Chapter one, New students

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Thoughts- "what"

Kouta, Nozomu or other Youkai forms - huh

Speech - "yeah"

Chapter one- New students

" Hey Kouta", Someone said, said person turned round and saw Two of his classmates.

" Oh, hi Akane, Tayura" Kouta said while thinking "What do they know",

" Did you hear there are going to be some new students" Tayura said with a grin.

"There is, how many" Kouta asked.

" Three" Akane said bluntly and cutting off Tayura before he could even say anything.

"Thanks for telling me and we better get to school don't want to be late now do we right Akane" Kouta said with a little amusement in his voice.

" Hai" Akane said while pulling Tayura with her to school.

-scene change-

At school Kouta was sitting in his seat listening to the teacher Mrs. Stark speak.

" OK class we have some new students so be nice and don't be rude, you may come in now," Ms. Stark said.

After she said that a girl with silver hair, blue eyes and little flat chested but with some curves but hey we're twelve no sixteen and she looked cute in Kouta's eyes,

" Class meet miss Nozomu Ezomori", Mrs. Stark said with a smile and while looking around the room to see how many seats there are, "There are only three seats open Nozomu why don't you take the seat next to Kouta, raise your and Kouta", Mrs. Stark said.

Once Kouta rose his had Nozomu sat in the seat on his right Mrs.' Stark called in two more students, the first to come in was a girl with mid back midnight black and amber brown eyes with a reddish tint in them and a large bust with great curves that had Tayura whistling.

" Class meet Madison Black", Mrs. Stark said with a glare to most of the male students who all had lust filled gazes, "Ms. Black take a seat that is open please", Mrs. Stark said which Madison did where there was a open seat on her right, once that was done Mrs. Stark called in the last student who had black hair with a rainbow tint to his hair and rainbow eyes with a slit for a pupil , he had almost all the girls drooling.

" Class this is Darko Pawnage", Mrs. Stark said as he just took a seat next to Madison and fell asleep with out Mrs. Stark telling him to take a seat.

-scene change-

Outside at lunch Kouta was eat the stakes and pork he made when Nozomu came up and asked " Kouta can I sit here."

"Hai you can sit here Nozomu", Kouta replied, Nozomu sat down next to him and opened her bento which was filled with stakes and pork," Nozomu I have a question, are by any chance related to Saku", Kouta asked?

"Hai he's my older brother why do you ask", Nozomu asked with her eyes slightly widened?

"So that make you a wolf Youkai like me", Kouta said with a eye twinkle, and Nozomu's mouth just gaped open.

" Y-your a youkai" Nozomu asked with a shocked look that Kouta was a youkai wolf like her?

" Hai"Kouta replied bluntly.

"If your a youkai how do you know my brother", Nozomu asked?

" He helped me, he got me food,water, and clothing, I would have died if he didn't help me and can you do me a favor an say thank you for me I really need to find a way to repay him", Kouta asked with a small but grateful smile that also made Nozomu blush?

"i can tell Saku and thank you with sharing this with me", Nozomu said with a small but sweet smile.

" Thank you and your welcome, we better get to class, don't want Mr. Burns turning purple and yelling at us now do we", Kouta asked with a chuckle and a amused smirk.

"Who is Mr. Burns", Nozomu asked?

"Oh he's just the math teacher that also is a ox youkai",Kouta said.

"Yeah lets go", Nozomu said and with that said Nozomu and Kouta went to math class.