So this is the prologue to my story "Terminal Twilight", and I know it is short and just retells the ending of the game from Zelda's POV, but don't worry, the rest of the story is lengthier and much more exciting. Well, give it a chance, at least.


Ganondorf managed-with great difficulty-to stand. He breathed heavily; the Master Sword still remained pierced through the wretched man's foul heart.

He took a deep breath before speaking his final words in an ominous tone. 'Do not think this ends here,' he warned, squeezing his eyes shut in agony before continuing his threat. 'The history of light and shadow will be written in blood!' Those were all the words the Goddesses allowed him to say. With that last threat still lingering in the air around us, Ganondorf's Triforce of Power began illuminating for a second or two on the back of his right hand before blazing bright for its final time; it then faded away into nothing before our very eyes.

He gasped and choked on his breath, standing weakly as his eyelids drooped, his final seconds in Hyrule were flashing before his malevolent and protruding eyes.

He remained swaying uneasily where he stood, hopelessly struggling to inhale the oxygen that would never make it to his lungs. His raspy breath echoed over the plains where he stood for a couple more seconds until, suddenly, his pupils and irises turned a pale, sickening white. He gasped for the last time before his eyelids dropped entirely and his malicious gaze was no more. He remained standing there eerily, even in death.

Both Link and I watched in complete silence as Ganondorf continued slanting there, only his cape moving; billowing gently in the wind, as if his soul had escaped through it and was making its way to the void between realms, into the empty nothingness where it eternally belonged.

Link took one cautious step forward, uneasy. I bowed my head to the ground, thanking the Goddesses that all of this madness had finally ended.

Just then, the familiar, ethereal sound that could only be linked with The Four Light Spirits could be heard just beyond where we stood.

Link looked up and frowned, before turning towards the noise. I glanced up from the ground and saw them, too. They were all there: Ordona, Faron, Eldin, and Lanyuru. They floated in a sort of semi-circle, guarding something that lay in the middle of their little formation.

I stared ahead and squinted my eyes, trying to get a better look at the image that was in front of me.

Was that...

It looked almost like Midna's Fused Shadow helmet. But... how?

The Four Light Spirits looked up then. They stared in our direction for a mere second or two before fading away, as if confirming my subconscious question. They beckoned us over with their eyes before they disappeared completely.

Link seemed to see what I had, too, because he gasped in disbelief and started to head over to where the Light Spirits were.

He started to walk, then he moved into a jog, and as he got closer he was sprinting entirely. I remained where I was, sensing Midna's presence and allowing Link to see her first, and on his own as well.

I watched from the sidelines as he paused where he thought Midna was, panting for breath. A few seconds passed and Link anxiously watched as the object in front of him began to move.

The black cloth that was there turned out to be Midna's Twili cloak, her ancient tribe's signature marking embedded finely into the silky material. She slowly stood up, revealing how tall she really was.

She turned to Link even more slowly, waiting until her face was in line with his, and then she slowly opened her amber eyes.

He gasped at her beauty; her true form now that the curse placed on her by Zant had finally been broken.

Midna held eye contact with Link as she spoke in her new voice. 'What? Say something!' She paused, and when he failed to respond, that playful smile he knew so well pulled at the corners of her lips. She jokingly narrowed her eyes at him as she cocked her head slightly to one side. 'Am I so beautiful that you've no words left?'

Link, still staring at her in awe, found that his only response was to beam at her.