I cringed as almost immediately a light knock sounded on the door my head had been rested upon. I turned to look at Charlie and raised a single finger to my lips, signalling to him that he needed to stay quiet, at his nod I opened the door.

Sulpicia strode in smiling from ear to ear as I knew she would be. My heart gave a painful lurch at the thought of playing into her hands, but it couldn't be helped and she knew it.

"You called?" She looked at her red nails in boredom, not even acknowledging Charlie who sat behind her.

I took a deep breath and pushed my emotions to one side, before nodding at her and closing the door. "I need your help."

Her gaze assessed me in a calculating manner. "Yes, I know. I had wondered how long it would take you to figure it out."

"I can't leave, not with the compulsion on me." I said, hoping she would lead me right to the answer without making me say it. My hope was in vain however as she stood there in silence, merely regarding me with interest. I sighed and continued. "It serves both of our agendas if you can see to it that my compulsion is removed. You can be Queen of the castle again and I will leave with my Father."

She laughed at me in a condescending manner as she approached, her taller form towering over me. "I hate to break this to you dear, but only your maker can break you from your compulsion to obey."

I growled at her in frustration, meeting her eyes and letting her feel the power pulse around me. "You can get Chelsea to break my ties to Aro."

I saw surprise light up her features before she hid it behind her usual perfect mask. "Mm, and how do you propose I do that?"

"Let's stop pretending, shall we? You're her maker. You can command her to do so." I felt my anxiety rise as I watched her, it wouldn't be in my best interests to bait her. I needed her help regardless of our distain for each other.

"Who told you?" She asked, then caught herself and waved her own question away. "It doesn't matter. Chelsea is loyal to Aro and Aro alone."

I shook my head at her. "She is loyal to you. Don't try denying it." I knew Chelsea hadn't broken her own compulsion to obey sulpicia, she adored her too much. That was precisely the reason Aro had kept Sulpicia around for so long, because he knew that without her and Chelsea his coven would fall apart.

Her eyes flashed and she advanced on me, her teeth bared. "Why would I help you now? You have fallen from Aro's favour, you are no more trouble to me than a rat." I felt the truth of her words punch a hole through my stomach, but I remained strong.

"Because whilst I am in the castle he will still have access to me, eventually I could change his mind about Charlie. I could even turn my Father and he would be accepted because I am the strength behind the Volturi now." Contempt sparked in her eyes and I knew I had won. "However I do not want to do that unless I am forced. I wont condemn my Father to a fate he does not want. I will leave with him, if you can break my ties to Aro."

I watched and waited as Sulpicia thought through my proposition and her options, I could see the frustration in her eyes as she realised the only way to get rid of me was to do what I wanted. She seemed to war with herself for hours before finally she whispered the name of her protege.

When Chelsea arrived she seemed momentarily disoriented and confused, before her eyes lit upon Sulpicia stood at my side, with Charlie sat behind us on the edge of the bed and comprehension dawned. "He wont be happy." Was all she said to Sulpicia before taking my hand within hers.

"I didn't realise your power was tactile?" I murmured, trying to break the awkward silence that had descended.

She smiled at me softly, almost sadly. "It isn't usually, but your bond is so strong it is better to be safe and ensure you're getting the full blast of it." She smirked wryly before closing her eyes in concentration.

It felt like a bubble within my chest was expanding, swelling larger and faster and all I could picture was blowing bubbles with my Mother when I was a child. When it finally popped I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders whilst a sadness had settled in my stomach at the loss. I sighed and nodded in thanks to Chelsea.

"You had better leave quickly, he will realise something is wrong."

I didn't even wait for her to finish her sentence before I sped around the room and packed the duffel bag i'd had when I arrived here with the essentials. I held my hand out to Charlie and when he took it I flipped him around onto my back, his grip loosened around my neck before tightening as I ran toward the window and jumped out of it. The cool air of the night was welcome upon my cheeks as I ran without looking back, I wasn't even sure of my destination but I knew we couldn't stay in Italy and America wasn't an option anymore.

Though a visit when everything had died down wouldn't go amiss, now I was free of the Volturi castle and my compulsion I could feel the anger at Edward Cullen building. He would pay for what he had done.

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