Author's Note

So I just wanted to let everybody know that I've started a new Legend of Zelda story on this site. It's a prequel to Terminal Twilight, and it involves Raneem and Ganondorf. It shows how they worked together and eventually fell in love, despite a rough start. Here's the full summary, in case you're interested. :)

The Gerudo have been wiped out by the Hylian Army. No survivors remain; thus the land of Hyrule is safe once again. Or so it would seem.

Raneem, the last female Gerudo, survives the attack and gets away with her life. Now in hiding and seeking to avenge the demise of her sisters, fate crosses her path with the one man she loathes: her King.

They both seek the same thing: the downfall of the Kingdom and the two thrones, but Raneem's only option is to work alongside Ganondorf and try stifling her hate. Can she do it? Or will her devious plan crumble as the Hero seeks to stop the duo?

If you're interested, the story is called "Twin Glaives" and can be found on my profile.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. :)