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Chapter 1: Charlie and the puppy

Some months ago, the song gets a little local airplay, for Paul and Embry, the local boys in the band

"So at least two inches of rain by this evening. Next up, a new band's latest release. This is for Paul and Embry, Forks' own talented musicians, with Edward & Crew on 96.7 KBDB Lite FM." The announcer finished just as the first piano notes hit the air.

Oh Brown-eyed girl

Hair a curl

Let me take your blues away

My heartbreak girl

I'll change your world

If you'll only let me stay

It was a crisp fall morning. The radio had just finished relaying the weather report: partly cloudy with a chance of rain. Since the weather was almost invariably the same in this part of the country, the resources wasted reporting that again were not lost on Chief Swan. As the Chief of Police of a small town, Charles Swan only had access to limited resources and, truth be told, he didn't mind that so much. He preferred efficiency–efficiency and consistency-were what made his job manageable. Consistency was a part of his world. Hikers get lost, teens party in the forest, mischief near the highway, domestic dust ups; those were his regular reports. Consistent cases he could administer with efficiency. His personal portfolio–the one case he'd solved but couldn't prove – the death of his daughter's puppy. He again mulled over the events, the image of Buddie bright in his mind.

She'd been not quite four when she'd gone out into the backyard after dinner to bring the little chocolate lab back inside. He'd run over to the fence where she knelt, screaming for him to help Buddie. He'd held her as Dr. Jackson told her there was nothing he could do. He'd helped her find the stones to make the cross over his little plot at the edge of the yard. He'd taken her to buy the flowers she'd planted around the stones.

Charlie wondered what had made him run through that memory. When he saw the flower-bed bloom in the yard each spring, he expected the memory. It was as expected as the opening game of the baseball season on the radio. But it was a fall day. He didn't notice what was on the radio that morning. He didn't catch the name of the song; he was listening for the sports report to start.

Sport statistics were reliable. Solving every case-not so much. Proving that an upset family had caused your daughter's first broken heart was one case he could only wish to close. The Hunter's had been the center of the wild crowd in the county, petty to grand larceny, finally drugs as their livelihood for a few years back then. Jim Sr. had gotten sloppy, gotten caught. The rest had moved on. He idly wondered if the kids had escaped their parents' lifestyle. He'd never proven they'd poisoned the puppy, but they had the motive and the chemicals.

His musings were cut short by the familiar ring from his cell.

"Hey Bells, I was just thinking about you."

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