Chapter 6: Scooby Dee and Danica Blake and Scooby dum and the Hex girls

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I woke up again just to see that I had blown up all the window glass. I have a power which allows me to blow up glass. It only happens when I'm scared or angry. There wasn't much happening except for the fact my name was now visible to me since I forgot it, it read: Lucky Alexander Knight \. I check the clock and realize that I had but five minutes. I waited five minutes and I was back seeing the story.

Daphne was excited. Today was the day that her cousin from France was coming. She was coming alone. Daphne rushes to Fred's house. She had gone home to get changed while JJ had stayed at Velma's house and Mary Jane was staying at Shaggy's house. Today the gang was going to have a normal day or at least that what Daphne hoped for.

Peter woke up to see his room. He remembered everything that happened yesterday. They had solved a giant mystery and they had gained a new member of Mystery Incorporated. Aunt May called Peter down for breakfast. He rushed out of the door to go meet the rest of Mystery Incorporated.

Shaggy was hungry. He asked Scooby "Scoob do you want bite to eat?

Scooby responded with a "Rah, Raggy." They went into the kitchen and raided the fridge. They had finished eating when Mary Jane came down ready to go to Fred's house. They ventured towards Fred house.

Velma had woken up early and by that time JJ was already up. He was making scrambled eggs. Velma ate some scrambled eggs and told him "We have to go to Fred's house." JJ responded with a shrug and was ready fast. He had put on his blue lab coat, a blue shirt and blue jeans. They went towards Fred's house.

They all arrived at Fred's house at the same time. Daphne went up to ring the doorbell. Fred answered the doorbell. They were ready and sow as he except there was minor dilemma. Daphne asked Fred "We're going to pick up Danica at the airport first right."

Before Fred could respond Scooby asked "Rhat rabout Rooby rum? Re rates raiting"

Velma interpreted by saying "We have to pick up Scooby Dee from downtown." Fred had a major dilemma but he figured out a solution.

He suggested "Velma and JJ you can go downtown to pick up Scooby Dee, Mary Jane, Shaggy and Scooby can go and pick up Scooby Dum while Peter, Daphne and I got to pick up her cousin. We'll meet back here and head to Mr. B farm to go see Crissie and the Secret Six. Everyone agreed to this plan. They spilt up to go and pick up who they needed to.

Velma and JJ went downtown to go and pick Scooby Dee. For those who don't know who she is, she is Scooby movie star cousin. Scooby loves her. Velma had arrived at the train station. Scooby Dee stepped out of the train car. In physical appearance she is a Great Dane with short white fur, blue eyes, long white tail, and pointy white ears. Scooby Dee also wears an iconic pink collar with a heart-shaped name tag. She walked up to Velma and said" Where is my cousin Scooby?"

Velma responded "He went to go pick up Scooby Dum." They all walked back towards Fred's house.

Scooby, Mary Jane and Shaggy walked towards the bus stop. They waited for Scooby Dum bus and arrived and arrived very quickly. Scooby Dum got out of the bus. For those who don't know he is Scooby's brother and Cousin. This is due to the fact that no one is sure which one he is. In physical appearance he is a Blue Merle Great Dane with spots and buck teeth and wears a red hat and a red collar with a sd. Scooby shouted to Scooby dum "Scooby Dum."

Scooby Dum responded with a ""Scooby, doobie, doo." They proceeded to do a double high five.

Shaggy said "Scooby doo and dum let's get going we have to meet Fred back at his house.

Daphne was practically jumping out of the van as soon as Fred parked. She collided with the hex girls. This included Thorn the lead singer and guitarist; she had long black hair with red highlights, teal (sometimes green) eyes, and wears a black and red dress. She is 1/16 Wiccan. This also includes Dusk who is the drummer and the backup singer. She has She has blonde hair (usually in pigtails) and wears a green dress. The final member is Luna, the keyboardist and Backup singer. She is might be of African descent, and has bright, dyed-red hair, black eyes and wears a purple dress. Their real names are in the order I mentioned them are Sally McKnight, Muffy St. James and Kim Moss.

Thorn exclaimed "Fred, Daphne and Ummmm boy I don't know" Daphne introduced them to each other"

Peter this is Thorn, Dusk and Luna also known as the Hex girls and Hex girls this is Peter Parker. What are you doing here anyway?

Thorn responded "We wanted to surprise you guys and then we got to a place called Mr. B from where we perform for him and some puppies."

Daphne exclaimed "That the exact same direction where headed up after we pick up my cousin Danica.

Thorn and the other Hex girls asked "Can we tag along to meet your cousin. Daphne responded with an okay. Dancia was waiting in front of the gate and greeted Daphne.

Danica said "Oh cousin Daphne it has been so long and I did promise it would be great to see America with you."

Daphne said "Let's go and see the rest of the gang and meet Javier Jekyll, Velma's potential boyfriend and Mary Jane."

Peter said "let's get going and go and meet the gang at Fred's house.

Danica said "Who is the cute boy?

Daphne responded "Well this is Peter; he works for a photography company and write articles about us. They all departed the airport.

The gang met up back at Fred's house. They all arrived at about the same time. They departed to go visit Shaggy's uncle unaware of the danger awaiting.


The back of the truck burst open. Electro started at the strange new figure and asked "Who are you?"

He answered "Chase Hunter the third."

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