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A year later.

Today is my wedding day. Today is my wedding day. Oh my god. Today is my wedding day. I'm getting married. I'm going to be someones wife. Forever.

These thoughts span through my head and I felt my knees weaken beneath me and decided it was probably a good idea if I sat down before the decision was taken from me. I breathed in the beautiful, crisp summer air to calm my nerves and taste the world around me on my tongue. As I felt the panic recede I looked up to observe my surroundings.

I was sat in a clearing within the woods that surrounded the sprawling Volterra estate, the sun beat down upon my skin making it glitter like a thousand diamonds. Thankfully whilst on Volturi land, I didn't have to hide for there was no risk of being seen and so I wore a delicate sundress; my shoulders, arms and legs were exposed to the light and it felt wonderful on my skin.

Delicate ivory chairs sat in perfect identical rows which felt like they went on forever, contrasting red sashes of the smoothest silk were tied around each chair, adding a touch of the Volturi colors to the scene. I didn't mind though, I was proud to be a part of their coven. Between the rows of chairs, draped upon the ground was the aisle; a wonderfully soft and luxurious white material that felt far too expensive to be laying on the forest floor.

At the head of the aisle was the altar, a large pillar also in white with the most beautifully ornate carvings that I had ever seen. Jane had it specially crafted by hand with a depiction of our wedding scene and the ancient Volturi words written in a long dead language. Apparently it was to be a monument of the occasion. I had let Jane loose with her frivolity, after all Aro had assured me money was no object and whilst I may not have chosen many of the expensive, designer adornments I appreciated them nonetheless. Jane really did have wonderful taste and the setting looked beautiful, tasteful and elegant.

I could hardly believe I had made it to this moment and yet at the same time found it remarkable I had managed to postpone it for so long. Aro had been adamant he wanted to marry me as soon as possible, but I had wanted time first to appreciate our newly fledged equal relationship before I tied myself to him forever. It had been a wonderful year and he had grown so much, his humanity returning to him little by little every day. Whilst he was still feared and respected he also knew forgiveness, kindness and empathy. The insanity that had lingered on the edge of his gaze had now all but vanished, except perhaps in only the most dire of situations.

I didn't think i'd ever been happier.

But that didn't stop me from panicking.

"You look beautiful Bella." Jane whispered as she stared at me in the mirror, her expression a little awestruck.

"You've done an amazing job Jane. Everything is perfect." I felt a genuine rush of affection for the girl that had become my closest friend in Volterra, especially over the last year; as I looked between her and myself through the reflective surface.

I ran my perfectly manicured hands down over the fine, delicate lace of my dress. It had been handmade, Jane insisted on nothing less and hid the price of it from me with tenacious determination. I still struggled to understand how they had created a dress that was whiter than my skin tone, especially now in my Vampire form; but they had managed it. The color was so pure and beautiful that I was sure that once I was stood in the sunlight it would shine just as my skin did.

By the request of my future husband I had forgone a veil, he strongly disliked the idea of my face being covered as I walked toward him and so I had acquiesced to appease him. My deep chocolate colored curls laid upon my shoulders, free of restraints; again at Aro's request and it contrasted perfectly against my skin and dress. I actually felt as beautiful as Jane had tried to tell me I was.

"He's going to fall in love with you all over again." Jane breathed, her crimson eyes scouring every detail of my face.

If I could have blushed I was sure I would have, for now though my own maroon eyes took in the vision that was reflected back at me.

"Here, the final touch." Jane handed me a small bouquet of flowers, deep red and perfect white. The Volturi touch was everywhere and it made me smile to see it, then suddenly something occurred to me.

"Jane…?" My voice must have wavered for her eyes suddenly darted to mine, panic beginning to edge into her gaze; surely at the thought of me running out on my own wedding. I laughed at her and shook my head. "Don't look so panicked, I just realized something. It is stupid actually and I can't believe I never asked before."

Her shoulders and face relaxed in relief and I smiled at her in good humor. She waved her hand at me and rolled her eyes, signaling for me to continue.

"Does Aro even have a surname? What will I be when we marry?" I felt stupid saying it and Jane didn't help matters when she smirked condescendingly before I shot her a look of warning.

"I'm sorry, it is a good question." She stepped up behind me and began faffing needlessly with my hair. "He didn't have a surname when he was human, it was so long ago that I doubt surnames existed. He adopted the surname Volturi along with Marcus and Caius when they became Vampires and began this coven."

"Oh… That makes sense I guess." I nodded absentmindedly sounding out my new name in my head before suddenly Jane was declaring me ready and leading me to the doors of the beautiful marquee she had hired specifically for the bridal party to get ready in.

A small flock of butterflies took flight somewhere in my abdomen for a moment before they suddenly calmed. I was ready for this, Aro was my mate and there was no other I would rather spend eternity with. As Jane pulled back the curtain and I heard the orchestra begin to play I took a brief moment to mourn the loss of my mother and father before they could witness this day.

I had chosen to walk down the aisle alone, knowing that no one could ever take Charlie's place. So out of respect I would keep his place at my side empty and imagine he was there to walk me to Aro, to hand my back to him after taking me from his grasp for so long.

I stepped out from the curtain and waited, listening for the cue Jane had told me several times I had to wait for before I began walking. It signaled that the aisle was clear and that our friends and family were stood, waiting for me to make my entrance; I suppressed my shudder at the thought of being the centre of everyones attention.

Suddenly a hush fell and I knew it was time to go. My legs felt like lead and jelly all at the same time and I was so focussed on putting one foot in front of the other and ensuring my gown and beautiful shoes didn't get caught up, that I looked up in surprise when a gasp echoed out across the congregation. I was met with hundreds of eyes all looking at me like I was an angel that had descended from heaven, though among the current company a fallen angel was perhaps more apt a description.

I smiled softly, feeling nerves reappear at the heavy stares of every single person in the clearing. The sun shone brightly upon us all, and whilst there was a sea of faces all glistening like drops of early morning dew lay upon their skin, something else drew my eyes forward.

There he stood.

How foolish I was for believing I would be the most breathtaking one here.

He was so beautiful that I felt frozen to the spot, though my legs surely carried me closer to him for he smiled at me with such adoration and wonder that I was helpless not to follow him to the ends of the very earth. His suit fit him perfectly, showcasing his broad shoulders and chest, the midnight black the very same shade as his hair, which was sleekly clipped back out of his face. The burgundy color of his eyes matched that of the cravat he was wearing so perfectly, I was sure it was another of Jane's handmade creations.

Before I knew what had happened I was before him, so enthralled by him was I that the hundreds of people surrounding us faded out into nothing. The words I repeated seemed hazy and distant as I gazed into his eyes and let the caress of his thumb on the back of my hand keep me here, in this moment.

Almost too quickly and yet not quickly enough he stepped toward me. I had a vague notion of having repeated 'I do' and released what was next as he raised his hand to my face and used the other to pull me by the waist flush against his body.

"My Isabella." He whispered, his accent thick with emotion and my eyelids fluttered closed without my permission at the lust he ignited within me. Finally, his lips met mine and the crowd cheered around us, he was mine and I was his.


Our forever could truly begin.


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