One Year Later

"She's just so precious," Amy commented, watching Deanna hand her daughter, Kestra, a rattle. "I can't wait until my own gets here."

Will and Deanna's daughter, Kestra Elizabeth Troi Riker, was five months old. She had been named 'Kestra' for Deanna's sister who had drowned at the age of seven and 'Elizabeth' for Will's mother. Kestra was a beautiful baby, with dark brown hair like both her parents, big chocolate brown eyes like her mother, and a dimple in her chin like her father.

"It seems funny that Kestra will be our baby's aunt, although she'll only be about a year older," Matthew remarked. Amy was about three months pregnant, and she and Matthew were both very excited and happy to be starting a family.

"I think it's wonderful that Kestra will have a playmate near her own age," Will said.

Deanna smiled adoringly at her young daughter, who put the rattle in her mouth and gummed it. "To me she's such a miracle. Every time I look at her, I can hardly believe she's really mine."

Kestra had seemed to do much toward healing the rift between her parents that had begun when they had learned the truth about Matthew's parentage. Willl had lovingly supported Deanna through her somewhat difficult pregnancy and had been present for Kestra's birth. Deanna's labor had been long and painful, and Will had been there with her for the entire time, rubbing her back, coaching her, offering her ice chips to suck on. The experience had strengthened the bond between Will and Deanna, and they had grown closer than they had ever been before. Deanna had at last come to feel secure in Will's love once again.

Although it had been somewhat disconcerting for Deanna when Amy had announced her own pregnancy, and a bit of the old rivalry and insecurity had returned, Deanna had done her best to put it behind her and feel genuinely happy for them. Will, of course, had been thrilled at the prospect of becoming a grandfather.

"I feel exactly the same as you do," Will said in response to Deanna's most recent statement. "Although I do feel a bit sad that I wasn't there for Matthew when he was Kestra's age, like I should have been."

"That's all right. You'll be there for our baby. That's what's important," Matthew told him.

Deanna felt just a twinge of jealousy, which she hid with a smile. "Both our babies will have plenty of people who love them," she said as she cuddled Kestra, who chortled with glee.