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"We, what?" The twins exclaimed in unison, their disbelief evident on their visage. They were standing outside Fenton Works, watching as their parents brought box after box of things they thought they would need for their trip, wondering just how so much stuff could fit in the house let alone the car.

Maddie winced as she continued packing the different necessities into the back of the FAV. It was already packed to the brim, but that didn't mean it couldn't fit anymore objects, the Fenton's were experts in pack-rat shoving. "I know it's not what you had planned this weekend, But Vlad is one of our oldest friends, and we were very close in college." She and her husband had just finished explaining that the family was going to go to Wisconsin for their college reunion hosted by their old friend.

"That is, until the -uh- accident." Jack added sheepishly. The twins looked up at him, marveling at the amount of boxes in his arms, enough to cover his entire upper body and even a little more than that.

"What accident?" Danny questioned, he reached forward onto his tippy-toes to grab a couple boxes from the top so he could actually see his father and not worry about him tripping down the steps.

"It was our first attempt at a ghost portal." The orange-clad man dropped his boxes into the RV, grabbing the ones his son took with quick thanks. His eyes took on a faraway look as he began the tale.

"It was in the 80's…"


"I'm telling you, Jack, it won't work." A young Vlad Masters closely inspected the round proto-portal. They stood in the small college science lab that they had commandeered months in advance. Their experiments tended to get a little... Out of hand, so to speak, so they were far away from any high traffic areas for students. His large blue eyes were narrowed in suspicion, but his friend had promised the portal would work, as he most likely would assure him now.

"Bogus, V-man!" Jack cried in his usual boisterous voice. He picked up the control box that held the big red power button. He loved big red buttons.

'Right on cue,' Vlad rolled his eyes, but then smiled as his crush, Maddie, looked over the calculations he and Jack had poured over all night. Petite and stunningly beautiful, it was no wonder the young man fancied her. He watched as her eyes scanned the pages, but then she frowned and it made him wonder what had happened.

"Jack, these calculations aren't right."

Vlad barely had time to think 'Bafoon' before the word "Bonzai!" was screamed out, and his world went into a giant green swirl…

-Back to the Present-

"He was hospitalized for years with a horrible case of ecto-acne, but I think after all these years he's finally forgiven me. Now, go upstairs and pack what you want and bring it down, we gotta roll!" Jack bound up the stairs, obviously not done bringing his own things.

The boys did as they were told, if only grudgingly. They didn't understand why they had to go on this little outing, and beyond that, there was still another issue to contend with.

"We can't leave," Alex said sternly when they got to their room. He flopped onto the bed with his legs hanging off the edge, waving his hands around for emphasis. "Not with those vultures after Dad."

The night before, three ghost vultures had flown through town with some sort of hit on Jack Fenton. Needless to say, the twins weren't happy and had nearly obliterated the old birds from their anger.

"We can't stay here, either. If Dad goes, he'd be unprotected." Danny pointed out, the irony of a ghost hunter being unprotected from ghosts not lost on him. He shuffled over to the closet where the boys kept their bags ready for spur of the moment trips, which happenedoften with the nearly ADD Jack Fenton. Taking them both out, he looked at his brother to see him now lying down with his eyes closed. The elder halfa smirked, time to have some fun.

"So are you going to help pack or what?"

"Gimme a sec, I'm tired. Besides, what is there left to pack?" Alex groaned, covering his face with his hands.

"We went to sleep at the same time!" Danny commented, refrering to the first statement. He inched closer to the bed, Alex's full bag of clothes in his hand and a large smile on his face.

"Yeah, well, when you have to literally hit a bird that's trying to get away from you, without ghost rays, it gets tiring. Now leave me-oof!" The air rushed out of his lungs quickly as the duffle bag landed on his stomach, making him gasp like a fish. As he tried to gain his breath, he glared at the now laughing Danny on the floor. "Haha, very funny, ho ho, it is to laugh." he said sarcastically.

"Of course it is!" Danny said between laughs, "I'm Bugs Bunny, and you are Daffy Duck. I'm funny."

Alex's eyes burned green in anger, he was tired of his brother always acting better than him. Not bothering to answer the boy, he simply took his bag, grabbed a thermos and a few other small items, and left the room in quiet anger.

"Alex? Alex, wait up!" Danny called, still laughing. He grabbed his own bag and followed after his sibling. He mentally grabbed at the link that had formed between them, saying 'Come on, bro, it was just a joke. You do it-'


Danny froze, the mirth instantly vanished from his features and he was stunned into silence and immobility. Alex had never broken their link like that. After so many weeks with being able to pass thoughts back and forth so freely, it was like he was alone for the first time in his life. And it hurt.

He watched with sad blue eyes as his companion since birth stomped down the stairs. Of course, being that Alex was the one who owned the telepathic ability, he had control over what passed through the link, and therefore Danny had no clue as to the full reason for Alex's actions and anger.
Slowly, the older twin traversed the stairs and clambered into the van, only slightly shocked to find that Alex had taken the window seat with Jazz somehow convinced to take the middle.

This is going to be a long car-ride, Danny blew the hair out of his face, and sat down, trying to figure out what had happened between the two that made the youngest Fenton so angry at him.

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