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And that's why we came here." Robin explained, finishing recounting the long story.

Batman nodded. Cyborg polished off the last cookie, before saying, "So do you have information? You're the best chance we've got… I mean Rae and BB are like our bro and sis… not in that order, but yeah!"

Batman glanced from each hopeful face to the next and nodded curtly, saying knowingly, "When do I not have info?" and got up. Alfred picked up the empty cookie tray to whisk off to the kitchen. "Follow me."

He strode off, the Teen Titans following him, fragments of color behind the dark figure, to an obscure elevator, which took them down into his secret lair.

Cyborg nearly cried at the sight of the Bat Mobile, Starfire squealed at the high tech equipement, and Robin merely walked by.

Batman sat at a computer screen and tapped away intently as Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire crowded around him. "Fairy Gone Mother… Mother Mae Eye… nooo… found it." He turned to look at them and spoke directly, "This isn't everything. She usually deletes the stuff so no one can find anything about her. My files are hack proof, but I still had to get my info from eyewitnesses. I hope this won't disappoint."

Starfire nodded, her green eyes staring straight at him, and spoike firmly, "Every little bit counts." Cyborg and Robin bobbed their heads and murmured agreement.

"Ok," Batman said, "her wand is her source of power, without it, she can't do anything."

Robin interrupted, "But she disappeared without her wand, because we took it."

"Let me finish, Robin." Batman said, "If it's within a couple feet, she can do minor tricks. Now, was it close by?"

"Yes…" Robin muttered, flustered.

"Now, she's called Gone because her victims disappear. She's called Fairy Gone Mother because while a fair god mother makes wishes come true, she does the opposite. She makes what they hate true, placing them in an alternate-reality universe."

"Woah, Whoa, what?" Cyborg asked, "you mean they're not even here… in this world?"

Batman nodded curtly.

"Another question, how long do they disappear?"

"Between 1-2 months, long enough for Gone to meddle in their lives, steal their things, cause chaos, disorder, you know, typical criminal stuff."

"And go through this miserable life at the same time? That's –" Cyborg's mouth moved furiously.

"Well, not necessarily," Batman cut in, shie picks one thing they hate, and it can be anything from candy to samurai kidnapper killers. They can't die in that world, but they don't know that."

"So you are saying it can be minor or serious? She is a chlorbag! How can she makes omeone feel so terrible? That is a most mean thing to do." Starfire said, her eyes flashing.

"Yeah, you're right, so that's why we're going to find her." Robin said, slamming his fist into his palm. "Do you know where she is?"

"I'm afraid not, however, I do think… wait, is the wand at your place? If it is, then she'll come to you. She can't wreck havoc without her wand, so use it as bait, then catch her." Batman stood up, "It's getting late…"

"Oh, we're leaving," Robin said immediately to his former instructor and all time role model.

Batman floated to the exit, opened it to let them out, and when they were almost through, he spoke again. "I would help, but I think you have a fine leader in Robin (Robin beamed) 2) I've been rather caught up with my own work, and 3) you know it, Robin.

Robin nodded, his masked eyes never leaving Batman's face.

"You work alone."


Raven yawned, rubbing her eyes as the plane intercome blared. "We'll be landing in Bei Jing in 5 minutes. Wo men wu feng zhong jiu dao Bei Jing." Her neck hurt and even though she slept a while, she was still very tired.

"Beast Boy wake up." She said, shaking the green teen. He was conked out, drool hanging out of his mouth. "Beast Boy… we're landing." No response. She sighed, reached over, and promptly whacked him across the head.

He immediately jerked up, "Wha-wha what? I'm ready for practice Robin… just five more… oh Raven, whoops…"

Raven surpressed a smirk. "Kinda wish you were there now, huh?" Her voice had nuances of nostalgia.

Beast Boy shook his hair and stretched, before responding, a small grin on his face. "Nah, I love hanging around with you." He slung an arm around her.

She shrugged it off. "Get ready all the bags, we're landing, and from the looks of it, it's raining." She leaned over him to look out the window.

"k," he said, starting to pick up trash and rummaging around the floor for his backpack. "Is it just me, or am I still…" He yawned, "tttt-tired?"

"Jet lag," Raven said curtly, grabbing her bag. She stood up, slinging the black sloucy bag over her shoulder. "That's it right? Everything else, we've got to get at the airport." She scanned the area one last time, before gliding down the aisle gracefully.

Beast Boy followed, tripping over his luggage, nearly hitting someone in the head. "Sorry…so-" He yawned again. "RAVEN, WAIT UP!" He stumbled out, gave a quick nod to the flight attendant, and rushed to catch up.

"Raven, can we get something to eat, please? I'm hungry." Beast Boy whined, trotting to keep up with Raven's quick pace.

"Well… I am kind of hungry. Why don't we eat here? Hopefully, it'll stop raining by then."

"Okay..oooh McDonalds! It says it receives English orders!" Beast Boy ran excitedly over to the small area.

Raven said to herself, "of all the famous Chinese restaurants he could've chosen, he picked McDonalds… typical." She sat at a high table, swiveling the chair as Beast Boy waited for the food. She tried not to think of the last few days. She missed Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg. She missed the familiar T shaped building. She missed her books and her bed.

"Bon appetite." Beast Boy said, sitting across from her. He slid a salad, an iced tea to her while he himself held the tiny McDonalds toy with glee in his hands.

"Bon appetite, but close enough." Raven said, bringing her salad in front of her, allowing herself a small smile at east Boy's enthusiasm. The salad wasn't half bad; the iced tea was a different story. She choked down the first sip, before setting it far, far away from her.

Beast Boy's energy seemed to run out. He nearly nodded off after the first bite, struggling hard against his battle with sleep. Raven noticed and spoke up, "Umm… Beast Boy, how about I get the rest of the bags… you just rest."

Beast Boy moaned, "No, I'll get it, just never mind." He slumped down, putting his head on the table.

"Watch the bags," she called as she walked away.


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