Summary: Invading Lukedonia is technically very easy; a mansion in the middle of a forest should be easy too, right?

Contains swearing. Lots and lots of swearing.

Set in chapter 199.

Died laughing at the scene. Next week is going to be epic. :D

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By Dark Ice Dragon

Ivan gritted his teeth, keeping a tight grip on his gun as he and his squad raced through the forest. As far as he could tell, they were the only ones left; soon wouldn't be if those bastards caught up with them. He heard someone rattle off a few rounds, but the sound of approaching steps only faltered for a few seconds before continuing.

Fuck. Ivan had caught a glimpse of a few of them as they bounded from tree to tree like a kid could skip down a road – it seemed to be equal numbers so far, but who knew when the reinforcements would come in.

And shit they just hit a clearing, a fucking mansion standing tall in front of them.

Except – Ivan whirled around, not hearing their followers. He could only hear his and his squad's harsh breathing, nothing else.

They'd scared them off? He let out a bark of laughter, grinning. Still nothing came as they waited for a few tense seconds, and he relaxed slightly.

Right, now they needed a base of operations, some place where they could recuperate and get their bearings. Ivan eyed the mansion at their back. That would easily do. There were a few lights on, but not many – if they did find the occupants, they'd kill them. They had enough rounds to spare; a direct shot to the head killed, no matter what you were.

Ivan signalled to his squad, who nodded, and together they sprinted towards the mansion. He was the first one to arrive and after a brief check, Fernandez kicked the door down. They rushed in, their guns ready, but nothing moved, the mansion silent.





Ivan span around to see De Luca hastily stepping back, his gun twitching left and right. Shit, what had that trig-

A lance whizzed down from the ceiling, missing De Luca by mere millilitres. De Luca jumped back with a yell.

Click click click.

"Move!" Ivan roared, not looking up, just running as fast as he could.

Thwack thwackthwackthwack.

The floor shuddered with the impacts, but Ivan didn't hear any cries of pain. Good. They rounded a corner, their breathing coming in short gasps as they halted, waiting for anything else. There wasn't, and Ivan didn't look back – if he did, he'd probably set something else off.

He nodded to Sutherland, who took point, his pace more cautious as he edged forward. When he reached another corner, Sutherland peered around it.

"There's an open door here," Sutherland hissed. "The lights are on."

"Any others?" Ivan grunted, flexing his hands.

"No," Sutherland supplied. "Just the one."

Most probably where the occupants were. He jerked his head and Sutherland started to move forward.

There was a whirring noise.


Ivan dove forward as a fireball engulfed the space where their heads had just been. For fuck's – what kind of person set these kind of traps?

Throwing caution to the wind, Ivan rushed to his feet and tore towards the open door. Inside there were seven people and Ivan sneered at the long hair, the fancy clothes, the dainty little hands.

These people obviously had never been in a fight before; taking over this place and intimidating them would be easy.

And if any one of them put up even a bit of resistance, he was taking his temper out on their hide!

I eagerly await their utter smackdown. :D :D