Her and Him

Summary: Ever wondered where Reborn learned his hitman skills? Why he is a sadist tutor? Was he always a cold fellow?

Dante was the recruiter for the Vongola Family. True the 'no-good' brat that he picked up at the orphanage but saw potential. He wasn't disappointed a few years later. After all of the Spartan training that he had him go through. Made him get used to espresso, it's just pure energy right there.

But Dante soon learned that you don't mess with his pet, Leon, the brat said, or the hat with an orange ribbon.

He wasn't sure how he found the male stripper that stalked him and he sent him off to Timbuktu. That little brat was a menace.

Once the brat got good enough, to shoot a boulder the size of a car that was coming towards him with one bullet, did Dante send the brat off on missions. Missions that often left him meandering though the red light districts. It was a good thing the No-Good Brat how to sleep with a eye open. Hell Dante could have sworn that once the brat learned, the chameleon learned.

That brat had to learn that being a lady's man had it benefits, as in they always sang like a canary when you give them what they want. Love, sex, someone to dote on. It also had the men whom he stole the ladies from come after him with an intent to kill, that's when they used witty banter to get them even angrier and that made them spew out the Family's secrets.

But that brat didn't use witty banter; he just ignored them, played cool. Made it so that he got under their skin and spilled out even more secrets.

He was good.

Dante soon came to love the brat like his own, and passed down every secret that he knew.

The brat knew that something bad was going to happen a few years later after his 4th girlfriend.

That's when he received word that Dante got shot in the head.

The brat knew that it was time to finally hunt down that serial killer who killed her such a long time ago.

But instead of getting the information that he wanted, he got a visit from the 9th boss of the Vongola familiga. Made an offer that he couldn't refuse.

In time that 'No-Good' brat, her little boy, grew to be the world's strongest hitman.

But that killer is still out there, and he's always looking.