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It was hot, to hot, wayy to hot. Percy couldn't handle it anymore, he had tried everything to keep cool. Swimming in the lake, showering in cold water, and, like all the other guys at camp, taking off his Aphrodite boys and girls looked like they were having a blast, hanging out at the beach in almost nothing at all. While the Apollo kids spent time flying around at high speeds to feel the wind in their hair. The Hephaestus kids were forced to help the Ares kids into building an A/c system, which had, so far, failed and caught on fire twice. Forcing everyone to flea to the big house.

Mr.D and Chiron were getting annoyed at the high number of people in the big house, because, as being the only cabin in the whole camp with an A/c, it was the most crowded place that day. Percy was on a couch, still shirtless, sitting with Annabeth and about a hundred other , campers, watching some movie from the 1800s. Thankfully, the A/c had not yet failed, though Percy doubted it would hold up much longer with the amount of people and body heat crammed into the 3 story building.

Annabeth, accessing her mind-reading power said, "Let's go find a more, fun, place to...ahh...hang-out." It wasn't a question and Percy wasn't questioning her. She took his hand and pulled him up the first flight of stairs and down a long hallway. She grasped the doorknob of a dusty door at the end of a long hall-way. She went into the dark room, pulling Percy in after her. Percy's face hit a string and he pulled on it turning on a bare bulb, Annabeth smashed her lips into Percy's, Percy embraced her and deeped the kiss. He pulled her up onto him, and tugged the string to turn back off the light, he pushed her up against the wall, not breaking the kiss.

When suddenly the door swung open, heat and light streamed into the room, a red frizzy-haired head peacked through and a surprised Rachel yelled, "OH MY GODS, Percy and Annabeth are making out in the broom closet!" Percy awkwardly broke away from Annabeth, she slid from his grasp, hitting the floor with a dazed thud. She got up quickly and flushed a bright red. Percy could see the heads of at least 30 Demi-Gods peaking through doorways along the hall, and many were laughing.

Thinking as quickly as his mushy brain allowed, Percy said, " By the gods, Rachel you ruin everything! Annabeth and I were having such a nice conversation and you just had to barge in, how rude Rachel, how rude." He crossed his arms, stuck up his chin, and taking a step back, swung the door closed again, leaving him in the darkness with Annabeth.

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