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Chapter 1: The Portal

Daniel and Alex Fenton were identical twins that lived in the small city of Amity Park. It was so small, in fact, that they were the only twins within the city. Outsiders said this place was a "nice place to live" but the inhabitants knew better. And no one knew better than the twins.

What made the city not so nice you ask? Why the infestation of ghosts of course! Being the sons of Jack and Maddie Fenton, resident ghost hunters that gave the term a new meaning, they should know all there is to know about ghosts. Having heard of their existence since the day they were born, they were like experts themselves. Their parents raised them to not only believe in the existence of ghosts, but also how to hunt, fight, and study them. They knew all the tricks of the trade and could effectively hold their own against an attack from some of the lesser ghosts. They were taught by their mother karate and were working on receiving a black belt too! Ok that last part wasn't true, but they were good fighters who knew a lot about ghosts. They just wished they didn't. Honestly, Danny and Alex loved all the inventions and gadgets their parents made. They just didn't like the disappointed looks on their faces after another failed experiment. Plus, it was their duty as teenagers to automatically look indifferent towards their parents' interests. But this didn't bother Jack and Maddie; they knew when their sons were interested, no matter the façade. In fact they were happy enough that they showed any interest at all.

Their older sister, Jazz, simply wished their parents would drop the whole thing and pick a different career, though anyone who knew the Fenton's knew it wasn't going to happen. But despite her dislike for their occupation, Jazz loved her parents as much as anyone; she just didn't like it when they dragged her into their weird hobby.

In fact, they were being subjected to one of the more frequent forms of torture right now: watching, testing, and hearing a long drawn out explanation of how some invention worked. Right now, all the Fenton's were gathered in the lab, even their older sister Jazz was being forced to listen to Jack blather on and on about the new invention. They had been listening to their father rant for the past ten minutes and yet they still were yet to know what invention it was and what it did.

"This is the future, kids," he continued, drawing to a close in his long speech, "now; I know you're excited about this new invention…"

Danny and Alex exchanged a look of annoyance but did their best to hide it from their over-excited father.

"…and that is why your mother and I have called you down here for the grand unveiling!" He threw up his hands to emphasize his point.

Jazz stood up quickly, "ok I'm leaving. I am not going to subject myself to this unnecessary form of torture. I have homework and I have to work on my thesis on the psychological effect of neurotic parents." With that, Jazz stormed up the lab stairs and left.

Alex watched her leave with a bit of jealousy in his eyes, while Danny just ignored her.

"I hate it when she uses big words," Jack whispered to himself, sounding confused.

"I envy her for being able to do that and not get in trouble," Danny whispered to his brother. Alex could only nod in agreement.

"Well anyway, you boys can see the new invention." Jack went up to the giant bed sheet-curtain at the end of the lab that had been blocking the twins' view of the invention their parents had been talking about. He held the edge of the bed sheet and put on a big, goofy grin.

"I present to you…the Fenton Ghost Portal!" with that introduction, he revealed the giant octagon with orange and black stripes.

Alex and Danny stood up at that moment, eyes wide.

"Whoa," was all they could say. They had, in fact, been waiting for the completion of this particular project, but with so many other inventions being presented to them (and exploding in their faces) in the meantime, they had lost their interest in their parents' projects.

Alex walked forward to touch the giant door, the long scar on his right cheek stretching when he smiled, "what's it do again?" he questioned, totally captivated just by its sheer size. Danny walked up to him and touched the seam that ran down the middle. "You said it was a ghost portal? What's the portal lead to?"

Maddie began to explain about how it was supposed to open a door into the ghost zone, "it's sort of like a dimension just for ghosts."

"Yeah, and your mother and I think we've finally figured out how to make it work. We've tried to make one before when we were in college…but that one kind of backfired on my old college buddy. If this one won't work, we're quitting. Come on baby cakes. Let's try it out." he gestured for his wife to open the giant door and she complied.

"Doors work, that's a good sign." Maddie whispered. Jack walked up to a group of wires and picked up an extension cord and stared hopefully at the giant hole in the wall. He plugged it in, and the machine started to hum.

The noise got louder, gathering the excitement of the family until it finally was ready to turn on and…fizzle out and die.

"What!" Jack screamed out. He ran over to the opening and scanned over it, "Gah! This is so wrong!" In frustration, he kicked the side of the opening, hopping away on the other foot from the pain.

Maddie sighed deeply. "Come on Jack. I'll make you some cookies okay?" Jack continued to grumble and whine but followed his wife up the stairs. Maddie gave her sons a quick smile before speaking to them, "ok boys, I'll be back in a little bit if you want to continue checking out the portal. Just…don't touch anything while I'm gone."

The twins' nodded as they watched their parents leave. After the 'rents were gone, they looked at each other before grinning and holding up three fingers, "three…two…one…"they chorused. As soon as they said 'one', they could hear the clunky footsteps of their friend, Sam, followed by Tucker, exiting out of a nearby closet.

"Geez, I thought they would never leave!" Sam exclaimed, walking up to her two other best friends, a camera held in her hands and two pieces of fabric. She smiled evilly before holding up the fabric to reveal two jumpsuits she had found. "Alright boys, suit up. These were in that closet over there and I thought it would look more realistic if you put them on. Now go stand by that portal!"

"What!" the twins exclaimed when Sam pushed the jumpsuits into their hands. They began to protest some more, but were quickly cut off by their violet eyed friend.

"Come on guys, I gotta have a picture of ya'll by the portal. And there is no better way than with the suits! Now come on!" But seeing their apprehension, she quickly changed tactics, "ok, how about you just hold up the suits beside the portal? Does that sound fair to you?"

Knowing there was no way they were going to get out of this, the twins sighed in unison and each examined the jumpsuit in their hands.

Alex was holding the simple, traditional white with black highlights jumpsuit with his father's face, while Danny's suit was a lot more complicated. (Keep in mind the colors will be reversed after the transformation) his gloves, collar, and waistband were all green, like his brothers were black, but instead of the majority of it being white, it was mostly black. On top of that, there green swirls and lines that seemed to move when the fabric shifted (A/N: pictures would help greatly!) it was so elaborate and different from the first suit, that you wouldn't have known it was made by the same man if it weren't for Jack's smiling face on it.

"Wow, nice pick bro, I like the simplicity of it."Danny said, reaching out to pick up the hanging "arm" of the suit.

Alex smirked, "I know, trade? Yours seems better to me anyways." With a shrug, they exchanged the suits and stepped towards the portal.

"Right here, Sam" Alex asked with a hint of annoyance.

"Hmm," she held up the camera to check the angle and nodded with satisfaction. "Yup, smile!"

Sam exclaimed as she suddenly clicked the camera at the twins, leaving them dazed and momentarily blind.

"Ah! My eyes!" Alex exclaimed dramatically. Everyone rolled their eyes at him. Alex was usually the more outgoing one, making jokes to lighten the mood every now and then, while Danny was the more reserved one. Although, they were both classified as dorks and geeks, but it was mostly to the fact that the boys hung out with the gothic Sam and techno-geek Tucker. Not to mention their braniac sister and ghost loving parents.

"Ok, I showed you the portal. Can we get out of here now? Our parents could be back here any minute." Danny said with a mixture of annoyance and nervousness. The Fenton's didn't like for others to be down in the lab without them, and would most likely have grounded the boys for allowing their two friends with them. "Besides, they say it doesn't work anyway."

Alex snorted, "Like most of the other inventions around here."

Tucker and Sam walked closer to the twins and the portal but Sam was the one who spoke, "Come on, guys, a ghost zone? Aren't you curious? You gotta check it out!" Sam had moved closer and closer to the opening until she was standing right in the middle, just outside the doors.

Danny and Alex had been fighting with their curiosity ever since they had first seen the ghost portal, but had just lost their silent battle when their friend encouraged them to go inside.

They both moved forward and spoke in unison, "you know what? You're right. Who knows what kind of awesome super-cool things exists on the other side of that portal?"

Tucker shivered, "that's still weird, dudes, I hate it when you do that."

Ignoring him, the boys slipped on the jumpsuits that they had been carrying over the regular school clothes, excitement growing as the seconds passed. By the time they were ready to zip up the front; all their doubts about going in were replaced with a sense of determination that clearly showed on both of their faces.

"Hang on," Sam said with exasperation. She walked up to the confused boys and ripped away the stickers that had Jack's smiling face on the front, "you can't go around with that on your chest," she pointed disgustedly at the sticker.

Turning towards the portal again, Danny and Alex exchanged looks and smiled.

"You ready bro?" Alex asked with excitement.

"Yup, let's do this," with that, they began to enter the opening in the wall again, carefully avoiding the wires that were entering the quiet portal.

They walked side by side, shoulders touching. They each ran a hand along the wall, but it was Danny that grazed the infamous "On" button…

Suddenly, there was a click and then the machine began to quickly start up again, leaving no time for the twins to react more than exchanging confused and fearful looks. Just as they were about to run out of there, a light exploded from the back of the portal, feeling to them that flesh was being torn away from their skin.

"AAHH" their screams echoed out of the portal in pure agony.

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