Beep. Beep. Beep. Flashing red lights illuminated Titans Tower as five superheroes came swarming into the main room.

"Trouble," Robin said, the corners of his mask coming down in concentration as he typed at the computer, finding the location and the villain.

Peering at the screen, Beast Boy's eyes widened, "Hey, we've never heard of this dude before! Who is it? Fairy…Gone Mother?"

"We know nothing about her. How shall she be defeated?" Starfire spoke, her green eyes wide.

Robin turned to look at her. "I don't know, but we've dealt with worse. Titans Go!"

Cars wrecked, people screaming, doors of buildings lying on hinges, it was easy finding the villain and it only helped that she was eight stories tall and fat. The gigantic, grandmotherly type of lady hovered in midair above a destroyed street, a wand sprinkling sparkles clutched in her right hand, her eyes glinting with mischief. "Ooo, what have we here? More people here for wishes?" she crooned, her gaze lingering on the five Titans.

"Wrong, in fact, when you're finished, you'll be wishing for a wish." Robin retorted.

They sprang into action. Starfire flew into the air, throwing a frenzied attack of starbolts, darting in and out of Fairy Gone Mother's plump arms while Beast Boy shifted into an enormous green T-Rex, stomping towards the woman, hundreds of sharp, pointy teeth clicking together.

Cyborg positioned his sonic cannon and fired multiple shots. Robin, himself, raced straight at Gone, bird-a-rangs coming out as he kicked and punched at the lady's pointy toed shoes. Raven followed swiftly, her eyes glowing white, as she brought her hands outward at Gone, "Azarath Metrion Zin-" her words were cut off by a yell from Robin.

"Raven, the people!" his voice rose commandingly, having spotted the villain's latest victim, a small crowd watching the Titans fight.

Raven quickly directed her power into a black shield around the people just as Gone's spell struck. It dissolved and the heroes breathed a sigh of relief, glad not to have more issues to deal with.

However, more problems began to rise up…

Robin, in mid attack, was caught by surprise, literally, in the fat, ringed hands of Fairy Gone and flung at surprising speed, through the air, knocking Cyborg down, who was reloading, with an "Oomph!"

Starfire and Beast Boy weren't having much success either. Despite Starfire's persistence and ability to throw starbolts at the speed of a meteoroid crashing on Earth, Gone had just laughed at her attempt and with a wave of her wand, turned all her starbolts into shiny, floating bubbles. Beast Boy was busy dodging the woman's humongous feet, which crumbled the street to bits as she walked. One kick from her launched him straight into the air and back down, painfully, onto pavement.

Raven wasn't even trying. Her back was turned towards the fight, her eyes only on the scared people. She concentrated deeply on maintain the black bubble around the crowd as she spoke to them. "Okay, calm down. will be fine, just…err, go through that alley to the other side of the fight and then go home. Hear me? I'll create a black wall to protect you at least for the moment. Go!"

The citizens were jolted from fear by the hardness in her voice and ran as one, down the alley. Raven raised her hands, forming a black wall connecting the two adjourning buildings and sealing off the alley. She paused momentarily when she heard the voices.

"RAVEN!" Four people screamed and she turned around, her arms dropping, as she looked past the wand pointed directly at her, straight into the eyes of a grinning lady called Fairy Gone Mother.

Gone mouthed "Good bye," and brought her wand down, just as someone tackled Raven from the side. She felt a tingling sensation and then black.

Five minutes before.

Four Teen Titans watched in horror as the twinkling, happy lady twirled her wand to her next victim. Unaware, unarmed, and always unfazed Raven.

"Raven!" They cried in sync, watching her turn too late towards the spell.

Beast Boy was the closest. With a gasp of horror, he shifted into a cheetah and began running full speeds toward her. It was instinct. He didn't have time to think. He just acted. Time seemed to slow down, the cries of the others growing faint, the smile of Fair Gone Mother just curving slightly as the spell made its way lazily towards her, Raven, whose hands were frozen at her side. He reached out to her, almost there…just barely touching her, too late, as the trick hit both of them full force…

And they were gone. Vanished. Disappeared.

Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire hadn't moved, still in stunned silence, the sudden turn of events still processing.

Starfire was the first to do something.

"Where are you going?" Robin asked.

"To find my friends," Starfire said curtly, about to fly towards where Raven and Beast Boy had vanished.

"Star, no, wait." Robin called. Starfire stopped.

Cyborg's face was red. He spoke quietly, "They're not there, they're gone, there's no point in looking. We saw it." He paused, taking a deep breath, before continuing, "I say someone needs to pay. Fight first, ask questions later, and make sure she understands she shouldn't have messed with us." He was nearly yelling by the end.

Starfire dropped onto the ground and turned to look at Cyborg and Robin, her pretty face hardening. "Yes,"

Robin yelled, "No holding back, Titans Go!", punching the air and the three remaining heroes raced off, fighting with renewed force and energy.

It was over relatively quick.

Cyborg fired a shot, knocking her wand away. Robin, then, launched a grappling hook onto her, climbing and with his free hand, attacking with a long gray pole. Starfire threw a sizzling green ball of energy at Gone, following up with dozens of starbolts. With Fairy Gone Mother's wand gone, she seemed to lose control. Her smile turned to a frown, her gray curls began to shake with fear, and with every attack they placed on her, she shrunk and shrunk and shrunk, until she was the size of an average human being.

She turned and tried to run, only to find her way blocked by a wall. Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg slowly advanced. She cowered.

"Where have you taken them?" Robin growled, his hand reaching up to lock around her throat, pinning her to the wall. His nose was an inch from her face, his teeth clenched. "Answer me!"

"Robin?" Starfire said softly, "You're choking her," Gone's face had been turning bright red, her hands tugging frantically at the green gloved hand encircling her throat.

Robin dropped his hand and lowered his head. His voice came back, controlled, "Where are they? Is this some sort of trick?"

The villain opened her mouth, about to speak, when Cyborg interrupted her, "Ooh…look, her wand!"

Robin didn't even look, just spoke coolly, "Break it…to bits."

"No!" Fairy gasped, just as Cyborg was about to bring it down to his knees. He stopped. "If you break it, they will be gone forever." Cyborg, quickly, immediately, began to cradle the wand in his large hands.

Robin's face turned towards Cyborg for just an instant, and in that split second, Fairy Gone Mother disappeared. "No!" he cried, cursing. He kicked the wall in anger, where Gone was before and…stubbed his toe. "Arghh!"

"Robin, are you alright?"

Robin winced, "Fine…"

There was silence. "Now what?" Cyborg finally groaned.

Robin gazed at his meager group, now painfully smaller, before speaking. "We go home. We have a lot of research to be done and training as well. We need to make sure Gone doesn't escape the next time and that cases like this don't happen again."

Cyborg and Starfire just nodded, still gazing around the ruined crime scene, searching still hopefully for their friends.

No one was there.

Blackness. Raven was sitting in blackness, a pool of it. She slowly got up, her head hurting terribly. "What happened?" she breathed. "Hello? Anyone there?" She blindly walked around, trying to bump into something, anything. Nothing. She started to feel scared. She closed her eyes and the next moment, beneath her closed eyelids, brightness flooded in. Someone's soft lips were on hers, kissing her gently. She almost relaxed into it, forgetting what had happened, she was so surprised…almost.

Her eyes fluttered open in shock, taking in her surroundings. The tight white dress she had on, the crowd of people sitting behind her, to the wide eyed, green skinned, pointy eared boy in front of her.