I wouldn't reccomend reading this unless you have seen at least some of the Danny Phantom and Dragon booster episodes.


Danny was flying through the ghost zone at one hundred and twenty five miles per hour (he broke his record). His spectral tail was weaving back and forth as he dodged the many purple doors that each lead to a ghost's lair or another dimension. Breathing heavily, he chanced a glance behind him and saw that the Fright Night was gaining on him.

Panicking at the sight of the purple flaming knight of Halloween, Danny put on another burst of speed, but he was slowly running out of energy.

A wide open purple door with a golden portal in it suddenly blocked his path, his only chance of escape...

Taking a deep breath he zoomed through the open door and straight into the strange portal.

Now he was tumbling through a world of blinding golden light... but other colours soon joined the party: Green, Brown, Purple, Black, Red, Blue, White, Orange, Brown and Gray.

The swirling lights began to race around him, and Danny felt like he was being electrocuted.

Danny screamed out in agony as the lights zoomed faster and faster and his body crackled with electricity, and then everything went black...

When Danny awoke, searing pain in his muscles welcomed him.

Memories began to flood Danny's mind and he remembered that he had gone through a portal filled with bright light and electricity...

Groaning in pain he slid open his heavy eye lids and observed his surroundings: He was in a very strange type of city... glowing signs with strange letters were across the city, Danny guessed that these were some kind advertisments. Danny was laying on a dark green street, and a few coloured giant reptiles were running across the street at fast speeds, and with a second glance Danny realized that people were riding the reptiles.

Danny slowly and painfully got to his feet and then realized two very strange things: First of all, that all the sudden he felt... powerful, He felt like his muscles were strong enough to let him run for hours and hours without stopping. Second, he realized that he was standing on all fours for some reason...

Looking at his feet, he saw black and white claws. Danny let out a yelp and fell backwards onto his butt in suprise.

I have... claws? he thought.

Standing up again, he looked around for some sort of mirror so he could see his reflection. Spotting a window in a shop displaying some odd looking gagdets (gear), he walked over to it.

Staring back at him in the window was a giant black reptile with white stripes across it's body and glowing green eyes. (He looks like beau except he was WHITE stripes instead of gold.)

That can't be... me!

Danny blinked his eyes once and the giant lizard did the same. Next he shook his head and the reptile copied him flawlessly yet again. There was no denying it... Danny was a giant lizard.

Suddenly Danny saw the reflection of another reptile behind him with a black rider on it's back slowly creep up on him.

Danny turned his head and saw the dark skinned man point something green on his arm at him before a green circular object burst out of it and latched itself onto Danny's chest. Three thin glowing green ropes sprung out of the green object on Danny's chest and attached themselves to the wall behind Danny, keeping him in place. (That is green trapping gear).

WHAT THE HECK! thought Danny.

The black man on the dark reptile grinned triumphantly.

"Gotcha..." he murmured under his breath.

Cain was riding his black dragon Coershun through the streets of Mid City, when he saw something that made him pull Coershun to a screeching stop.

He could not believe his eyes! The Black and Gold Dragon of Legend was looking into a window of a racing gear store, without it's rider!

If I could capture him, Moordryd would be so pleased!

Cain was so excited he thought he might laugh with happiness but all that excitment was suddenly blown away when he realized that this dragon was not the Gold Dragon, this dragon had a white and black design on it's skin instead of black and gold.

Dissapointment replaced Cain's giddyness, he had been sooo hoping that this dragon might be the Dragon of Legend.

Well maybe I can catch this dragon anyways... he dosen't seem to have a rider and he sure looks like the Black and Gold Dragon. Cain thought silently in his head.

Making his decision, Cain got Coershun to creep up on the black and white dragon as silently as possible from behind.

The black and white male dragon must have seen their reflection, because he turned around and looked at them intently with strange glowing green eyes.

Cain raised his left arm with the green trapping gear on it and pointed it at the dragon's chest. With a ping the gear shot itself out of the band on Cain's arm and trapped the dragon against the walls of the store.

"Gotcha..." murmured Cain in silent victory.

More to come soon! Sorry, it's hard to describe the Dragon Booster World... but I tried my best!

Also, Danny's anger problems ch. 6 is almost done!

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