Spade had a side like this as well. "THAT WAS EXTREMELY EXTREME!" roared Knuckle and Ryohei at the same time. Tsuna was giggling to himself. Takeshi grinned idiotically. Hayato had followed G and was now underwater. Mukuro grinned sadistically. "Those who speak like this need to be bitten to death!" growled Kyoya. "Kyoya," said Alaude coldly. Kyoya looked at his father. "Let me join you," growled Alaude. Both father and son pulled out their weapons. Levi had turned red. Xanxus yawned. Lampo and Lambo were splashing one another.

Elena laughed. "I'm sorry. Alright then, go back to your company, Daemon!" called Elena. Daemon nodded his head and grinned at everyone sheepishly. "We didn't see or hear anything," muttered Giotto awkwardly. Everyone nodded in agreement.


"This is boring…" sighed Bel. Squalo nodded in agreement. "It's supposed to be boring you idiots!" growled G. Tsuna was playing rock paper scissors with his siblings. They looked up from their game and looked at Squalo. "VOIII!I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I'M GOING TO MAKE THIS MORE INTERESTING!" roared Squalo. He grabbed a bucket and filled it with water. "TAKE THAT, TRASH!" roared Squalo as he aimed the water at Takeshi. "WATCH OUT, TAKEHSI-NII!" yelled Tsuna. He pushed Takeshi out of the way and got hit instead. Hayato growled and grabbed a bucket.

"HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO TSUNA? TAKE THAT!" roared Hayato as a wave of water hit the Varia members. "How dare you harm a prince? Shishishi! I'm going to fight!" grinned Bel. Water was dripping down from his body and face. He grabbed a big bucket and aimed it at Hayato which resulted in Hayato getting soaked. G growled. "You asked for it. Come on, Giotto! Let's get them back!" said G. He pulled out a gun and filled it with water. Giotto filled up a bucket with water. "FIRE!" roared G. He pressed the trigger and water shot at them. "TAKE THAT!" yelled Giotto as the water hit them in the face. Both men high-fived.

"THAT'S IT! VARIA VS TRASH!" roared Squalo. "We accept the challenge!" yelled G. Both teams glared at each other. Tsuna and his siblings crept to the side. "TAKE THAT! EXTREME WATER PUNCH!" roared Knuckle. He punched the water and a wave approached the Varia. "Boxing? I'll join you!" yelled Lussuria. He punched the wave and to everyone's astonishment, the water was flung back. "Move aside, herbivores," growled Alaude. "Kyoya! Throw me your tonfa's!" called Alaude. Kyoya nodded and threw his weapons. Alaude caught them with one hand and knocked them. The back compartment opened the chains came out. Alaude then twirled them, creating a barrier against the water.

"Nufufu…my turn!" chuckled Daemon eerily. He tapped his weapon on the ground and the water shot up. He pointed his weapon at his opponents and it hit them flat in the face. Bel growled and pulled out his knives. "Shishishi! No holding back!" chuckled Bel. He pointed his hands at Giotto and his guardians and the knives flew. "DUCK!" yelled Giotto. The knives flew past them and hit the piping. Bel grinned. "Shishishi! Bingo," said Bel. He moved his hand again and the knives came out, making water from the pipe to hit Giotto and his guardians. "There goes the piping…" sighed Giotto. He closed his eyes and opened them again. The dying will flame appeared on his forehead and gloves appeared on his hands. He got out of the water and went to the piping. He placed his hands on it and ice covered the hole. He turned around and the dying will flame extinguished.

At that moment, both sides got splashed with water. All of them looked at their new opponents. Tsuna and his siblings were laughing at them. All of them except for Kyoya and Mukuro (who had different methods of splashing water) were holding buckets and were grinning mischievously at them. Xanxus who had sensed something like this happening, had already gotten out and was sitting calmly on a nearby chair.

"THIS MEANS WAR!" roared Squalo. He raised his sword. "Scontro di Squalo: BATH VERSION!" roared Squalo as he swung his sword like a mad man. Giotto sweat dropped. Why did this move seem so familiar? Takeshi grinned and pulled out his katana. "Alright then, I'll do it too! Scontro di Squalo: BATH VERSION!" yelled Takeshi. The water was now shaking violently. "VOII! I JUST REMEMBERED! I TAUGHT THIS BRAT BEFORE!" roared Squalo. He stopped his movement and raised his sword. Takeshi did the same. Both of them looked at each other. Squalo grinned.

"Heh! I have another ace up my sleeve! Take that! This is my pet shark!" roared Squalo. He pulled out a box and opened it with his ring. A shark appeared. "HAH! GO ELIMINATE THEM!" laughed Squalo. Kyoya approached the scene, his tonfa in hand. "It's you," growled Kyoya coldly. He raised his tonfa and grinned sadistically. "I see...so he's your owner. No matter. I'm going to bite you to death and make you into shark fin soup!" snarled Kyoya. The shark took one look at him and shrieked. In a flash, he disappeared. "VOII! COME OUT YOU COWARD!" roared Squalo. He shook the box.

"You know him, Kyoya-nii?" asked Tsuna in shock. Kyoya nodded. "He tried to eat me the last time when I tried to make him do spy work. Of course, no one can bite me to death," grinned Kyoya darkly. Behind them, Hayato was throwing his dynamite everywhere. "BRAT! WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT DYNMAITE?" roared G. He grabbed a nearby stick and started chasing Hayato with it. Mukuro and Daemon were looking at each other eerily. "Kufufu…I guess it's supposed to happen this way, Father…" chuckled Mukuro. "Nufufu…I agree, Mukuro. Come, let's do it!" said Daemon. Both illusionist lifted their weapons. "TAKE THAT!" yelled Daemon. He twirled his weapon and a wave of water approached Mukuro. Mukuro grinned and twirled his trident. "Not if I can avoid it!" said Mukuro. The water moved around violently. Lampo sighed. "Why don't the both of you use illusions?" muttered Lampo.

"There goes the bathroom," sighed Giotto. Tsuna laughed. "That's alright, Papa! Everyone's having fun and that's all the matters!" said Tsuna happily. Giotto sighed and looked around. Alaude and Kyoya were going against Bel. Asari and Takeshi were having a water fight with Squalo. All three of them had given up their weapons and were now using their hands. Levi was busy fanning Xanxus. Daemon and Mukuro were grinning sadistically at Lussuria with their weapons raised. Lampo and Lambo were hiding in the far corner. Hayato and G were yelling their heads off. Knuckle and Ryohei were doing push-up's underwater. The room was now a mess.

"OKAY EVERYONE! OUT OF THE BATHROOM! NOW!" yelled Giotto. He picked Tsuna up and got out. Everyone else sighed with disappointment.


"That was a very tiring bath…" muttered Squalo. He stretched his body and yawned. "I agree…" muttered Asari with a yawn. Everyone else sighed. "Maybe changing the bathroom was a bad idea…" muttered Giotto. "You can say that again…" mumbled G. "Oh? You're all done?" asked a voice. Elena, Chrome and Uni walked into the room, looking refreshed. "U-Uni!" cheered Tsuna. Uni smiled pleasantly at him, a hint of sadness in her eyes. "Good day, everyone. I came here because I heard you had a new bathroom!" said Uni happily. Everyone looked at her with disbelief.

"The Sky Arcobaleno huh…" muttered Xanxus. He eyed Uni with interest. Uni smiled at him. "Greetings, Xanxus of the Varia. It's a great pleasure meeting you and your team!" said Uni. Xanxus nodded. Uni looked at the clock and gasped. "I think I should go now. Gamma should be yelling his head off by now. Thank you for letting me use your bathroom!" said Uni politely. She bowed and walked to the door. As she passed Tsuna, she looked at him and her pacifier emitted a dim glow. Uni sighed sadly and walked out. "Farewell, Sawada Tsunayoshi. Beware the future…" whispered Uni so quietly that no one heard her. She waved one last time and disappeared.

"Oi, scum. I take it this brat is going to be the next Vongola heir," growled Xanxus. Giotto nodded and patted Tsuna's head proudly. "Of course! He's 7 this year. I'm going to give him 7 years before I officially announce this officially! Get ready, Tsuna!" said Giotto as he ruffled Tsuna's hair. Tsuna nodded excitedly. "Of course, Papa! I'm going to become a way better boss than you!" said Tsuna happily. "And I'm going to be Tsuna's right hand man!" announced Hayato proudly. G snorted. Hayato glared at him.

"Kufufu…I guess this means you'll pick either me or Chrome for your Mist Guardian, Tsuna?" asked Mukuro. Tsuna sighed and scratched his head. "I don't know who to pick…" muttered Tsuna. Chrome smiled. Mukuro chuckled eerily. "Think about it for the next 7 years…" said Mukuro. "I'll be your Cloud Guardian, Tsuna. After all, I can't let my little brother get into dangerous business without me to look after him," said Kyoya fondly. Tsuna smiled and nodded his head. "I'll be Rain! This is going to be fun!" laughed Takeshi. "GUARHHH! I DON'T CARE WHAT I'LL BECOME! HOWEVER, SAWADA! IF YOU'RE GOING TO GO ON ADVENTURES, DON'T FORGET TO CALL ME!" roared Ryohei. Tsuna nodded. "Does this mean Lambo will be my Lightning Guardian?" muttered Tsuna worriedly. "I hope you pick him. He may be a brat but you've seen his potential," said Lampo with a smile.

Giotto smiled. He was looking forward for the day where he would finally hand over the Vongola to his son. He looked at the clock. "In that case, why don't all of you train hard so that I can pass the Vongola over without any worry?" said Giotto cheerfully. Tsuna and his siblings nodded seriously. "Alright, Papa! We'll start training now!" yelled Tsuna. "Let's go, everyone! If you all want to be my guardians, you'll have to train hard too!" said Tsuna cheerfully. His siblings nodded.

"Agreed, brat. If I'm too follow you next time, I don't want to be serving a weak boss! HURRY UP AND TRAIN ALREADY!" roared Xanxus. The Varia members nodded in agreement. Tsuna grinned and nodded. "Alright! We'll be going now! Come on!" yelled Tsuna as he ran out of the room with his siblings behind him.

Giotto and his guardians smiled. They couldn't wait for the 7 years to pass. This was going to be fun.

Or was it?

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