Chapter 6

Royal pain(part 1)

A crackling blue/white ball of energy suddenly appeared in the middle of a green field, causing its animal inhabitants to scatter in all directions. Meg and Stewie are left looking around in confusion.

"Where are we, Stewie?" Meg groans "please tell me we're home..."

"You should have asked 'when are we', actually..." Stewie replied, and then looked at the control panel "12th century England...not far from..." Stewie started, then double checked his co-ordinates "...Camelot..."

"Camelot?" isn't that a Myth?" Meg answered, thinking back to her History lessons "You know...King Arthur, knights of the Round Table and all that..."

"OI! Why are thou bothering my flock?" a man shouts as he comes running over the brow of the hill, waving a Sheppard's crook at them. Meg suddenly gets up and grabs Stewie, who was holding on to the folded time machine, and starts running as best she could in the Western Dress and Boots. She ran straight towards a wooden fence and clamoured over, and started running down the dirt track road...all the while being chased by the Sheppard. She turns around a corner and smacks straight into a knight on horseback with his Squire...making his Horse rear up and nearly throwing the Knight. He regains control of his Horse and lifts his helmet's faceguard up and stares down hard at this young woman laying on her backside in the dirt, holding on to a baby.

"Where is thou off to in such a hurry, milady?" the Knight asks her, just as the Sheppard rounds the corner and looks at the knight

"Thank you for catching this rustler for me...sir Knight" the Sheppard goes, a little out of breath

"Rustler?" Meg goes with surprise in her voice, as the Squire and the Sheppard pick her up off the ground, then the Squire starts to bind her hands with rope "you don't understand...i just appeared in that field...I wasn't doing anything to your sheep!"

"Black magic!" replied the Sheppard "i think the magistrate needs to see her, Sir Knight..."

"Agreed..." the Knight goes, as he takes the end of the rope off his Squire and ties it to his saddle, then gently spurs his horse forwards, pulling Meg by the rope with him, whilst his Squire took hold of Stewie and carried him under protest "Let me go you imbecilic knave...!"

A few miles of being dragged later, the Knight, Squire, Sheppard, Meg and Stewie approached a large Castle gate. The guard on the watch tower shouts out to the men below "State your business"

The Knight shouts back "Sir Taren of Broadway... I have a Prisoner for the stocks of Camelot"

"But i didn't do anything!" Meg protests, as she is pulled forwards again as the Castle's Portcullis is raised to grant them entrance...

A crowd of peasants and castle staff start to crowd as Meg and Stewie are bought into the castle's court. The knight undoes the rope from his saddle, and climbs down off his horse holding the rope. His Squire stands next to him, holding onto a squirming Stewie...

"This is your entire fault, Stewie!" Meg goes at him harshly "if you hadn't of pushed me into your stupid machine...neither of us would be here now!"

"Yes, well...guess what? I feel like The Doctor, bouncing around time with a less than glamorous assistant..." Stewie replied

"Doctor? Doctor Who?" Meg goes

"Precisely" he snidely goes, then turns his head away

The Court's Magistrate walks down from his office in the keep "What does thou want, Sir Taren?" he asks as he approaches

"Begging your pardon, Magistrate...but this Sheppard here claims that this young wench was bothering his flock and she was in the process of running from him when I caught her" Sir Taren went, as he pulled the rope and Meg was snapped towards the Magistrate. The Magistrate looked at her and her clothing and asked her "who is your Mistress? Those are not the clothes of a peasant girl..."

"They were given to me..." Meg replied "and I'm not a peasant either...I'm from a middle class family"

"She speaks in strange accents, Sir Taren...what part of the Kingdom did you bring her from?" the Magistrate asks the Knight

"From a few Hectares away, just to the North of Camelot" Sir Taren replied

"For god's sake, you blithering moron!" Stewie chirped up angrily "Isn't it obvious that we AREN'T from around here?"

The Magistrate and the Knight both looked at Stewie with shock "What? Never met a super intelligent baby genius before?" he added

"Witchcraft! The Baby is unholy!" goes the Magistrate, and then adds "put them in the stocks until King Arthur returns tonight. His Majesty will make a wise ruling on them"

With those words uttered, castle guards roughly grabbed Meg and marched her over to a wooden foot stocks in the middle of the courtyard. They sat her down, pushed her feet down into the cut-outs on the bottom and closed the top, whilst another guard brought an old shackle and chain out from a shed. They attached the chain to the padlock that was to hold the two halves together, and placed the shackle around Stewie's neck. They then locked the stocks, undid Meg's hands, and passed Stewie over to her, so the two of them were kept together. The Magistrate held his hand up in the air and the courtyard went silent.

"By Royal is allowed to approach them, in the small chance this Witch would place a hex on you...his Royal Majesty will decide her fate when he returns" he went, then turned around and walked back towards the stone steps leading to his office

"Out of a Fire...and into a Frying Pan!" Meg went angrily at Stewie "all I want to do is get back home, where it is warm, safe...and I'm not being held against my will every few hours!"

"Be grateful you have had this chance to experience MY genius first hand, Megan...apart from Brian, YOU are the only other member of this clandestine Family unit to know about this invention" Stewie snapped back "and to think...all I wanted was a few hours to myself, so I could concentrate on some new ideas I've recently had"

Meg and Stewie stared at each other, until Stewie shifted position and turned onto his side in her arms

"What are you doing?" Meg asked

"It seems to me we are going to be here a I'm going to catch up on some sleep, if you don't mind" Stewie replied, then stretched and yawn, and closed his eyes...then started gently sucking on his thumb

Meg looked at stewie...and a small smile crept across her face. Stewie was a baby, after all...and her brother. Meg noted how cute he looked trying to sleep in her arms, so she gently cradled him and started humming a lullaby to him

A few hours later, in the light of early evening, 2 young boys sneaked over towards Meg and Stewie. The first young boy looked at them sleeping, and said to the second "she does not look like a Witch, your Highness"

"Indeed...she does not. Do you believe our Lord Magistrate's story, Anton?" the second boy asked, now identified as a member of Royalty

"No, Prince Duran...I do not" Anton replied, then turned to the young prince with a smirk on his face "I dare thee to kiss her, sire"

Prince Duran looked at his Ward with a mixed expression on his face "YOU dare ME?" he replied, then leant in towards Meg, before quickly giving her a kiss on the lips and pulling back. The quick kiss made Meg stir. She opened her eyes and went "Who...who's there?" as she looked around, then saw two young boys standing in front of her

"Good evening, miss" went the Prince "I hope my Fathers' stocks are not too uncomfortable"

Meg looked at the young boy. He was around 16, polite, well spoken and well dressed...with a mane of Blond hair reaching down to his shoulders in a neat ponytail. Meg began to blush, as she thought how handsome he looked

"Err...I could use a pillow if there is one available..." Meg replied jokingly, as she bought her left hand up to cover her mouth and tried to hide her red face

"Alas...I do not have one of those...but I have bought you some food from our kitchens, and my cloak to keep you warm" he went as he undid his cloak and placed it over Meg "the Magistrate claims you are a Witch, as you have placed a hex on that baby, enabling it to this true?"

"No...My Brother is very advanced for his age, that's all" Meg replied, then asked "why are you mock me, or just steal kisses from me?"

"Oh no, dear lady...I am just curious as to the real reason you are here...and to possibly free you from your bonds" the Prince replied "I have managed to get the key to your baby's shackle, but not the stocks...tell me, how big are your feet inside those boots?"

Meg looked at him strangely "US size 5..."She went, then realised what he was going on about "can you unzip my boots for me?"

The Prince nodded, stared at the strange device called a 'zip' and then began to unzip the boots off Meg, and pulled them off. Meg started to wriggle her feet and pulled them out of the now larger holes in the stocks. She then stood up in the mud on the courtyard, whilst Anton unlocked the shackle from Stewies neck. Once undone, he was gently passed to Meg.

"Quickly...this way, Milady..." Prince Duran went, and led her towards the towers. She followed him up through a narrow staircase up to his royal chambers. Once inside, Prince Duran and Meg looked around, whilst Anton closed the heavy door. The Prince walked back towards Meg and handed her the boots

"Your footwear, Milady" he went, and bowed to her as he handed them over

"Thanks" Meg went, taking them with her one free hand as she walked over to the large bed and placed Stewie down on it gently, then sat on the edge "You don't happen to have a towel handy, do you?" she asked as she looked at the mess on her feet from the muddy courtyard

Prince Duran smiled, then knelt down in front of her, and used his cape to clean the mud off her feet himself

"Don't do'll ruin your cape" she went as he rubbed them clean

"It is no bother, Milady" he replied with a smile on his face "a gentleman will do anything to please a lady"

" me Meg" Meg went with a small smile on her face

"Of course, Lady Meg" Prince Duran replied as he finished cleaning her feet, then he looked at her and went "indeed, our lord Magistrate is must be a Witch...because you have enchanted me with your Smile"

"Give over..." Meg went "no-one believes in magic and witchcraft..."

"Thou hast yet to meet Merlin. Tell me, Lady you and your child appeared in a field, as if by magic?" the Prince asked

"Stewie's NOT my child, he's my Brother...and how we got here is a long story..." Meg began, and then started to talk to the Prince about her adventures so far...

"So this...strange metallic shield enables you to travel to other places and times?" he asked, looking the Transport Disc over

"In a nutshell...yes. It took me a while to believe it myself...but I've seen so many things, and been to places I could have only read about in books" Meg answered

"And you have been trying to get back home?" Duran asked. Meg nodded

"Are you happy back there...?" he asked. Meg hesitated and went " there"

"But what if I could offer you something, Meg...something special" the Prince went, and then added "like a a Princess"

Meg's face went into one of total shock and disbelief "WHAT?" she exclaimed

"I told you, have enchanted me, and i wish to ask you if you would stay here, with me. If my Father...the King, approves of our union" Prince Duran replied, whilst holding on to Meg's hand

"But...what about Stewie?" Meg asked

"He can be made a ward of the kingdom, able to come and go as he pleases, and can live here in the castle"

Meg sat there on the edge of the bed, looking at the young Prince kneeling in front of boy had ever asked her out except on a dare or a bet...yet he was asking her to marry him and make her a Princess

"Oh...mygod..." Meg went with a bit of shock in her voice "this is crazy"

"It is not crazy. I wish you to stay" Prince Duran replied "and do not worry about the Magistrate...he will do whatever is ordered by a member of the Royal Family, if I say to him you are innocent, and that Sir Taren is once again telling another of his legendary tall would be free to go if you wish...but I wish you would think about staying here in Camelot with me"

Meg blinked, and then went "can I sleep on it?"

Prince Duran smiled and nodded "of course...Anton...take Meg and Stewart to the royal guest rooms, whilst I go speak to the Magistrate, and my Mother, Queen Guinevere"

Anton nodded "yes, your Highness...follow me please, Milady" Anton went, and walked over to another door and opened it. Meg gently picked Stewie up, and carried him with her...all the while following Anton through the corridors of the castle. He stopped by a big oak door, pushed it open and went in. Meg's face went into one of shock at the size and the luxury in the room

"Is this for us?" Meg asked, looking around. Anton nodded

"This is the guest chambers, Milady. His Highness wished you to use it. You may call upon the servants here in the castle for anything you require, as well as use the dresses in the rack over there. Good evening, Milady" he went, then bowed and left the room. Meg wandered over to the King-size four poster bed and sat down on it, then turned and gently lay Stewie down on the bed, before flopping back on the bed herself and falling asleep...

Meg awoke the next morning, and found herself in the bed, wearing a nightdress. She sat up quickly and looked around, and saw a young girl busying herself with cleaning over in the corner. Meg called out to her

"Excuse did I get into bed?" Meg asked

"Meself an the other girls put you in bed, miss. Can't 'ave a Lady fallin asleep outside in the cold, an wearing filthy dirty clothes an all" the young girl replied "I'm Emily, miss...your servant. I been assigned by t'queen to look after ya"

"Where's Stewie?" she asked, as she could not see him

"You're young 'un? He's safe, miss...sleeping in the crib by 'ere...he's a right cutie, 'e is" Emily went. Meg climbed out of the bed and walked barefoot over towards the crib. Stewie was still sleeping, but had been given a little bear by Emily, which he was clutching tightly, and muttering something about reconfiguring the Arc Matrix in the Transport Disc

"'Is 'ighness said that when you awoke, to tell you that you are to be guest of 'onour at the banquet this evening...and that I should 'elp you pick a dress to wear. I picked a few owt for you to look at, ma'am...see which one yer fancying" Emily went, then led Meg over to a screen with three dresses hanging from it "I thinks you'd look pretty in the Peach one, Milady..."

Meg looked at the dresses hanging from the screen, gently touched the Peach dress and felt it. It was made from fine silks and cottons from abroad. Emily picked it up and went around the back of the screen, followed by Meg.

30 minutes later, Meg came down into the great hall of Camelot, holding Stewie...who was dressed like a little lord with a jacket, trousers, shirt and hat. As she stepped off the last step and into the hall, Prince Duran walked towards her, and took her hand, then turned and faced front...leading her towards two thrones set up above the hall floor.

"Do not be afraid, Lady Mother and Father both wish you no ill harm." He went reassuringly. He then stopped just in front of the thrones, and bowed to their occupants...King Arthur and Queen Guinevere

"Mother...Father...this is Lady Megan, of Rhode Island...and her Brother...Sir Stewart" Prince Duran went, and then pulled Meg gently forward with his left hand. Meg curtsied to them and went "nice to meet you"

King Arthur looked at her and said "I understand my royal Magistrate did not show you a warm welcome to Camelot yesterday. I apologise on his behalf, Lady Megan"

"It's OK, your was a misunderstanding. I told them I didn't do anything and that we appeared there accidentally" Meg went

" I understand..." goes another male voice from her left. She suddenly turns and see's an old man in a cloak, with a long white beard and a staff walking towards them

" you know how this happened, old friend?" the King asked

"I do not understand it fully, Sire...but i believe it to be some sort of transportation device..." he went, then pulled the Disc out of his sleeve, and cast it to the floor. The Transport Disc opened up to it's full size "it uses a form of Magic known in another time as...Science"

"Well of course it does, you Medieval Moron" Stewie went, then jumped down from Megs arm and walked towards the disc "Now all i need is a few tools to reconfigure the Temporal Alignment and the Arc Matrix, and we'll be off"

Meg looked at Stewie, then went "but what if I don't want to go back home...?"

Stewie looked up at Meg "Say WHAAAAAAAT?" he started, and then added "but you said yesterday how much you wanted to go home..."

"Well..." Meg began, then looked at Duran and smiled "its not every day you get given the chance to become a Princess..."

Stewie nodded at her "I see..." he went "and just how do you expect me to explain your sudden disappearance to Lois and the Fat man?"

"Tell them...tell them anything" Meg replied "It's not like they'd care anyway"

Stewie stands on the Transport Disc, and checks the controls "There's only enough power left for one final jump..." he went "that means if I get back home, you'd be stuck here...forever. Plus, don't you realise the potential could create a Temporal Paradox, by living and dying BEFORE you were even born"

Meg gulped, but nodded "what do I have back there, Stewie? Our Parents hate me...My other Brother is a Buffoon, I'm constantly mocked and teased by Connie and her clique...oh yeah...I got it all going on..."

"You are more than Welcome to stay here in Camelot, Lady Megan" King Arthur went "my son Duran has special feelings for you, and I would be honoured to have you join the Royal Court as my sons' wife, and my beloved Daughter-in-law"

"So there's no convincing you, then..." Stewie added, then began to set the controls once again for Quahog, in the year 2011, just a few minutes after they both left...he then pushes the button, and the Disc begins to power up "this may be the wrong time to say this...but...I love you, Meg..." Stewie went, but the disc suddenly began to power down...

Stewie stood there on the Transport Disc, and checked the controls "I don't believe it!" he exclaimed

Meg let go of Duran's hand and walked over to Stewie "What, Stewie?" she asked

"I knew it was low on power...but not that low..." he went "I need to find a way to recharge these batteries, or we're both stuck here..."

Meg gulped, then turned to look at the King and Queen "Looks like we'll have to accept your Majesties gracious invitation to stay for a short while" she went

The King smiled "Camelot and it's Subjects are at your disposal, Lady Meg...and if Merlin can help you, my young Sir...he will be at your disposal"

Stewie got off the Disc, picked it up and went over to Merlin "Tell you have Copper, Magnets, Wood, and a fast flowing river nearby?" he asked "I'm going to show you how to make an Electromagnetic Generator..."

10 days had passed since Stewie had attempted to return home, on his Time machine...'I still can't get my head around that' Meg thought to herself as she sat on a chair in the window of a tower overlooking the village below 'I guess it's true...I would never have known my baby Brother was a genius if he hadn't of pushed me into that contraption'

A gentle rap at the wooden door made her turn her head, and Prince Duran entered the room. He smiled at her and walked over to where she was sitting

"Are thou OK?" he asked, then added "did i say that correctly, Megan?"

"I'm OK...and yes...just about, Duran" she replied with a small smile. Since arriving in Camelot, Meg had caused quite a stir...from the Peasants in the village below to the King himself. Prince Duran had been listening intently to all of Meg's tales of things to come, and to her strange Dialect that she called 'American'

"I am most pleased you chose to stay, Megan. I can't imagine my life without you in it, Milady" Duran went, then took her hand "from the moment i first saw you when Sir Taren bought you in, i knew there was something special about you...and that i would do anything to make you mine"

"I'm glad i took your offer up, Duran...this place is so beautiful, and peaceful. Plus I'm not tormented by a group of 'popular' girls here...I is the popular girl" Meg replied with a smirk on her face "If only Connie D'amico could see me now..."

"Is she Royalty where you come from?" Duran asked with a slightly puzzled look on his face. Meg burst out laughing

"She wishes..." Meg went, and then pulled out her Phone from inside the sleeve of the dress she was wearing, and pressed the power button to make it come on. Prince Duran looked at the strange device with shock on his face as it powered up, then came on...with the words 'no network coverage' displayed on the screen. Meg then went into the phones' memory and bought up some pictures from school on its screen.

"By the Almighty! What magic is this?" he went looking at the screen and the images on it "you have captured people in that device...i must free them..." he went then put his hand on the hilt of his sword to draw it. Meg put her left hand on his left and stopped him

"It's alright, Duran...they are pictures, not people" she went, then showed him

"You portraits?" he asked. Meg nodded

" that one we had to sit for 3 days straight" Meg replied

"Amazing...this 'technology' is incredible...i would be so blessed to witness its many wonders for myself" he went

Meg nodded "it's not all it's cracked up to be...but I'd love to be able to update my MyBook status right now..."

"Mybook?" Duran asked, even more puzzled

"It's a social networking...never mind" she started, then ended

"Truly your world is filled with wonders..." Duran replied, and then turned to face the door

"I shall see you later, for dinner, Meg..." he went, and then left through the door. Meg turned and faced the window again, yet looked down at her phone and the pictures on it from her time. She scrolled through the pictures...her Family, her few Friends, the School...

Down by the river, Stewie was with Merlin, supervising the final construction of Stewie's home-made water powered Generator, whilst the local villagers were helping in its construction

Merlin looked at the youngster "so this...generator, as you call it...will produce something else called...Electricity?" he asked

Stewie nodded "I need the electricity to recharge the depleted batteries on my Disc, so we can finally go home" he replied

"I could just use my all-purpose Travelling spell, and send you wherever you need to go" Merlin repeated

"HA!" Stewie went "Magic is all illusion, Science is real" Stewie replied

"I have seen the future; my young does not become widely recognised before the 16th century" Merlin went with certainty in his voice

"We shall see, my primitive counterpart...we shall see" Stewie replied, then looked back at the plans "YOU...THAT BIT DOESN'T GO THERE..."

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