Gemma, Ann and Felicity stand in the familair cave, holding hands in a tight, lop-sided circle, breathing as deeply as they used to when they entered the realms several years ago. The cave is the same; the ancient doodles splashed upon the walls, the humidity still very much at large, the drops of lukewarm water falling freely from the ceiling.

It had been a few years since they had last entered the realms, after their years were Spence Academy were finished, after they battled the evil from the Winterlands, after they had all gone their seperate ways... they are all about the age of 21 now, and they have all grown into their beauty. Even Ann seems to look better, her expression is now more relaxed and joyful, not pain and tence.

In the secrecy of Felicty's tent, a spot the girls gathered, what seems now, a very long time ago, they had discussed in secrecy when they were going to meet again and enter the Realms. It was about the last day of school's free period, when Felicity's charm was at its highest. She swayed Gemma to make a date with her and Ann, so she could see Pippa after she had wed and Ann can see herself beautiful. Ann had remained quiet, but Gemma could see in her down-looking eyes a mix of tears and fire.

"Gemma, please, you'll get to go for the rest of your years, and Ann and I might never see them again... please Gem." Felicity had pleaded. "I want to see Pip, and I do believe Ann wishes to see herself beautiful once more."

Gemma bit at her lip, knowing it would be nice to go back with her friends, but she was still unsure of it.

"Please." Ann's hoarse voice was carried up with a breeze, it blew into her ears with such gentleness and wanting, Gemma finally caved.

"Alright." Gemma said nodding. "Four years from now, on this very day, we will meet at the cave and enter the realms. Agreed?" 'Agreed' did not sound so much like a question, but a statement from a mother letting her child have candy after they begged for a half hour.

Felicity profusely thanked her, then leaned across the tent to give her a kiss on the cheek. Ann sat silent again, but her brown-black eyes looked up from her twidling thumbs and whispered her gratitude.

Gemma had learned to enter the Realms without a ceremony, nor hand holding, after they departed from Spence, but she's doing it now for old time's sake. She feels Ann's sweat against her palm, sticky and thin. Felicty's hand, meanwhile, remains dry and dainty, her fingers slighty curled, so her neat and filed fingernails rest on the lines of Gemma's palm.

'Time to concentrate,' Gemma thinks, and she closes her eyes, picturing the door of light that had whisked them away to the Realms in their teenage years. It appears, and Gemma brakes the circle, walking across its middle toward the door.

She puts her hand on the door's nob, its warmth spreading through her veins. She slowly pulls the door open, cautiously and apprehesively, she hadn't been to the realms in a good while, herself. She had been busy training her magic, letting it course through her system only to harness it. She was practicing for a very special reason, one she'd have to discuss with Felicicty and Ann before she'd ever attempt it.

"Come now, Gemma!" Felicity say excitedly, "Open the door! Oh, i wish to see what has become of the Realms!"

This pulls Gemma out of her worried thoughts and she quickly throws the door open, a blinding light shining through the doorframe. Even though it burns their eyes, they smile and climb through the door.