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Our footsteps echoed dully off the stonewalls as the two of us walked in silence. The sound was slowly wearing down my nerves, but not like the person in front of me noticed. As we continued on our journey to our destination, my mind toyed with the idea of just turning around and walking the opposite way. I wondered if the red head in front of me would even care, but then moments after that I was curious as to where I would go if I left. It's not like I could exactly go home, not after what happened.

I sighed and looked the man who was about five feet ahead of me, thinking of how I came to know him just a few short days ago. When he had approached me to take me away, everyone had backed away with looks of terror on their face, as if they knew who he was and what he represented. I, on the other hand, didn't have the slightest clue as to who the hell he was. The first thing he did was introduce himself as Pein, the leader of an organization known as the Akatsuki. However, I did know who the Akatsuki was and I wanted to know what the hell they could possibly want with me. After I had voiced my opinion, he had simply shrugged and told me it didn't matter what I thought and he was going to take me away, even if I was kicking and screaming. That's exactly what happened. The first day was spent with me fluently screaming curses at him, until my voice was so hoarse I could no longer speak. Throughout the entire day Pein had said nothing to me and just kept walking, as if he knew I would follow no matter what. And I had, against my better judgment, I suppose. Now, as we walked through the Akatsuki's tunnel, neither of us chose to speak.

While I was lost in my own thoughts, the older male had stopped and turned to look at me. I would have bumped into him, but his voice pulled me back to reality before I did, "Oh, you are still back there. Curious. I thought that maybe you had left some time ago, you've been extremely quiet, very unlike yesterday."

Even though I knew he couldn't see it, I rolled my eyes at him and retorted softly, "And go where exactly? You know I still don't know what you want with me or why you stole me away from my family. I don't have anything to offer your organization." I was doing my best to stay calm, but I could feel anger beginning to build up in my chest, residing right below the surface waiting to come out.

Mocking laughter filled the tunnel, and I know it was directed at me and my words.

Pein's voice was soft, but direct as he spoke to me, "Steal you away? I cannot believe you still think that. If your so-called family had wanted to save you, they could have. There was five of them and only one of me, they could have easily taken me on. Yet here you are walking with me to the Akatsuki base, instead of at home laying in your soft warm bed. Besides, I saw the way they were looking at you, as if you were a leper. So obviously—"

That was perhaps the most he had said to me during this trip, but the anger that had been seething in my chest could no longer be contained.

"Shut-up, you despicable man. Stop filling my head with lies," I scream at him angrily. I cannot see Pein, but I can sense the affronted look on his face. My body begins to shake uncontrollably, but I try to regain control anyways, even though my efforts are in vain.

"You honestly think I am lying to you?" He asked in a shocked tone. Before I have the chance to respond, I can feel myself being thrown up against the wall, his hand around my throat. His face is only inches away from mine, and I can see all of his facial piercings in the dimly lit corridor. Though I would never admit it out loud, I could hardly admit it to myself, I found the piercings to be rather attractive on him.

"I have no reason to lie to you Taro," he spoke seriously, his breath softly ghosting across my cheek. I look at the ground, a light blush covering my cheeks, as I thought his words over. He did have a point, and I got the feeling that Pein was a no nonsense guy who had no time for simple little lies to someone like me. When we had first started the journey, I wouldn't have been able to accept this, but now I wasn't sure.

"Why wouldn't they want me, Pein?" I choked out, tears building behind my eyelashes. Quickly, I blinked them away willing myself not to cry in front of him.

The leader of the Akatsuki pulled back away from me, and I could feel his eyes looking over my face, "I think we both know why they made you leave, but I suppose if you want I can say it aloud for you. From what I was told, they got rid of you because you like boys just like you, and, well, you just happened to like the wrong one."

More blood rushed to my face and the pink on my cheeks increased tenfold. I don't know if I'm more embarrassed at the fact that he knows, or if I'm more ashamed of my sexual preferences. No smart retort came to me and my mind just stayed blank. It took me a few minutes to even manage a small 'so?'

Pein laughed at me again, except this time it was softer, "I don't really care, honestly. As far as I'm concerned it's no big deal."

The red head removed his hand from my throat and backed away, still laughing. I fell to my knees and grabbed my neck, and tried to gasp in as much oxygen as possible. I don't know why I reacted like this, he hadn't choked me enough to cut off my entire air supply, maybe it was just natural reaction. Somehow, I managed steady my erratic heartbeat. By this point though, Pein had already turned his back on me and had started to walk away from me.

"I still don't have anything to offer your organization," I shout after him indignantly.

"You don't know that. I'm sure I'll be able to find something for you to do. Now hurry up Taro, we're almost home," He shouted back to me.

I sighed while I pushing myself up off the ground, and trotted to catch up with him.

"Home huh?"

"Yes, my home and soon to be your new home."

"I doubt I'll ever consider this to be my home," I snort.

"You say that now, but give yourself time and I'm sure you'll change your mind," He told me simply. I swore I could hear the hint of a smile in his voice.

Just like the beginning of our walk, the last bit was spent in complete and utter silence. For the most part my mind remained quiet and calm, only thinking about what the red head in front of me said about this place eventually becoming my home. Did he honestly think that this organization could really replace my real family and this place could be the next place I could actually call home, or was he just saying it in attempt to make me feel better? Because, honestly, if it was the latter it really didn't make me feel better, and just made me want to fight what he said more to make sure it didn't come true. Part of me still thought that he told me lies when he said that my family didn't want me anymore, and tossed me aside like yesterdays garbage all because I liked guys. What makes you so sure? Remember what your dad said? A small inner voice countered. The thought was almost enough to make me freeze in my tracks and mull it over, but before I had a chance to think anymore on the subject at hand, Pein spoke to me.

"Watch out for the stairs," he warned me softly.

I glanced up to where he was standing and saw a set of stairs softly illuminated by stray light coming in through the cracks of a door.

"We're almost there?" I asked before I could stop myself.

Pein just nodded before he went up the stairs, taking them two at a time. I watched in slight amazement, even though I wasn't sure why. Maybe it was because even though he didn't look, or act like it, Pein was actually quite graceful and interesting to watch. When I was finally able to tear my eyes away from the older male, I began my trek up the stairs, except I was far more cautious and took them one at a time. By the time I managed to even make it half way up, Pein was already at the top and waiting on me expectantly.

"Hurry up and follow me, will ya?" he growled as he opened the door casting a bright light on the stairs. On instinct, my hand went up to protect my eyes as they readjusted to the sudden light.

Before I even made it to the top, Pein had went through the door and started to walk away from me, yet again. I had a feeling that this was going to be a regularly occurring thing and I was just going to have to get used to it. Quickly, I scrambled up rest of the stairs and chased after him.

"Don't forget to shut the door," he yelled over his shoulder.

I narrowed my eyes at him and shot him a dirty look before I turned around and slammed the damned door shut. It was at this point that I noticed my surroundings and my breath was taken away. On the floors laid wooden slats, most likely rather expensive cherry wood, it looked like it would be fun to slide down in your socks; a mental image of Pein sliding down the hall in his socks came to mind and I snickered, how amusing. The walls were painted a deep, dark forest green and oddly enough it looked nice, but I found it to be an interesting choice for a group such as this. Blood red or black was more like what I expected for the Akatsuki.

I was so caught up in my surroundings that I didn't hear Pein when he spoke to me, and before I had the chance to ask him to repeat himself there was a loud scream from some room down the hall. The scream was quickly followed by someone yelling, rather loudly.

"What the fuck was that for? You are such a stupid fucking frugal ass fucking prick," A deep voice yelled wildly. His words were preceded by yet another loud, unmanly scream and more curses. My mouth gaped open in astonishment, I had never heard anyone curse so easily and fluently.

Pein heaved an irritated sigh, and uttered what sounded like a name under his breath.

"Stay behind me," he mumbled to me before he rushed off towards the curses that were coming from down the hall.

A slight curiosity burned through me and I followed after as quickly as my tired feet would carry me. As the both of us walked to the door, a different voice was heard.

"If you weren't so arrogant and didn't worship a fake god, we wouldn't have this problem every single day, Hidan," a calm voice said.

"Fuck you! Jashin is a very real fucking god. He granted me immortality, you pansy ass fucking bitch," the first yelled back.

At that moment Pein slammed the swinging door open, a neutral look still on his face. I silently wondered how he could manage to stay calm when two of his members were obviously fighting with one another so violently. However, once he looked inside the room and from my quick glance in over his shoulder, I presumed it was the kitchen; his look of serenity faded and was replaced by obvious irritation. The older male stormed in, and impatience and anger seemed to roll off his body in waves; he looked like he could and would kill anyone at any minute.

When I was able to get a better look into the kitchen, I quickly understood his massive mood swing. A room that was, what I guessed, normally white was covered in crimson. Blood was splattered everywhere, over the tiled floor, on the counters and refrigerator, and almost every other surface. However, the table and group of people calmly sitting there seemed to be clean of the red liquid. What freaked me out the most was the decapitated corpse that rest in the middle of the kitchen, the neck still leaking blood onto the gory floor. It was like a scene from a horror movie. As I continued to stare at the kitchen, unable to take my eyes off the wreckage, I could feel bile rising in the back of my throat, and I felt extremely nauseated; there was no way in hell I would be able to survive in a place like this.

"Would anyone like to explain to me what the hell is going on here?" Pein grit out through his teeth.

Nobody responded right away, but after a few moments, a man with pale green eyes spoke up, "Hidan was being a bitch, so I cut his head off."

It was at this moment that I noticed the head that most likely belonged to the body and I involuntarily shivered. Silver hair was matted with blood and pinkish eyes stared out at the group at the table.

Pein's neck twitched slightly, "Kakuzu, sew his head back on right now."

The man with green eyes, sighed, "Do I really have to leader? I mean come on, he's so much easier to deal with when he's like this. I think I much prefer him headless."

"Yes fucktard, you do need to sew my fucking head back on so I can fucking beat the shit out of your fucking ass," the head yelled, causing me to jump slightly. That was impossible, he should be dead I thought horrified. Everyone else at the table said nothing and just remained calm, almost as if they had seen this little act before.

"Keep threatening me like that Hidan and regardless of what leader says, I will leave you like that. Permanently," Kakuzu sounded bored as he spoke to the head that lay in the middle of the floor.

"Fuck face, if you do not sew my head back on this instant once I get fixed I will make sure you won't be able to walk straight for a week," the silver haired head threatened.

Kakuzu was just about to respond when Pein spoke, "Enough you two! Right now, Kakuzu, fix him."

"Fine," he mumbled as he moved to go pick up Hidan's head.

"Haha that's ri—ouch," Hidan yelled madly as Kakuzu roughly picked him up by his hair.

The two of them began to argue quietly amongst themselves, but not loud enough to be interruptive. I watched the two of them in fascination and stepped further into the kitchen after Pein went to go sit down. Never before had I seen two people hate one another so much, yet stay together. Thread slipped from Kakuzu's pointer finger and he began to stitch Hidan's head back on to his body, much to his chagrin. Hidan was gloating proudly and Kakuzu mumbled something that made him shut up almost immediately. It must have taken less than five minutes before Kakuzu was finished reattaching Hidan's head to his body.

"All done," Kakuzu said as the two of them stood.

Hidan shoved me out of the way as he left for the exit while Kakuzu continued to talk, "Now don't piss me off like that again, Hidan, or regardless of what Pein says, I will leave you like that."

The silver haired man froze mid step and turned to glare at the other male over his shoulder, "Oh, fuck off fuck face. The only reason we're in this fucking fight is because you're a greedy, little fucking pansy ass, cock sucking whore."

"Excuse me? You said you were fine with me going to collect that guy's bounty. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure you said it wasn't a problem," Kakuzu growled.

Hidan went to say something, but was cut off when Pein spoke, "Both of you please shut up, or go fight elsewhere, will you?"

Both of them turned glares upon the leader, one far more menacing than the other, but they left the kitchen and sounded like they were down the hall before they started slinging demeaning and creative insults at each other. During this whole spat, I stood there dumbfounded at the way things went around here and seemingly invisible because no one had yet to acknowledge my existence and Pein seemed to have forgotten about me.

"I give them fifteen minutes before they rip each other's clothes off and start fucking like two horny rabbits, un," a nasally voice said.

I turned to the table in time to see everyone nodding their heads in agreement.

"Yeah. I just hope it's not like last time when they went at it all night and couldn't keep it down," A man with bluish skin murmured as he shivered.

My jaw dropped and before I could stop myself words fell from my lips, "There's no way that's possible. They hate each other."

Seven pairs of eyes turned to look at me inquisitively; Pein just continued looking at the table.

"Not in the bedroom they don't," The voice was girly and came from a woman with medium blue hair.

Mental images quickly filled my head of Hidan and Kakuzu together, and I could feel a blush quickly rising to my cheeks.

All thoughts were stopped when the male with blue skin spoke again, "So, um who are you?"

I looked to Pein for help and he sighed before he spoke, "This is Taro, the kid I went to go get a few days back. He's the newest member of Akatsuki."

My eyes were cast to the ground as everyone turned to study me again; I had no idea how I was supposed to act or what I should say. It's not like I could be like, 'Hi, my name is Taro. I feel extremely uncomfortable being surrounded by a group of world class killers, and I don't think I really belong here because I've never killed anyone and I don't think I can. It's nice to meet you all.' Yeah, that would go over well, I thought sarcastically to myself.

Everyone stayed quiet as they continued to stare at me like I was a foreign animal they had never seen before. To be quite honest, I wasn't sure what unnerved me more, their silence or the way they kept looking at me.

Finally, after what felt like forever, someone finally spoke, "Hi, my name is Deidara, un" The voice was nasally sounding, just like the one who smarted off about how long it would take for Kakuzu and Hidan to get together, but soft and welcoming as well.

I looked at the owner of the voice with interest. They had long, silky looking blonde hair that was put neatly into a ponytail that rested on the crown of their head. Only one sapphire blue eye was showing, and the other was hidden by their excessively large bangs. I wasn't quite sure if they were a male or female, but was to afraid to ask, figuring I'd get it with time.

"This is my partner Sasori, un" the blonde, Deidara, spoke again, pointing to the red head beside him.

The male didn't speak but just looked up at me with sad brown eyes. His hair was a rusty red color and looked rather nice with his pale white skin. Sasori's body made him look like he was in rather good shape, and it looked almost perfect, making me wonder how old he really was.

I didn't have a chance to speak before the blue skinned man spoke again, "I'm Kisame and this is Itachi."

Kisame's voice was smooth and silky, in a way, reminding me of honey. He was pointing at Itachi, his silent partner in crime. I had to resist the urge to giggle out loud at Itachi's name, seeing as it meant weasel and his looks reminded me nothing of the animal. His hair was as dark as a raven's feather and looked like silk; a desire to twine my fingers through the beautiful locks built up in my chest, and my hands clenched into tight fists. Just like Deidara's, the tresses were thrown up into a loose ponytail at the crown of his head. A quick mental image filled my head as I imagined what it would like down, and fanned out around his head; the image alone threw a slight tingle down my spine. As I took in the rest of the weasel's features, I was drawn to his ivory colored face, and the dark eyes set deeply within the color. The orbs reminded me of stormy rain clouds, and I wanted to get closer to him so I could see them much better. Almost as if Itachi could sense my intense scrutiny, his eyes narrowed and he sent a dark glare my way. My cheeks turned a crimson red, and I turned my head away, looking at his partner, Kisame.

Kisame, in comparison to Itachi, was nothing that special to me, and looked very different. His hair was a deep ocean blue, and was cut short, styled to almost look like a wave. The skin covering the man's frame was a sky blue color, and seemed calming. Perhaps the most interesting feature on his entire person was the scars on his cheeks that looked like gills.

Before I had a chance to finish my assessment and make a comment, someone else was speaking. A high pitched, overly excited voice filled the silence of the room, "Hi, welcome to the Akatsuki. My name is Tobi and I'm partnered with Zetsu."

For some reason this greeting made me blush, making me feel helpless and childish as the blood ran through my cheeks. I glance at Tobi and the first thing I notice is he is the only masked member of the Akatsuki, but little tendrils of hair poke out, reminding me of Itachi's raven colored locks. During his welcoming, Tobi had wrapped his arms around another member, his partner I assume, and I blanched at the site of him. Zetsu was far wilder looking than Kisame, and didn't even appear to be human. He was split into two different colors, black and white, evenly down the middle. His face appeared semi-normal except for his bright yellow eyes, making me automatically think of the sun. On top of his head set a crop of short, unruly hair that was color of fresh grass clippings. Though those things might have freaked some people out, what scared me the most was what surrounded his head. What looked like a Venus flytrap wrapped around his head, making him look menacing. Zetsu's appearance sent a shiver racing down my spine, and not in a good way.

Everyone was still looking at me, with smiles and curiosity, except for the only female of the Akatsuki; well, what I assumed was the only female, if Deidara was in fact a male. Said female was staring intently into her steaming cup of tea, almost as if she could cool it with mental will alone. Even though I was gay and could not see her face, I found myself involuntarily in awe of her natural beauty. I could only see medium length blue hair, which was lustrous enough to make sapphires jealous, and a large periwinkle origami flower placed in her hair, but part of me had the feeling that if she so much as desired she could bring the other members of Akatsuki to their knees, begging for mercy.

"Who are you?" I asked quietly, almost as if it were an accident.

She turned to face me before responding, "My name is Konan."

All of the oxygen was quickly robbed from my body at the sight of her amber eyes. They were surrounded by thick, deep blue eye shadow, but it did nothing to detract from their natural beauty. Emotions, anger, sadness, curiosity, loyalty, were easily seen in the golden eyes; she had eyes that gave people reasons to say that the eyes were windows to people's souls. The emotions that swam around in her beautiful orbs made curiosity burn through my inner being; what had she gone through to get such a haunted look?

I didn't know what to say, so I just opted for a nod.

A heavy silence filled the room and I shifted nervously from foot to foot. Okay, now what am I supposed to do I wondered to myself. Against my better instinct, I opened my mouth to speak but before I could even so much as utter a word, Pein was talking.

"Well, now that introductions are all taken care of and what not, I suppose we can call it a night. Make sure to get plenty of rest tonight because tomorrow I'll be handing out the next round of missions, and you'll be leaving practically as soon as you get them," Pein stood to leave and then, as if on second thought, added, "Kisame, will you show Taro to his room please?"

Kisame nodded, "Sure thing boss, not a problem."

A flush rose to my cheeks, I hope it wouldn't be a problem; the last thing I wanted was to be a nuisance to the Akatsuki. Pein bobbed his head thoughtfully, and held his hand out to Konan, who took it without a second glance. He pulled her from her seat effortlessly and walked out of the door with her, not looking back once. I cocked my head to the side, were they partners? The leader never mentioned anything about having a partner, and for some reason he struck me as the type who enjoyed working alone.

Without so much as a single word, the rest of the Akatsuki stood and began to walk towards the door. I watched in silence as they slowly filed out of the kitchen, each with their respective partners. The only two who remained in this gory scene with me, was Kisame and Itachi. Both of their heads were bowed towards each other, and they were speaking quietly to one another. Seemingly, out of nowhere Kisame leaned forward, closing the inch gap between them, and pressed his lips firmly to Itachi's. My jaw dropped in utter shock; was this really happening or was I just imagining things?

Unable to move a single muscle, I just stood there and continued to stare, unabashedly I might add. The scene before me was sent to my brain for processing, but it was over almost as soon as it started. Smiles sat comfortably on both of their faces, I must admit it made Itachi look far more attractive, and the two of them stared into each other's eyes dreamily. At this moment I was finally able to take my sight of the two other nin; for the second time tonight I could feel tears building behind my eyelashes and my heart shattered. This picture just reminded me to much of the life I was taken from and a certain fair-haired ninja I had lost.

Quickly, I wiped away the tears before they could fall, and risked a quick glance over at the two. Itachi was standing, a small smile still spread across his face, his fingers threaded through Kisame's.

"It'll be less than five minutes 'Tachi, I promise. Just go to bed and I'll be there as soon as possible," Kisame told him, a weak smile on his lips.

The raven haired nin gave him a slight nod before walking out the door, tossing me a dark glare on his way out. That look was enough to make me shrink back, and make my heart stop beating momentarily. A sound must have escaped from my body, because I heard Kisame chuckle lightly.

"Sorry about him, he's just kind of cranky at the moment. I think it's the Uchiha charm thing though, ya know? Just takes some time to get used to," Kisame paused in the middle of his rambling, "Okay, so you ready to see your new room?"

"Uchiha?" I questioned aloud. The name felt familiar and rolled off my tongue with no problem what so ever. Almost right after I said the last name, I remembered where I knew it. The Uchiha's were once a great clan that had prospered in my village, Konoha. It stayed that way for some time until one night some years ago, a clan member went rogue and slaughtered all of the them, except for one, Sasuke. Itachi was that rogue ninja. Just the thought of it was enough to make me sick.

"You mean the Uchiha? He's the Itachi Uchiha who slaughtered his entire clan?" I squeaked, even though I knew the answer.

Kisame shrugged his shoulders simply, as if it were no big deal, "Yeah, the one and only. It's not important though," he paused long enough to glance over at me, "Now let's get you to your room because I'm sure you're tired."

With a quick nod of my head, Kisame walked out of the kitchen, expecting me to follow. Since I had nowhere else to go, and he was right I was tired, I followed behind him in silence. It was un-nerving being in a house full of mass murders, but for some insane and asinine reason, I felt safe as well.

Once again, I found myself anxious about the complete silence that smothered us; however, Kisame seemed unperturbed by it. My bottom lip was sucked into my mouth as I chewed on it nervously, trying to prevent myself from speaking, and making a downright fool of myself while upsetting the shark nin.

Apparently, though, it seems I was unable to control my urges and spoke against my better judgment, "So, you and Itachi, huh?"

As soon as the words left my mouth, I mentally chastised myself; that was perhaps the dumbest thing I had ever said.

Kisame tossed me a quick glance over his shoulder, his eyebrow slightly raised, a small smirk turning up the corner of his lips, "Yes, Itachi and I are together, is that a problem?" He spoke in an 'obviously we're together, did you not watch us practically making out in the kitchen?' tone of voice.

Quickly I gave him a sheepish smile in return, scratching the back of my head nervously, "No, of course it's not a problem, I was just curious is all. So, is everyone together with their partner or is it just you and Itachi?"

Part of me knew I was being extremely nosey, butting into the Akatsuki's personal lives in such a way when I hardly even knew them, but another part, the curious part that had asked, genuinely wanted to know. Was it fate that set Kisame and Itachi together, allowing them to possibly find love, or did everyone here learn to love the other person whom helped them spill blood and wreck havoc on the land?

The man walking in front of me remained quiet, as if contemplating what he should and shouldn't tell me. While I awaited his response, I finally took the time to look around me, since we were in a new part of the house.

This hallway was painted a bright white, once again striking me as off, especially since it was the Akatsuki, and doorways aligned each side. All together there were seven doors, three on the right side and four on the left. Each entrance seemed to be differentiated by the color they were painted; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet; the colors of the rainbow. Inside, I snickered softly, maybe the Akatsuki were simply misunderstood; they seemed less dangerous now, knowing their doors were the colors of the rainbow.

I was abruptly pulled from my thoughts when Kisame turned to speak to me, but he was interrupted when loud sounds poured out from the room with the red door, the first on the left.

"Gah, right there Kakuzu," Hidan's voice called loudly, followed by a guttural moan.

"Yeah, of course you like this you whore. You are such a slutty masochist," Kakuzu responded roughly.

"Just shut the fuck up and fuck me harder you priss—" Hidan's statement was caught off when he let out a yelp followed by a weak moan.

The blue man beside me rolled his eyes and sighed feebly, "See kid, this is what we were talking about. Fucking like two horny jackrabbits. So much for any sleep tonight."

I gaped at the door in quiet shock; this was all so new to me.

"But how? Why?" I cried out incredulously.

The mist nin shrugged his shoulders meekly, "No idea kid. So, uh, the room with the purple door is yours, okay? Each room shares a bathroom with the room next to it. I believe that means, you share your bathroom with the two horny little fucks, so have fun with that," Kisame paused while thinking of what else to tell me, "I assume Pein has no missions for you, so that probably means you get to sleep in as late as you want. And I think that's it."

A placated smile was set upon Kisame's features, "If you have any questions, just write them down or something and you can ask whoever you see next. Until next time Taro, good night and sleep tight, assuming you can sleep with those two going at it."

I waved weakly as Kisame sauntered off to one of the doors at the end.

All I could really do was stand outside and stare at the door that led to my new bedroom. Honestly, yes I was tired and all I wanted to do was go inside and lay down, go to sleep, never to wake again. Unsure of how long I actually stood outside the door, I finally gathered the courage to enter my new domain.

As soon as I opened the door, my fingers fumbled for the switch that would bath my room in an eerie glow of light. My breath was robbed from my lungs the moment my room assaulted my visual sense. Everything was a dark, lush purple, almost so dark it was black; it reminded me off the night at its darkest point. There was a king sized bed that seemed to be calling my name with no hesitation; purple silk clung precariously to the posts, creating an illusion of a comforting canopy. Moonlight softly illuminated little patches of the carpet that threatened to sallow my feet with every step I took, making the lavender glow with a hint of silver. On each side of the window were drawn back curtains to match the silk canopy sheet; this entire room was different shades of purple.

I wanted nothing more than to closely examine every nook and cranny of my room, but fatigue, that I didn't know I felt, threatened to overwhelm me. Quickly, I removed my shoes where I stood and loped swiftly to my bed. Without another thought I fell face first on, perhaps, the softest bed I have ever felt. Words could not describe how cozy this bed felt to my weary body, and I could feel my eyes slowly drifting shut. Before my eyes drifted shut for the night, I heard Hidan and Kakuzu making a large amount of ruckus on the other side of my wall, and I found I didn't care because the luxuriousness of this bed was enough to lead me to a deep, dark sleep.

Sunlight came in through the open windows, filtering through my eyelids. The bright light burned slightly, causing me to groan lightly and bury my head in the lily scented pillows. Every inch of my body felt stiff, creaking every time I so much as even twitched. My eyes remained close as I tried to convince my body that it was still tired and I wanted to go back to sleep while I was still tightly wrapped, like a moth in a cocoon, in my bright purple comforter.

Minutes passed as I continued to lay on my cloud like bed, attempting to slip back into the blissful, inky blackness of sleep, while growing more conscious with every second that ticked by. As time went on, I became far more aware of my surroundings, remembering where I was, and to my biggest shock I found I didn't care and there was calming acceptance over my being; it was amazing how one night of sleep, on perhaps the softest bed in the world, could really make me change my tune.

A soft sigh escaped my lips when I came to the realization there was no way in hell I would be getting anymore sleep at this particular moment. Unable to do much else at this instant, I just stared up at my ceiling wondering how I was going to spend my time today. Last night Pein had said he had missions for almost everyone, which meant I would most likely be spending my first day on my own, depending on who was left behind. Honestly, I was okay with being on my own, it didn't really bother me anymore; I was actually quite used to being left alone. Maybe I could just explore the hideout or something while everyone was away, and I was left to my own devises.

It took a few minutes, but after I was done contemplating my plans for the day, I convinced my body it would be a good idea to sit up. To show its annoyance and dismay, my body let out loud noises, that didn't seem natural, as I pushed it in to a sitting position. Almost as if it were second nature to me, I lolled my head around in a circle, making my neck pop in relief; I did the same with my back and I felt much better, far more relaxed.

Once I was done with my morning stretching routine, I glanced around to find a clock and see what time it actually was. However, much to my disappointment there was no time telling item to be found and I just sighed, falling onto my back again. Great, so I had no idea how to figure out what time it was and find out how late I had actually slept.

I continued to lie on my bed, lost in my thoughts, when I was hit with a strong urge to piss. Much too quickly for my still semi-stiff body, I rolled myself off the bed and made a beeline for the bathroom door. I didn't even think to knock before I barged into the bathroom, which thankfully was empty, and relieved myself.

As soon as I was done, I heaved a sigh of relief, my bladder feeling much better now that it was empty. It was at this point in time that I decided to look around, and see what exceptional items the Akatsuki had put in here; I was not disappointed and in shock, like always when it came to the Akatsuki's base. The bathroom was different from the other rooms, simple, yet elegant. Walls were painted a simple creamy white color, and the linoleum that lined the floors was a bright white. A silver sink was in the corner, the counter made of the finest marble. On the opposite wall of the sink stood a shower stall, surrounded by glass doors, allowing anyone to look in. There were four showerheads, one in the ceiling and one on each wall; it looked absolutely amazing. In the middle of the room stood a claw footed bath tub, big enough to fit more than one person in it. Simply put, the bathroom was stunning, just like every other room that I had been in so far.

While I admired the great taste of whomever it was that decorated this place, my stomach let out a small grumbling sound. Another sigh fell softly from my lips; of course, I was hungry, I couldn't really remember the last time I had ate. Without a second glance, I exited the bathroom, trying to recall the correct pathway to the kitchen. As I meandered towards the kitchen, I silently wondered if anyone cleaned it up, or if it was still covered in Hidan's blood. A shiver raced down my spine as I thought of the scene I walked into last night when Pein first brought me here.

Much to my surprise, when I walked into the kitchen the first thing I noticed was that someone, in fact, had cleaned it. Hm, maybe Pein made Hidan and Kakuzu clean it, I thought to myself in wonderment. The cooking area was now the pristine white that it was originally meant to be; unless someone knew about the gory mess last night, no one would ever know about what had happened. Everything seemed to sparkle in the light, looking almost new.

A small frown fell on my lips as I looked around, realizing I had no idea where anything was. After standing there, for what felt like forever, I decided that my best bet was to just open up random cupboards until I found what I was looking for. With only slight hesitation, I walked into the immaculate kitchen, opening the cupboards almost systematically. It took some time, but finally I was able to find what it was I was looking for. I set the bowl and cereal on the table, going over to the fridge to grab the milk. When I opened the door, my jaw fell slack in astonishment.

Everything in the refrigerator was neat and almost grouped together. There were plenty of beverages, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic alike, vegetables, meats, plenty of condiments, and even sweets, such as chocolates. I cocked my head to the side; this is not what I had excepted of the Akatsuki. Honestly, I don't think I would have been surprised to find a severed head in the fridge. Shaking my head weakly, I grabbed the milk and shut the door. If I really thought about it, almost all of the conceptions I had of the Akatsuki were completely wrong. So far, they really didn't seem that bad, even though they were killers and rogue ninjas from their old villages. I sat there eating in complete silence while thinking to myself.

When I was done, I gently set my stuff down in the sink, I would clean it later, and left to go back to my room. It seemed as if I had spent the last couple of days lost in my thoughts, because as I wandered slowly back to my room, I could not keep my mind quiet. There were times when I thought about completely random things, but there were times when my ideas would wander back to my old life, and my old village. As of right now, I did not miss them as much as I thought I might, and part of me felt relieved to be away from them actually.

Once I reached the hallway with our rooms, the thoughts were halted when I heard a voice coming from the room with the red door. It was Hidan and Kakuzu, again.

"Mm, yeah Hidan. Right there. That's a good boy," Kakuzu ground out harshly.

Curiosity built up in my chest, and I could feel myself inching closer to their door. Unlike last night, the wood was open a crack instead of completely closed.

"This is your punishment, for getting blood on yet another set of sheets. Honestly, can't you do this sacrificial bullshit elsewhere? I'm tired of having to replace our sheets, Hidan," Kakuzu growled.

There was no response from Hidan, and Kakuzu only let a small, breathy moan. I took another step closer, praying the floor wouldn't creak, and they would hear me.

The green-eyed man let out another moan before he spoke again, "What's wrong whore? Got something you'd like to say?"

Hidan's voice filled the room a moment later, "It's not sacrificial bullshit. It's for Jashin-sama.

"Whatever, just get back to your punishment," Kakuzu demanded harshly.

At this point I was right outside their door, and tapped it gently, opening it just a little more so I could see inside. When I did finally chance looking inside, I could not believe what I saw.

Each man was completely nude, and on the bed. Kakuzu was lying on his back, one hand stretched out behind his head, the other twined through Hidan's silver locks, his brown hair all disheveled and an utter mess. His legs were spread out wide, and what looked like stitches covered his body. What surprised me most was Hidan's position; he kneeled between Kakuzu's spread legs. His hands pinned down the brunette's hips, and his head attempted to bob up and down, but with little to no success due to Kakuzu's hand in his hair. My jaw fell slack as I watched Hidan suck the other man's erection was obvious zest and skill.

As I stood there watching, my body began to feel as if someone had set me on fire. Blood rushed swiftly to my groin and I felt my cock twitch to life. My breathing became ragged as Hidan pried Kakuzu's fingers from his hair, and he removed his mouth from his partner's erection. It took everything in my power not to groan at the sight of Kakuzu's massive cock, perhaps the biggest I had seen before.

The brunette sent Hidan a glare, and the Jashinist simply grinned back. With simple ease and grace, the silver haired man leant down, flicking his tongue over the head of Kakuzu's cock, licking up any fluids that threatened to seep out. A weak moan filled the air, and Kakuzu's head lolled back.

"More," he whimpered weakly. This word made Hidan smile even wider.

The man on his knees licked the underside of the others dick, from top to bottom. His hand shot up and began to caress Kakuzu's sac with great care. Kakuzu let out another heady whimper, this time filled with far more need.

"Please Hidan, stop teasing me. Suck me," the man pleaded, unashamedly. His eyes were closed in pleasure as Hidan continued to roll his balls threw his fingers.

"You know what I love?" Hidan taunted.

Kakuzu's eyes shot open, "When I fuck you up the ass and call you a whore that you are?"

Hidan laughed at his words and moved up Kakuzu's body, his hands stopping what they were doing. This made Kakuzu whimper at the loss of movement on his aching need.

"No, I love being the only one make you come undone in such a way. I love being the only one who can make a proud fucking man, beg for another little fucking touch, another little lick, another little suck. I love being the only who can make you cum so hard and fast," Hidan growled loudly in Kakuzu's ear, making him shudder.

Kakuzu twined his fingers through Hidan's hair again, bringing the two of them face to face.

"You know what I love?" The brunette said, re-iterating Hidan's first words.

Hidan didn't respond with words, merely cocking his head to the side.

"I love it when you suck my dick and swallow everything that I have to offer you. And I love you, Hidan," He murmured softly before kissing his other half on the lips.

Hidan smiled into the kiss, and kissed back with passion. Their tongues slipped out of the mouths and into the others, fighting for dominance. As they continued to make out, Hidan's hand slipped down between their bodies, ghosting his fingers against Kakuzu's hard cock.

By this point, my dick is achingly hard, pre-cum already leaking out from the head, and I want nothing more than to release myself. Without a second thought or any hesitation, I unbutton my pants and slip my hand down into my boxers. My eyes close automatically as I grab myself and begin to rub slowly, my thumb brushing over my head every time I get back up my shaft. Kakuzu's moans filled the room, and I forced my icy blue eyes to open and watch the show in front of me.

The two of them were no longer kissing. Instead, Hidan had moved down Kakuzu's neck, leaving little bite marks all over it. His hand still rubbed Kakuzu's erection, except with more force and the man thrust his hips trying to gather more friction. Unable to help myself, a rather loud moan fell from my lips at the sexy scene.

As soon as the noise fell past my lips, the two of them stopped what they were doing and looked towards the door. My eyes widened in shock, and as fast as I possibly could I forced myself to back away from the door, my hand still down my pants. However, I was not fast enough.

Within seconds, Hidan opened the door in all his naked glory. All I could really do was stand and stare at him. His dick stood at full mast and was leaking pre-cum already. Hidan's broad chest was covered in little love bites and scratches, no doubt from last night's rough sessions. Unconsciously I licked my lips, and Hidan just chuckled at me.

"See something you like kid?" he asked cockily.

I couldn't deny it, I mean my hand was still down my pants. However, I could not trust my voice; instead, I just opted to nod my head.

An evil grin covered Hidan's lips and he offered his hand out to me, "Well, why don't you join us then? Kuzu and I haven't had a threesome in quite some time."

I removed my hands from my pants, and before I took his hand, I spoke weakly, "My name is Taro."

The older male merely rolled his eyes at me. Without another word to me, Hidan led me into their room where Kakuzu was still lying on the bed, waiting for us. Kakuzu raised an eyebrow at the man beside me; he simply shrugged his shoulders in return.

"Hidan, your punishment," Kakuzu growled tersely.

Hidan grinned back brilliantly, "Can wait. I thought we'd have fun and welcome our newest member, Taro."

The brown haired man pursed his lips, and gracefully crawled off the bed. He stalked over to me, like a lion stalks its prey, circling and inspecting me closely.

"Strip," he ordered harshly.

I gaped at him, unsure of how I was supposed to react.

Both of them went and sat on the bed, staring at me with lust-filled eyes.

"You heard him, strip," Hidan demanded in a snarky tone.

Closing my eyes, I let out a heavy breath and almost of their own accord my hands began to slowly move to the bottom hem of my shirt. Slowly I removed the garment, pulling it over my head as sexily as possible, and ran my appendages down to the still open waste band of my pants. In a simple move, I pushed down both my boxers and pants. I took a tentative step towards the other two in order to get completely out of my other articles of clothing when they fell to my ankles.

I stared at Hidan and Kakuzu to gauge their reaction to my body. Hidan was biting his bottom lip in anticipation, while Kakuzu stared at me with intense scrutiny.

"Come here," Kakuzu, stated simply.

With no hesitation, I simply did as the older male told me. Immediately once I was within arms' reach of the both of them, hands were ghosting over my abdomen, hips and everywhere possible.

"You're quite beautiful," Hidan mumbled, looking into my eyes. A blush rose to my cheeks, and I looked at the ground as I muttered a quiet thanks.

Kakuzu spoke next, "Have you ever been fucked by a male before, Taro?"

At his question, I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, I've fucked and been fucked by plenty of males."

"Good," Kakuzu muttered before standing up to kiss me squarely on the lips.

On pure instinct, I kissed him back, my tongue automatically sneaking out, running against his bottom lip. Kakuzu must have been used to such forwardness from Hidan, because he simply parted his mouth enough to let me enter the slick cavern. A moan somehow managed to make its way out of me as I explored the unfamiliar territory, his tongue accidently brushing up against mine on occasion. In no time, I was completely lost in the kiss, and the rest of my body moved of its own will.

My hands danced across Kakuzu's chest, tweaking his nipples when I found them. I felt him smirk in our kiss, and his fingers wound their way through my hair, yanking me closer, allowing no escape. This felt amazing, and even though I'd been with other males, it also felt completely new, especially when I felt Hidan pushing up against my back.

The head of Hidan's dick pushed teasingly up on my entrance, and I pushed back against him. He just snickered at my efforts, running his hands down to grip my hips in a bruising vise, allowing no more movement. His lips pressed against my shoulder blade, his tongue snaking out to lick me softly.

I stood there enjoying the sensations I was receiving from both the front and back, but it ended all too suddenly.

"Who gets to fuck him first?" Hidan asked Kakuzu seriously.

I looked up at the male in front of me, and he was giving the other a droll look.

"I think I will. Since you never finished your punishment," he growled.

The Akatsuki member behind me sighed weakly, his breath tickling my neck, "Okay, fine, whatever you say Kuzu."

Without another word, the two of them crawled on to the bed. I stood there dumbfounded and unsure of what to do. The both of them turned around to look at me, giving me come hither looks. A smile spread across my lips as I crawled onto the bed, and up to Hidan. Kakuzu's eyes bore into me as I leaned over to kiss Hidan right on the lips. He grunted in surprise, but quickly recovered, kissing me back with force.

Out of the blue, I felt Kakuzu pressing up against my back, as Hidan had done just moments before. The brown haired man leant down and bit my shoulder sweetly, his fingers running up and down my spine. As Kakuzu worked on my torso, Hidan slipped his tongue into my mouth, exploring the new area. Our tongues fought for dominance in my mouth, twirling around in a vicious battle; I had never experienced such a passionate kiss with someone, and I found myself enjoying the new sensation.

I enjoyed the ministrations of each man, but I was ready for things to go further. To antagonize Kakuzu into doing something more, I wiggled my ass against his erect dick, making the both of us moan. My mouth pulled away from Hidan's, allowing me to gather oxygen for my deprived body, and moan Kakuzu's name loudly as he stuck a slick digit into my entrance. The intrusion was completely unexpected, my body tensed on instinct, but quickly relaxed as he probed and thrust his finger in and out.

Hidan leaned in close to me, his mouth on my neck. His hands glided down my chest, one stopping at my nipple, tweaking it hard enough for me to feel something, but not so hard it hurt; the other continued to slide down the rest of upper body and landed on my aching manhood. The appendage that rest on my cock, squeezed at just the right pressure as it slid up and down, his thumb swiping over my head on each upstroke. All the while, Kakuzu is preparing me from behind, two fingers now gliding into the tight hole with no problem; with each thrust in, the two digits would make a scissoring motion that would make my toes curl.

A wickedly, broken moan escaped my lips as I was unsure of whose name I was supposed to moan. Every time Kakuzu would thrust his fingers into me, my hips would jerk backwards trying to get him further in me; however, then there was Hidan in front of me, slowly jerking me off, and I wanted more friction for that department.

"Kakuzu," I moaned less than a minute later, as he thrust a third finger into me.

I felt him smirk into my shoulder as his fingers curled in me, looking for the spot that would make me see stars.

"Deeper and harder," I mumbled, almost incoherently.

The brunette complied with no resistance, and with in no time, I was being fucked by his fingers. My hips slammed back onto his hand with much more force, than either of us had expected, but it was not in vain, as he hit what he had been seeking. Another wanton moan fell from my lips when he hit kept hitting the bundle of nerves head on.

Hidan growled in frustration, and removed his hands from my dick. I whimpered at the loss of contact, and my eyelids fluttered open to see pink eyes glaring at us.

"I think he's overly prepared Kakuzu," he bit out harshly.

At the other male's words, Kakuzu stopped his movements, keeping his fingers in my ass, and looked at Hidan, "What do you mean 'overly prepared?"

The silver haired elder looked at the bed and shifted nervously, "You don't stretch me that much when we fuck."

"That's because I thought you enjoyed the pain, you baka. If you wanted me to stretch you more, you should have said something," Kakuzu explained to him slowly.

A blush crept up my neck, and rested on my cheeks; the two of them were acting as if I weren't here as they spoke to one another. I didn't really want to intrude on a conversation that might have been deemed important in their eyes.

"Oh," Hidan said softly, his eyes still cast down at the bed.

Kakuzu reached a hand over my shoulder and grabbed his lovers chin, forcing him to look at the other over me, "Hey, babe, I'm sorry, okay? Maybe sometimes, I get a little over zealous and go a little too fast, but I thought you liked it that way. And besides I love being buried up to the hilt in your tight heat."

Hidan's eyes widened at the words, and he spoke again, "See, every time we have sex it's all about what you want. Very rarely do you ever ask what I want."

The older brunette heaved a weak sigh, "Look, how about this, tomorrow night, we'll go slow and do it how you want? Does that sound good?"

I watched as Hidan nodded his head, looking like a petulant child. A small smile adorned Kakuzu's lips as he leaned over me to give Hidan a quick kiss on the lips.

"I love you Hidan," he spoke softly against Hidan's lips.

"I love you too, Kuzu," he responded breathlessly.

Hearing these words made my heart break slightly as my mind automatically thought of a certain someone from my old life. This is so unfair, I thought angrily to myself. I looked at the two of them from my peripheral, and blanched at their love sick faces. To gather their attention, I simply cleared my throat and thrust back lightly on Kakuzu's fingers. The sound and motion broke the two of them out of their trance, and turned their attentions back to me.

Identical smirks spread across their faces, and they forgot about their mini conversation, at least for now. Hidan moved back slightly as Kakuzu removed his fingers, and bent me over at the waistline; being in this position made me eye level with Hidan's still erect penis.

"Ready?" Kakuzu asked the other, lining himself up with my stretched entrance.

Hidan nodded in an affirmative, and at the same moment, the two of them fully sheathed themselves in me in one thrust. Each end of me was filled; my mouth by Hidan's cock and my ass by Kakuzu. The dick in my ass stretched me to my limits, and its owner stayed still, allowing me time to adjust. After a few seconds, I pushed myself against Kakuzu's pelvic regions, telling him to move.

At first, it was a slow pace, allowing me to get used to sucking Hidan as Kakuzu thrust into me. My tongue ran down the underside of Hidan's prick, making him let out a shallow moan. His fingers twined through my hair, preventing me from moving my cranium anymore. Instead, the older male settled for thrusting himself wildly into my slick cavern of a mouth.

"Mm, feels so good," Hidan moaned weakly.

From behind, I felt Kakuzu still thrust into me slowly, once again trying to find that little bundle of nerves. In no time, he found it, and Hidan knew when he did because the sensation made me moan around the thick cock in my mouth.

"Oh Jashin-sama, do that again Kakuzu. Make him moan again," he whispered excitedly.

It took some coordination, but in time each were thrusting into me at the right moment. Each time Kakuzu thrust in to my ass, filling me, making me want to explode, Hidan would also thrust forward, causing me to deep throat him. At first, it was awkward for me, because the feeling made me want to gag, until I convinced my throat to relax. Once that happened, everything went so much better.

Whenever the head of Hidan's thick prick would hit the back of my throat, I would do my best to moan, sending vibrations down the hardened flesh. While I did this, my cheeks hallowed out, and I ran my tongue over every available inch of the underside of him. Hidan tugged at my scalp, pulling out little bits of hair now and then. The pain radiated from my scalp down my spine, sending little trills of pleasure running through my body; funny, I never thought of myself as a masochist before. My jaw began to ache from the rough treatment it was receiving, and it wanted nothing more than to close even though Hidan's dick was in the way. Instead, my teeth lightly scraped over the sensitive organ, making the Jashinist pant in extreme pleasure.

Minutes later, and after a particularly good thrust, I felt something hot running down my throat. Hidan's slender fingers wound my hair up tighter, and his fingernails dug deeper into my scalp pushing me onto him even further. The thrusts coming from him became erratic as he rode out his climax. Eagerly, I swallowed everything that was poured into my throat, primarily because I didn't really have a choice, and he actually didn't taste that bad, he had a slightly exotic flavor. As soon as he finished riding out his orgasm, Hidan pulled his now flaccid cock from my mouth; he continued to kneel there as he watched Kakuzu fuck me.

At this point, Kakuzu was pounding into my ass as hard as he possibly could. Now that I no longer had to worry about Hidan's prick, I was able to freely thrust my hips backwards, meeting the other thrust for thrust. Throughout this whole little fuck session, Kakuzu had kept hitting my prostate with no problem; it was shocking I hadn't cum yet, seeing as my aching prick was leaking an obscene amount of pre-cum. Since Hidan's hands no longer invaded my hair, Kakuzu took this opportunity to thread his fingers through my black locks.

He leaned forward, resting his sweat slicked chest over my back, "Moan my name, Taro."

"Ka—ka—Kakuz-Kakuzu," I yelled out at the top of my lungs, squeezing my ass muscles tightly around his throbbing cock.

Hearing his name, and feeling my muscles clench around him, sent Kakuzu pummeling over the edge. I felt his sticky liquids fill my insides up to the brim, and I found that I actually rather enjoyed the feeling of his cum filling my innards. He rode out his climax eagerly, only pulling out once he was completely finished, just as Hidan had done. As soon he pulled out, I could feel his juices running down my thigh; out of curiosity, I ran my finger through it, and licked it off, just to have a taste of him, and like Hidan, he tasted slightly exotic.

Kakuzu was panting, trying to catch his breath, while Hidan stared at my dick.

"Damn, look Kakuzu, little Taro is still hard. He didn't even get to cum, like we did," he said in mock sympathy.

The other male looked down at my lap for the first time, and cocked his head to the side.

"Huh, maybe we should help him with that, what do you think?" Kakuzu taunted.

I sat back on my knees, fully expecting them to touch me, or suck me off like I had done with Hidan. Apparently, they had different ideas because they simply crawled up to one another and started kissing each other heatedly.

"What are you doing?" I asked my tone weak and confused.

Hidan stopped kissing his partner, and turned to look at me, "Well, we're giving you the show you didn't get to finish watching, since apparently that just turns you on."

Unsure of what to say, I just watched as they returned to their make out session. Their hands slid easily over the other body in front of them, the terrain as familiar to them as the back of their hand. Kakuzu began to fondle Hidan's re-hardening dick. One of Hidan's hands wound its way behind his own back, shoving his finger into his entrance, stretching, and finger fucking himself for no reason.

"Right there Taro, I fucking like it when you touch me like that," Hidan moaned tauntingly.

My eyes widened in shock, and I expected Kakuzu to get mad for him saying something like that. He didn't, and instead he slid his hand down further, cupping the pink eyed males balls in his hand. I don't think I had ever been turned on so much in my life, as I watched the two in front of me. My hand snuck its way down to my aching need, and I began to rub slowly at first. The velvety skin of my dick felt good; the pressure from my hand felt even better. Desire flooded through my body, making me rub myself even harder, my other hand slipping down to grope at my sac.

A fire began to burn deeply in my stomach, as Hidan and Kakuzu rubbed their newly formed erections against one another. I could feel myself quickly closing in on the final part of my trek to blinding ecstasy. All it took was one more quick stroke, and a slight squeezing of my balls before I found myself plummeting over the edge of my climax. My load shot all over my hand, my stomach, and some even fell on the bed. The other two watched me as I continued to milk myself through my completion, not stopping until every last drop of cum had been spilled from the slit of my head and the spasms had subsided.

"Fuck, that was hot," Hidan muttered to Kakuzu. His partner just nodded in simple agreement.

A small smile spread across my lips, and I glanced down to see both of them still hard.

"You guys ready for round two or something?" I teased slightly.

Each of them cocked an eyebrow me, and a sadistic smile spread across Hidan's beautiful face.

"Oh yeah, I'll be ready for round two in a minute. Just do me a favor first, will ya Taro?" He cooed sweetly.

His tone confused and worried me, but for some stupid reason I trusted him and asked, what he wanted me to do.

"Just turn around and get on your hands and knees. Just like you were earlier," He said in the same deceivingly sweet tone.

Without another word, or questioning him, I mirrored the image I had held less than fifteen minutes ago. My eyes were closed as I waited for Hidan to do something, anything really. What he did, though, was completely unexpected and unanticipated. Hidan placed a sweet little kiss right on my right cheek, before he softly bit it. Then, out of nowhere, I felt a slick wet muscle running down my thigh, licking up all of the cum that spilt down it, following the trail right to the entrance of my tight hole. There was no warning what so ever as Hidan plunged his tongue into me, making a low groan escape from my chest. His thrusts were quick and shallow, just gathering a taste of me. This was only the second time someone had ever done something like this to me, and I enjoyed the feeling more now than I had liked it the first time it happened. My hips thrust back of their own accord, trying to force him deeper into me. Hidan smiled slightly, and began to tongue me deeper, occasionally biting and sucking.

As much as I was enjoying the feeling of his tongue fucking me, it was over almost as quickly as it had started.

"Hm, interesting. You taste slightly of Kakuzu," he said as he licked his lips lightly.

I looked over my shoulder in time to see Kakuzu lean over and kiss Hidan on the lips, his tongue forcing his way into Hidan's waiting mouth.

"Hey guys, I know you all enjoy kissing, but I kind of just want to be fucked right now," I informed them crudely.

To prove my point, I turned around to show them the newly formed erection that I had received from Hidan's blissful torture. At the sight of my straight cock, the two of them smiled ever so devilishly again. I sighed weakly; hopefully it wouldn't be another fuck and suck.

"New position," Hidan growled before he shoved me onto my back, spreading my legs as far as they would go.

Unsure of if this angle would work, I opened my mouth to voice my concern when the silver haired man hoisted my legs on his shoulders, pulling my ass off the bed. I could feel the head of his broad dick pushing at my newly slickened entrance; this was going to be different from being fucked by Kakuzu, who was longer than Hidan.

"Ready?" he asked as he shoved himself into me, inch by inch.

I groaned loudly at the feeling of being filled, for the second time today. However, as I continued to moan, I was quickly overmatched my Hidan's painful whimper filling the room, as Kakuzu entered him with only slight preparation.

"Oh fuck, you're so tight Hidan," Kakuzu growled in his ear, right before he licked the shell of it.

"You're so fucking big Kuzu," he whimpered softly.

Kakuzu chuckled at his words, "Yeah, but you should be used to it you filthy little cumguzzling slut. You should be able to take my dick like a pro by now, my sweet little whore."

I rolled my eyes at the two of them, "Will someone just start fucking moving please?" I ground out irritably.

Without pulling out, Hidan ground his hips against me, somehow managing to work his way deeper into me. This movement pulled a moan out of my diaphragm, and Hidan just smiled wickedly.

"I think Taro here is a little slut as well, Kuzu. Look at him, I'm hardly even moving and he's already moaning," Hidan teased me slightly.

His words were quickly followed by a moan of his own, as Kakuzu slammed his long cock in Hidan's tight ass.

"That's nice Hidan, but I'm not fucking him, I'm fucking you, so get your ass moving," Kakuzu growled threateningly in Hidan's ear, the end of his sentence punctuated by yet another deep thrust.

Hidan complied with his partner easily, and pulled out until only his head remained in my entrance before smashing into me again. Another noise escaped from my lips, and my hips thrust back, trying to bring him even deeper. The older male smiled down at me, and began to pick his pace up, while looking for my prostate. He found it within a couple of thrusts and in no time had me a in a wiggling mess. With every thrust I would let out another mewl of pleasure, as would Hidan because Kakuzu would relentlessly pound himself into Hidan.

Just like our first session, it took some time before the two of them were able to match each other's thrusts, but the moment they did, it felt like heaven. Each time Hidan would shove himself into me, Kakuzu would push into him, pushing Hidan into me as deeply as possible. With every roll of the elder's hips, I would roll mine up to meet his. As we continued with this, my cock only grew harder, especially when Hidan would hit my prostate head on. My weeping dick needed release, and I ran my hand down to grab it.

I began to pump in time with Hidan's thrusts, rubbing my thumb over the leaking fluids. Pleasure raked its way through my body, forcing my eyes to close, and bringing forward thoughts of someone else fucking me. Blonde hair falling in the way of cloudy, lust filled green eyes, an innocently loving expression on his face as he thrust into me. Suka. His voice rang out clearly through my head, calling my name, and this was enough to send me spiraling out of control for a second time.

My climax tore through my body, leaving me breathless and exhilarated; also setting off a chain reaction. Cum spurted all over my hand, Hidan's stomach, and mine. The muscles of my ass clenched around Hidan as tightly as possible, making his thrusts become erratic. A few pushes later and I could feel Hidan emptying himself into me, as he called out Kakuzu's name; the same happened for Kakuzu, he reached his climax, calling Hidan's name.

Just like Kakuzu, the first time, the Jashinist filled me to the brim with him cum, and only pulled out when he made it completely through his body spasms. Each male collapsed on either side of me, snuggling up to me like I was a teddy bear, and throwing a possessive arm around my torso. We were all tired to give a damn about the mess on the sheets, and it was something we would take care of once we were far more rested.

"Fuck that was fun," Hidan said, his voice completely relaxed and happy.

All I could do was nod silently in agreement; he was right it had been fun, and exhausting.

"Mmm, yes very fun," Kakuzu agreed sleepily.

Hidan sat up rather quickly, and looked down at Kakuzu, whose eyes were already shut.

"Kuzu," Hidan whispered.

The male he called for, opened an eye to look at him, "Yes Hidan?"

The male with silver hair blushed lightly, "May I have one more kiss before you slip off to sleep?" He asked shyly.

At those words, Kakuzu opened both of his eyes to look at the Jashinist. A small smile spread across his lips as he leaned over and kissed Hidan; it was a small chaste kiss, nothing like the ones we had all shared earlier.

"Yes of course, my love," Kakuzu whispered against Hidan's lips.

Hidan smiled at Kakuzu before his body fell next to mine again. I turned and smiled at both of them. They each grinned at me, before kissing me on each cheek at the same time.

"Welcome to the Akatsuki," Hidan mumbled, before shutting his eyes.

"Yes, welcome to the Akatsuki," Kakuzu muttered as he did the same as his partner.

My eyelids began to sag over my eyes, feeling like lead. The sleep that had eluded me when I first woke up this morning came at full force, like a hurricane. Blackness consumed me, as I thought of all that had just transpired.

That had been one hell of an initiation.


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