The alarm clock woke Jenny up. She slept well, but not for long. Somehow she felt different that morning. She was sleepy, but she opened her eyes and took a look at the room. Nothing was different.

She went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. She felt good and sang while showering. Spice Girls songs were stuck in her head and they had to get out somehow.

After shower she went to the bedroom and picked her outfit for the day. She went with black suit and dark purple jumper with white button-up shirt underneath. She looked herself from the mirror and found that she looked good – official and polite.

Then she did her make-up. The part she disliked the most. Unlike most of the women, Jenny preferred her natural look – it was easier, cheaper and better for the skin. Still, she used the mascara and creams to make her face look perfect. The red lipstick added volume to her looks and she was satisfied.

She descended the stairs and went to the kitchen. The spoon on the counter made her smile for a moment. She made coffee and a sandwich. She ate in silence until she noticed her driver pulling in. It was time to go to work.

She placed the dishes in the sink and went to hallway. She picked out a pair of black heels that fit her suit and took the briefcase from the floor.

The doorbell rang.

Jenny took her coat and went to the door. Melvin was waiting there.

"Good morning, director," younger agent greeted.

"Morning, Melvin," Jenny said.

"Are you ready ?" Melvin asked.

"Yes. Let's go," Jenny said.

"Yes, ma'am," Melvin said.

Jenny locked the door and followed Melvin out to the car. She put her serious face on and started the role of director. From the moment she put on her suit, she became the director of NCIS and stopped being just Jennifer Shepard.