RKOCMJHGIRL, thank you :) Ladydragonsblood, it's only Adam on the theory of this biased writer ;P I'm sure I'll come up w/ a fictional explanation on down the line, maybe. I like Adam being a boy (as in having a penis & not tits- even tho, his boobs are fucking amazing already), but he would make a hott girl. I've saw older pics where he kinda did look like a girl :P Sorry, Adam. (he would defend his masculinity here & pout) Rhiannamator, Hehe :P Adam's still Adam. Girl or boy, it'd be hard to not be attracted to him no matter what sexual orientation. Yes, I've noticed this about the whole gender-swapping thing. A lot seems left out & uncovered. & aw, baby, that means so much. (snuggles) I'm glad we can trust each others work, esp w/ our boys. & I'd say about 6 foot was right. I shrunked him up some ;D Thanks, precious. MmiseryLovesSlash, Thanks. Jay's usually more drawn as a girl. Unless anyone counts how authors have forgotten to include Jay having a penis. Sorry, I've read some bizarre stuff & am not gonna get into that here.. redsandman99, (giggles) Hope I do good then. Estry, thank you, & I shall. JoMofan-spot, d'aww, I appreciate you both so much for that. (loves on) & I love cheering you up. & ugh, I hate being blocked. I'm much happier writing. Poor Jay was just kinda as freaked out. Actually there's a baby picture in Adam's book where he's just sitting down & at first glance I thought 'who's the little girl...? Oh, wait.. it's Adam..' Poor baby, I'm mean to him ;P I kinda feel bad for him, but for different reasons... Ah, those parts. I can't wait to get to /those/ parts (cackles) Thank you so much, doll. (cuddles) Debwood-1999, thank you. I hope it is xD

Gurl Parts;
Chapter two/ Life's a Drag'
Rated; M/ L (some sexual thoughts, girlie-ness)

Jeff flicked the ashes off his cigarette and took another long drag. They were waiting outside the mall since Chris just had to call Trish. Adam demanded a bra of some kind because he claimed the ace bandage was chaffing or something.

Adam walked over and pulled Jeff's hand down from his mouth by the wrist. "Jeffy, don't smoke. It smells bad."

Jeff rolled his eyes over to Adam and tossed the cigarette down and crushed it with the toe of his shoe. Adam still held to his wrist, moving to gently hold his hand and then leaned his head on his shoulder, his nose right in Jeff's neck as he breathed. Jeff tensed like he was trying to turn to stone and stared forward. God, Whore Adam, go away... please be Attention Adam.. No, not him either..

"Do we have to stand out here? Can't we go on inside and wait there? I feel stupid." Jay asked.

"She said she'd be here right away. I don't wanna not be able to find her and we always get lost in there... Ooh, here she comes!" Chris started frantically waving as soon as Trish's car parked and did not stop even as she got out and the bubbly blonde rushed over.

Adam batted his eyes, pleadingly. "Jeffy.." God it was so sweet and purred. "Protect me. The bubblegum twins are gonna molest me."

Jeff bit his lip and nodded. "It's.." He was thankful to be cut off by Trish's high-pitched squeal. He really had no fucking clue what to say.

"Oh, my god!" She stopped and put her hands over her mouth as she looked at Adam, bouncing on the balls of her feet. "Chris was not lying! It's true!"

Chris swallowed his dramatic gasp. "Hey, I don't lie! Jay, Trishy called me a liar!" Seriously? How dare she.

Jay sighed tiredly and rubbed his eyes. It was going to be a long fucking day.

Trish grabbed Adam's arm and pulled him away from Jeff. Adam didn't know if it was his new girl body not resisting right, but he knew that Trish was just fucking strong. "Let me look at you." She said, studying the taller blonde. Adam flushed and felt like he was under scrutiny. He didn't like being gawked at.. well, gawked at by everyone except the person who should be fucking gawking at him and who wasn't! "You're hott!"

"That's what I said!" Chris said offended.

"Like really.. Like we always thought you'd make a pretty girl.. but damn." She turned Adam to the side and checked out his ass, whistling.

Adam turned wide, dear-in-headlight eyes toward Jeff and whimpered pitifully.

"Baby, we got some work to do." Trish nodded.

Adam flinched and jerked out of Trish's grip. "Trish, I just wanna bra. My tits are killing me." He whined, adjusting the ace bandage wrap under his shirt.

A old couple walking by heard and gave a dirty look and Jay felt his face burn. He started to apologize, but just jerked Adam along by the arm. "We're going in now. Jay is thirsty and Jay is kinda warm in the sun and Jay wants to get this over with before it registers in his brain that he's here to buy a bra for his best friend because HE got mysteriously turned into a chick."

"Jay.. Jay.." Adam whimpered as he tugged at his arm.

"What?" Jay stopped and turned to Adam. He had been dragging him along like a naughty child.

"You're hurting me. Ow."

Jay let go and apologized. Jeff and Jay decided to go scour the mall while Trish and Chris took Adam shopping.

"No! Don't leave me with the wonder twins! They'll make me a Barbie doll!" Adam whined, still rubbing his wrist.

"Oh, Adam, lighten up. We're just gonna get some things to make it a little easier on you, that's all. And I promise I won't let Chris slut you up." Trish assured, wrapping her arms around Adam's waist and hugging him.

"Then what's the fun in Adam being a girl?" Chris asked and shrugged when he got dirty looks from Adam and Trish. "Eh.. worth the try."

After about an hour of looking around, and embarrassing groping- as Adam put it- to measure him and browsing around more and Trish having to smack Chris twice for poking at bras and grabbing the cups as if they'd honk, Adam was in the dressing room to try on the ones Trish had picked out. He got his shirt off and unwrapped himself and looked at the bra. It occurred to him then that he had no fucking clue how it worked. He turned it over in his hands and decided to first unhook the damn thing. That would be the logical thing to do. Next step, arms through the straps.

Trish stood outside the dressing room and listened. She heard frustrated grunting and Adam cursing. She bit her knuckle and heard a loud bang. "Adam, sweetie, are you alright?"

"No!" Came the stressed reply. "Help me, please."

Trish sighed and went in. Adam had the bra on... halfway. He was reaching behind him and stumbling into the wall as he tried to fasten it. And the damn thing looked painfully tight on his arms.

Adam stopped and slouched, panting. "How do you do this.. it's not working. I think it's broken." He said miserably.

Trish went over to help him adjust the straps and fasten the contraption from hell. "It's not broken, sweetie. You just have to learn how to do it right."

"I don't wanna learn to do it right!" Adam whined as Trish tugged and pulled on the bra, checking to make sure it fit right. It was black with red lace and just fit Adam so perfectly in every way. "I don't wanna be a girl." Adam put his head in his hands. He didn't even wanna look in the mirror at himself. He looked too strange, too different. He was all curvy and shapely in areas, still toned and taut and fucking glowing, but still it wasn't his body. "Jeffy won't even look at me. He won't touch me. He's disgusted by me."

"Oh, baby, I'm sorry." Trish said soothingly, cuddling Adam close. She had knew Adam for years and knew he desperately needed love and attention. He needed to be held and touched. It was his reassurance that he wasn't alone in this world. "It'll be alright. I promise. And Jeff's just.. well, he's probably a little freaked out right now."

Adam sniffled loudly. "By me!"

"No, I don't think that's it. This is kinda new to him too. Maybe he's afraid he'll say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing and offend you."

Adam shook his head. "He's afraid of me alright."

Trish pet Adam's hair back and sighed. "C'mon. Let's try on the rest of these."

Adam groaned, but let Trish help him with the rest of them. He had at least found two bras that worked and would do until.. well, whenever he could be fixed. Trish wrapped him back up in the ace until the bras could be paid for and he could put one on. Adam demanded they go to shoes next so he could get a pair that fit. The ones he was wearing were sliding up and down and he was sure to have blisters.

"How about these?" Chris smiled proudly as he held up a pair of knee high platform boots.

Adam rolled his eyes, but Trish's got wide and she purred, rushing to Chris and grabbing them. "Mine, back off."

Chris hissed at her and she playfully pushed him. Adam settled on a pair of Converse shoes. He didn't wanna overdo this. He didn't plan on being a woman forever.

Pants was next and people across the store heard Adam shout, "Dammit, Chris, I don't wanna look like a slut!" And Adam settled again on some simple, yet definitely more feminine fitting, jeans. Chris begged him to get a skirt and Trish giggled that it'd be so cute, but Adam growled and flat out refused.

"Lighten up, Adam. Take advantage of this. This is an opportunity to assume a temporary new identity. Have fun with it." Trish suggested.

"I don't want to." Adam pouted, looking through shirts. He didn't want a frilly girl shirt. He wanted his t-shirts. T-shirts would work fine and hide his tits and embarrassing waist. Maybe hide them from Jeff.

"C'mon, Adamlina. Let us make you pretty. Don't spoil our fun." Chris begged, even pulling out the puppy dog look from hell.

Adam huffed and stalked over to the men's section to find a smaller sized t-shirt so he'd be comfortable. He was a girl. But why should he dress like one? The jeans had been uncomfortable and squeezed him and the shoes pinched his toes and the bras cut his circulation off. And Jeff wasn't looking at him! He wanted Jeff here right now to run his fingers through his hair, hold him and tell him he was beautiful and that he loved him and that none of this changed a thing and that they were going to be okay and everything would be fine. Adam's chest ached, he wiped the tears that threatened his eyes away with his wrist and took his shirts to Trish and Chris.

"I wanna go." He murmured quietly.

Trish reached up and wiped his smudged eyeliner. Adam rarely wore it so he wasn't used to being careful of it. "Here, honey, let me fix this." She got out a napkin and blotted it.

The three walked down the mall in a silence Adam was thankful for. Though he couldn't stop feeling like people, especially the men, were staring at him. Adam put his arms in front of himself and hung his head, hoping he didn't run into anyone he knew.


Jeff stood in the music store, absently flipping through racks of CDs. He felt like a dick. Adam needed him and he felt he couldn't touch him. That wasn't right.

Jay walked up with an armload of CDs and nodded toward Jeff. "Y'ready?"

Jeff nodded back. "Yeah." He looked up. "What'cha got?"

"Chris some music. There's a sale. Figure it'll keep him content for awhile. He says I never buy him anything."

Jeff nodded again and looked down.

"Are you still beating yourself up? God, stop. Get over it, you pussy."

Jeff looked up and glared. "What if it's like weird?"

"Adam? Adam's Adam. He is weird." Jay said as only a true life-long best friend would.

Jeff sighed. "Kissing him? And like.. y'know.. we're.. like.. y'know.."

"God.." Jay groaned, putting the CDs on the counter. "I don't wanna hear this. I already don't wanna know about how you deflower my best friend. Keep it to yourself, you dirty freak."

Jeff snickered like Jay knew he would.

"You two will figure it out. You always have. You're good like that." Jay smiled. "Stop worrying."

Jeff clapped Jay on the back. "Thanks, Daddy."

Jay grinned proudly. "Anytime."


Jeff had never been so happy to be back at home. All he wanted was a shower and to curl up in bed for a hundred years. Him and Adam barely said anything and Adam went to get in more comfy clothes. The pajamas Trish and Chris forced him into getting were supposed to be comfy. The underwear and bras...? Probably not so much.

Jeff took his shower, trying to keep his thoughts on bills and more boring mundane things as he washed and got into some comfy clothes himself to go lay down.

Adam had put on his pajamas. They were fucking pink short bottoms and a white like t-shirt and were indeed comfy. Adam wouldn't put on the underwear. For one, he was afraid of them. Sure he had worn and still did wear thongs.. but this was different and any rebellious parts of his brain were just screaming that he wasn't ready to accept his fate. And two, they needed to be washed first and that was his best excuse. And since his normal underwear was kind baggy and he did not sleep in thongs, that left commando. Adam stood at the sink, warming the last cup of coffee. Bitter, cold, sitting there all day; he didn't care. He didn't feel like drinking and didn't smoke and he needed some kind of something to take the edge off. He knew sex wasn't an option any time soon... right..?

No, course not. It'd be weird and Jeff probably wouldn't go for it.

Adam took a drink of his coffee and shifted, biting his lip. He wasn't wearing underwear and it was definitely different without a penis. The fabric of the shorts rubbing against the smooth mound of his.. uhm.. it felt kind of good in a strange way.. oh, hell..

Adam let out a soft gasp, closing his legs and squatting some. No. It wasn't his... Adam let out an agitated whine and took another sip of his coffee. It wasn't that hot, but that slight stinging burn felt nice on his tongue. He'd focus on the fucking coffee and nothing else.

But, oh.. the shorts felt so nice against his bare skin. So soft and delicate and just brushing over all the sensitive areas.. Adam closed his eyes, his breathing hitched. Oh, fuck. He didn't wanna be a girl anymore. He wanted to be a boy again so he could crawl into bed with Jeff and let him take care if him and make the throbbing stop.

And holy shit there was throbbing, warm tingling pulsing that seemed to rise up through his tummy and deep deep inside of him. Adam swallowed and poured the rest of the coffee out in the sink.

After about ten minutes of shitty late night TV to calm down, Adam drudged up the stairs.

Jeff was still awake when Adam crawled in beside him and laid his head on his shoulder. "Jeff.. you asleep?"

Jeff thought about not answering and pretending he was. But instead he said "No, Adam, just resting."

"Okay." And then Adam was silent, timidly sliding his arm around Jeff's waist and lowering his head to Jeff's chest where he usually liked having it. That had not changed, dammit. How he felt about Jeff had not changed at all. This wasn't fair. "Um, Jeff.. I.. do you think I'll change back?"

Jeff sighed. "I hope so, Adam."

Adam's heart dropped. Yeah, he definitely did too, but just.. maybe yeah, Jeff wouldn't touch him until he was a guy again and that kind of stung. "Yeah, me too." More silence. "Cuz this is just weird.. huh?" Adam listened to Jeff's heart beat. It was unsteady and shallow.

"It's, uh.. I.." Jeff swallowed. His brain was just too fucking tired.

"Y'know, I'm sorry. I won't be like this forever." Adam raised his head and turned over. He was angry. He wanted to scream at Jeff. Tell him it was fucking great that he couldn't accept him during something like this. Tell him to fucking hold him. Scream 'TOUCH ME!' at the of his lungs. 'I need you, goddammit!' Hell, he even wanted to cry. But he didn't. Just folded his arms over his chest and stared forward.

Jeff raised up and looked over at Adam and that was hard enough. His pretty face was twisted in confliction, which in itself was so fucking beautiful. All Jeff wanted to do was lean over and kiss his neck, breathe in his hair and...

"Adam, I.." He reached over but Adam turned over to his side away from him and covered up tightly.

"Goodnight, Jeff. I'm tired. It's been a long day." He yawned and was quiet.

"Night, Adam." Jeff murmured before recoiling back on his side of the bed. Well, this sucked.

It's gonna be sad how comfortable I am w/ this shit. Even in odd-ball settings, there has to be angst. I've just been in an angst mood. I kinda liked Trish & Adam's little moments. I'd never pair them up romantically, but as 'girlfriends'.. maybe, yeah. My poor boys. Tsk. I dunno if it's drag cuz Adam's wearing chick clothes, but I think it's more "drag" cuz Adam's now a chick wearing men's clothes. Yeah, that's confusing as hell, wrap your mind around that one! Also, the title came from Jeff just smoking.