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Kahlan gasped, relishing the weight of him above her. Nestled there between her legs, Richard's powerful frame conformed perfectly to hers; each measured stroke driving her more mad than the last. She licked her lips, parched with need. Dear Creator, he could torment her. His hips hugged hers, moving in sensuous rhythm, his muscled form slowly rocking into her. She was on fire, her shapely form rolling with him, following his every thrust in a provocative dance between lovers.

In their short married life, they were finding great pleasure in each other's bodies and Kahlan loved that she could be so shameless in her desire. She had learned that not only was Richard tender and loving, he was also fiercely passionate and, at times like now, took her with a lust so determined she could scarcely breathe. Kahlan arched back, gripping tight to his powerful arms as he took her, every muscle and sinew flexing beneath her touch. She could feel his simmering want, his need to break free barely contained beneath the surface.

Richard skillfully encouraged her for more and Kahlan responded, her lush body moving with him – leading him, guiding him, urging him on. Lips desperate against her skin, hands buried in her hair, he worked deeper into her. She surrounded him in her heat, driving his pulse to a raging thunder. Richard crushed his mouth to hers, desperate to taste every last bit her. Heart pounding, blood racing, he felt an ache in his bones for her that rattled him senseless. He didn't know up from down, day from night…he knew only that he couldn't get enough of her.

"Say my name" he panted heavily.

Kahlan was completely lost in the pleasure of him…the way he held to her as he moved. She gasped, unable to form words.

"Say my name" he urged again, his breath hot and ragged on her cheek.

Finally she managed a breathy whisper, soft beside his ear.

Her voice ignited him, plunging him deeper with a growl of desire. Hoisting her up in powerful arms, he covered her breasts in fiery kisses. Kahlan curled back as far as she was able, delighting in her husband's need. When her slender fingers clutched tight to his hair Richard thought he would go mad with pleasure. "Say it again" he demanded.

This time, she answered without delay, giving his name with every thrust, spiraling them deeper into erotic bliss.

Kahlan raked her teeth over his skin, savoring the sweaty taste of him and Richard lost all control, digging his fingers deeper into her hair as he dug deeper into her. He pulled at her thick mane, forcing her neck back, his mouth greedily feasting on her throat. Arms and legs a tangled weave, they made love without restraint. Richard's heart thundered so wildly he thought surely it would burst, his head hammering with every beat. She was going to be the death of him…Dear sprits she was actually going to kill him!

He grunted her name against her lips as Kahlan clawed at his back – clutching, grabbing, needing. Desperate for breath she broke free of his kiss, sucking in much needed air. Then, slipping her hands low, she gripped tight to his buttocks and wrapped her legs around him, pulling him in.

It was all he could take. Richard unleashed in her with a force that staggered him. Kahlan held tight, tugging at the sweaty tendrils of his hair matted to his neck, pulling him in for a furious kiss. He panted into her mouth, groaning with the glorious lust of it all before collapsing on top of her.

Bodies slick with passion, they held each other close, desperately trying to breathe, but Kahlan couldn't be calmed, covering his face with small, urgent kisses. "Promise me Richard…it will be like this forever."

His eyes held hers as he took a few more panting breaths, "I pledge my life on it" he vowed before his mouth hungrily took hers.


Chapter 1, The Bakai

Ma-hya konno lu-achee. Ma hya konno lu-achee. From a distance, Nateri watched as Khal Drogo prayed to the spirit gods. Dressed only in buckskin pants and the painted face of a warrior, he knelt before the sacred fire, chanting, beseeching the gods' guidance. Bronzed from the sun, he was a giant of a man, muscled and solid, his broad back blotting out her view of the flames.

The desert plain blazed in the hot sun, the air just above the surface in a wavering dance over the scorched lands. Sindra, handmaid to Nateri, watched as well. "Why does he do this in the heat of the day?"

Nateri kept her gaze on her future husband. He'd been searching for answers ever since the wall came down, unsure how and where to lead his people. Ancient texts told them they were barbarians – that the outside world despised them. Now that the barrier between those worlds had fallen, he needed guidance on how best to lead his people through.

As Khal, or chieftain, of his people, Drogo was the fiercest and strongest of all the Bakai. His long, dark braid, thick as Nateri's arm, was a symbol of his excellence. Bakai warriors cut their hair only after a loss in battle, a symbol to all of their weakness. Khal Drogo had never lost.

"He speaks to them when he must" she explained. "He has been distressed these past few months, speaking to them often, but still they do not answer."

Sindra sensed the still fresh wound on her back…felt Drogo's teeth digging into her flesh. "I have noticed his frustration" she said quietly. More than just handmaid to Nateri, she was also one of Khal Drogo's many concubines and knew all too well of his great strength.

Nateri understood. Her betrothed was a warrior, the greatest their people had ever known, and he had a heavy hand in all things, including women. She turned a soft smile to her attendant. "He does not realize what he does."

Sindra gently touched her fingers to a similar mark on Nateri's neck…the mark of the Khal. "He realizes this."