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They flew around a corner sharply and Kari found she was having trouble keeping her food down due to Angela's questionable driving skills. "It's just up ahead, girls!" Angela cheered.
"Thank you so much" Sora mumbled as she bit her nails.
"That's a disgusting habit," Mimi scoffed "you should just get a manicure like me" she blew her nails gently and laughed.
"I'll stick my finger where the sun won't shine in a minute" Sora grumbled.
"What?" Mimi chirped.
"Nothing" Sora replied in a false happy voice.
"From my calculations the portal will be open in the next minute and only open for around five minutes" Yolei announced as she looked up from her phone, which was on the calculator setting, and to the rest of the group.
"Then we have plenty of time to have fun!" Kari cheered.
"I'm getting sick of these mood swings" Sora complained.
"Actually, Kari can't control the changes in her emotional state. It's all due to hormonal levels which tend to fluctuate much more in females than males." Yolei told the group.
"What happened to the cute, happy Kari I knew?" Sora grumbled.
"She slept with T.K" Kari paused as she realised what she had just admitted.
"What?" the rest of the car, including Angela, yelled.
"Aren't you a little too young?" Angela asked.
"You slept with Matt's brother?" Sora's jaw dropped.
"I didn't want to hear that!" Yolei wailed.
"Was that before or after I made a move?" Mimi quizzed. Kari sighed.
"It was ages ago," she twiddled her thumbs "he was just so sweet to me but then he didn't even call me afterwards"
"What an idiot" Sora grumbled.
"Men are the worst" Mimi and Angela chimed in unison.
"Chocolate has chemicals which can increase mood?" Yolei suggested but suddenly the car skidded and all of them were thrown forwards, only barely restrained by their seatbelts, until the car came to a complete stop.

"We're here, good luck girlies!" Angela pressed a button on her steering wheel and all of the doors opened.
"Thank you, sorry for sneezing on your dashboard" Sora sheepishly said as she climbed out.
"Let's go!" Kari ran off and Mimi and Yolei ran after her.

Sora opened the bag and the three Digimon burst out as they rounded the corner to the park. "It was so stuffy in there" Palmon mumbled as she stumbled about.
"Kari, wait up!" Gatomon bounced powerfully through the air and landed on Kari's shoulder.
"Yolei, you're going to get hurt!" Hawkmon called as he hobbled along with Sora and Palmon behind the other four. As they came out into the park they spotted at least twenty Apemon and a strange larger Digimon with them. The Digital Portal was open but the Digimon stopped entering as soon as they noticed that the girls were in the park. The Digimon in the middle of them was one that they hadn't seen before. It was a white wyvern covered in strange gold and red bands all along its slender body. It had a spiky collection of green hair in between the wings growing out from behind its head. A gold object was attached to the end of its tail, almost like it was a rattlesnake, except this was spiked and looked deadly.

Yolei checked her Digivice "Quetzalmon, a Mythical Digimon. Fairly timid but easily provoked. Attacks include: Freezing Wave and Toltec Wind" she announced to the group.
"Where's Biyomon!" Sora yelled.
"Let us deal with this, you don't have a Digimon" Mimi patted her friend on the shoulder. "Ready girls?" she called.
"For what?" Yolei said with a look of mild confusion.
"Super sexy attack!" Mimi and Kari threw off their clothes in unison and posed provocatively towards Quetzalmon and the group of Apemon. The – mostly naked – girls sent the Apemon into a violent frenzy and caused Quetzalmon to be left unable to think. "Now, Palmon" Mimi called to her partner. Hawkmon carried Palmon over the group of Digimon
"Stench Attack!" Palmon turned yellow and then yellow gas became to fly out of her mouth at a rapid rate and blanket the area containing their enemies in a pungent aroma which knocked the whole group out.
"That is unpleasant" Hawkmon wriggled his nose as he flew Palmon back to the group.

"That's so gross" Kari held her nose.
"At least it worked" Mimi replied with a grin.
"I've smelled worse" Sora announced.
"I'm not going to question that" Yolei laughed.
"Now to finish off the big boss!" Gatomon pounced through the air "Lightning Paw!" she punched Quetzalmon and finished off the white snake-like Digimon but found herself on the floor due to the gas shortly after.
"I can't see Biyomon!" Sora yelled.
"I don't recall seeing the pink avian either" Hawkmon said as he landed back down.
"Biyomon!" Sora called.
"We've got no time, let's go through the portal!" Kari yelled as she charged through the quickly dissipating yellow gas and dived into the portal. Gatomon pounded after her partner, which left the others with no choice but to follow.
"I wish Tai and Izzy were here" Sora muttered.
"I miss Matt, T.K and Joe" Mimi whispered.
"You guys are forgetting Davis, Cody, and Ken" Yolei added as the three dived through the portal. Palmon grabbed hold of Hawkmon's hand.
"Let's go!" she cheered.
"Shouldn't we check it's safe!" Hawkmon protested as he was dragged through the portal by force. It snapped shut behind them and Quetzalmon grinned weakly.
"It worked."


Yolei was the first to wake and find out they were in a very dark damp place. The floor stunk of mould and the walls had moss growing in between the bricks. She slowly woke up to see her friends around her scattered about across the ground. She blinked a few times and then saw that there were bars which made up the fourth wall. "We're in a cage?" she muttered wearily. She slowly sat up and rubbed the dirty water off the side of her face. "Hello?" she called but there was nothing but an echo as a reply. "Hawkmon, wake up" she urged her partner, who was lay next to her, gently.
"I'm awake, I'm awake" he burst to his feet and then fell onto his bum next to Yolei "Why are we in a dismal surrounding?" he asked slowly.
"I don't know but I think we should wake up the others" Yolei walked over to Sora and knelt down next to her and gave her a shake and her partner did the same to Palmon so that they could slowly work their way through the group.

"At least my manicure is okay" Mimi mused as she looked her nails over.
"I can't cope with all this!" Kari yelled as she paced back and forth. Sora looked over at her and sighed as the muddy water dripped from her face.
"Let's just think about this rationally, can we Digivolve our partners?" Yolei suggested.
"Good idea, let's go, Gatomon!" Kari yelled as she produced her Digivice.
"Gatomon Digivolve to" Gatomon spun around a little and then fell onto her bum "Gatomon" she looked sheepish.
"How did we get those strange Digivolutions from before?" Mimi asked.
"It was when we expressed a trait and needed help" Yolei said.
"Yolei, I think I feel something…" Hawkmon muttered. "Hawkmon Digivolve to…" he was wrapped in data and his body began to change. His body became much more metal and his wings turned into arms which then caused spikes to grow out of his shoulders. White wings with a leaf-like pattern burst from his back and the feather on his head duplicated and became white with a black tip. His entire body turned red and his tail extended and became slimmer with a black tip. Spikes grew out of his knees as his legs grew and the talons became longer and spikier. A black visor appeared on his head with the symbol of knowledge carved into it in blue. "Flybeemon!" he burst out of the egg with a triumphant look. "Lightning Sting!" he arched his body so that his stinger was pointing at the bars and then lightning erupted from the tip and destroyed the bars.
"Let's go!" Kari cheered as the group rushed out.

As soon as they got out they noticed they were in a hall of empty cells and there was only one door which was at the end. The group charged down the hall with Kari in the lead and Sora reluctantly taking up the flank. As they reached the door they found it was locked. "Blast it open!" Yolei cheered to her partner who looked much more disinclined to attack the door.
"Wait, I might be able to pick the lock" Mimi told the group. She pulled a pin out of her hair and bent it between her teeth before she pushed it into the lock and began to twiddle it around. Suddenly there was a click and Mimi grinned "I knew dating the Poi brothers would work to my advantage" she grinned.
"I don't even want to know how they taught you to pick locks" Yolei shuddered.
"Well, it's an interesting story, you see. I told them I was up to do some role-play"
"Mimi, that's enough information!" Kari interjected with a look of disgust as Gatomon slowly pushed open the door.
"It's just stairs up to another door" Gatomon told the group as she began to walk up the darkened stairs. The others had trouble seeing much in this light but Gatomon's cat-like traits allowed her to have perfect vision even in this much darkness.
"Come on, Mimi, stop blabbing" Palmon chided her partner. Mimi sighed and the two followed Gatomon and Kari. Flybeemon looked at Yolei but she simply ushered him away.

"Are you alright, Sora?" Yolei asked.
"Seeing you guys with your partners makes me miss Biyomon" Sora mumbled.
"Digimon never truly die, remember?"
"That's true in the Digital World but Biyomon was in the real world" Sora's face was sullen as she remembered Wizardmon.
"Don't worry. Biyomon wouldn't go down that easy," Yolei grinned "you and her are both fighters!"
"Thanks, Yolei." Sora smiled weakly.
"Come on, we'll fall behind" Yolei rushed up the stairs so Sora followed quickly.

The door at the top was open so Gatomon gingerly pushed it open but saw two Apemon either side of the door so she pulled it back closed. "Ready?" she whispered to Palmon and Flybeemon. The two nodded and then the Digimon burst out with their partners close behind. "Lightning Paw" Gatomon smacked the one on the left
"Poison Ivy" Palmon pulled them both together with vines created from her fingers
"Needle Stinger" Flybeemon fired several copies of his stinger until the two Apemon turned into Digieggs.
"Nice work!" Yolei cheered.
"I was going to say that" Kari growled.
"Calm down" Sora stood in between them.
"I think you should all cool down" a voice whispered from across the room. The single lamp in the middle of the room swung a little from a gentle breeze and they saw the source of the voice.

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