Jenny Shepard reached home after long hours in MTAC running ops to get La Grenouille. Tony was undercover, some other agents all over the world were after him, he was watched so closely and yet, she couldn't reach him. She hated that man for it.

Truthfully, she should even be thankful to him. Thanks to him Jenny ended up in NCIS, met Jethro and finally became the first female director of federal agency. She has reached high and she knows it. It's all because that arms dealer killed her father. That's the reason she is that ice-queen from the outside.

Determination is just one word to describe Jenny, when she is chasing her personal obsession. Little did everyone else know, that it was caused by many other things beside La Grenouille. She was not so determined to catch the man, but also to bury herself to work, because it's all she had now. She had personal life, but there was no man in her life. At some point there was, but she left. She was scared of the feelings she had for Jethro and looking at his record with woman, there was nothing that said that they were going to work. She could have been just another ex-wife or ex-girlfriend. She was scared of failure. And then there would have been nothing, because she had blown her chance to accomplish her mission. Yeah, she had thought of possibilities before she left.

Jenny was tired, when she closed the front door, but she didn't want to waste the evening again. She wanted to do something she used to do all the time, before the job offer came and she was home alone. Now, it didn't happen so often that she had free time and chance to do something for herself.

The first thing she did was throw her suitcase on the floor. It made a lot of noise, but she didn't care. Papers don't break so easily. Beside she has done enough work for one day already. This could wait for tomorrow.

Her heels came off next. Yes, she liked her heels, but in office, otherwise, she preferred flat tennis shoes. People might not believe it, but it's the truth. But the same there are not many people, who know it and have seen her in anything but high heels.

Jenny went to her bedroom and changed the clothes. Her jacket fell on the bed with pants. She undid the buttons on her shirt and threw it next to other clothes. She found her old pink t-shirt with teddy bears on it. Without a second thought she put that on. It was loose on her slender figure. The next thing she saw were her gray jeans. Now she only wore blue ones and occasionally, when she did shopping or went for a walk. She looked at the old jeans and slipped them on. She put her pink belt with silver stripes on and closed the closet.

She walked to the mirror and looked at herself. The reflection from the mirror was not the director of NCIS, it was Jennifer Shepard. At that moment, those two were completely different persons. The director of NCIS would never look like that in public, in office nor on the streets. She even doesn't let Noemi see her like that. She almost felt like a different person.

Jenny walked back to the closet, when she felt a wave of cold air hit her. She opened the doors and looked for a sweatshirt. She found one. It was green hoody. She remembered buying it from Paris one night, when she was cold. Jethro didn't say anything about it. He probably didn't even remember, that she had a hoody. She wore it in front of him just once. But he might even remember, because there was a text on it and it said "Kiss me, 'cause I'm cute." and a picture of dog. He kissed her that night, she remembers.

The hoody still looked good on her, she decided after a moment in front of the mirror. There she was in her gray jeans, pink t-shirt and green hoody. It fit to her, like she does that every day. But the fact is, that she doesn't wear things like that often. Merely once per months, just to make sure, she isn't the icy woman she has to be inside the NCIS building. To make sure, she had kept her promise not to let job change her. She said that to herself before accepting the director's position.

She entered the bathroom and removed her make-up. She splashed the water over her face and she felt good. She looked at her reflection and it was strange. She couldn't remember the last time she looked at herself and she wasn't wearing make-up. To be honest, then Jenny even didn't like putting on make-up and wearing that every day. She liked walking around naturally, but unfortunately her job makes her obligated to look perfect at any moment.

She went down the stairs into the living room. She put on the radio and danced. It was familiar song, but she didn't actually recognize it. It was until the chorus came.

Stop right Now Thank you very much
I need somebody with a human touch
Hey you always on the run
Gotta slow it down baby, gotta have some fun

Spice Girls – of course. They were popular, when she worked in Paris and in London before it. In the UK, the Spicemania was very powerful. She personally liked them too, but somewhere in Egypt and Eastern Europe, the Spice Girls fan inside of her died. Maybe because they broke up or maybe because music wasn't one of her mayor concerns at that time. But hearing the song lyrics came to her mind, the image of them performing on TV came vividly to her eyes and her body danced as she did many years ago in her London apartment, when no-one was around.